Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller Review

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller Review

Looking for the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller Review? You’ve come to the right place

just stay right there for a minute what is going on guys welcome to a somewhat different video today you know most of the things you guys see me driving are low fast sports cars that deserve you know very fast cool cinematic beginnings but we’re in a Jeep this time which is undoubtedly one of the pinnacle cars of the off-road world so being that it is a jeep we need to start this video off a little bit differently yeah can I just do a grande Java chip Frappuccino with no whip and extra sissy please yes yes ma’am thank you I guess extra dueling system you’re kind of the same alright guys so all.

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller Review

joking aside now that I’ve got my morning Starbucks in also playing around now serious review after all this is a Jeep so it’s time to take this thing to Jeep stomping grounds we’re going crawling [Music] [Music] all right guys it’s hot okay so real quick with this things being Jeep we do have to make sure you can’t do some off-road stuff so I’m actually gonna jump out of the car and film for this time Logan’s gonna drive over the rough stuff and let’s just see how it goes I’m not sure yet rock crawl test take one oh hey Lucy if we hey I got another one this one’s bigger okay throw that one we .

rode junkies now boys guys Logan and the Cherokee have both passed the initial rock crawl test however there is a second rock a much bigger rock that Jeep owners have to come into contact with a lot so we’re gonna see if it can handle a a much more formidable opponent although you can be careful the angle is going to be steep okay it’s a big one it’s going to go up high alright the ready this is the thing Jeep owners do bring it come on .

easy easy easy clear that flying colors huh my cusses far so good alright guys what we’re dealing with today is a 2015 Jeep Cherokee sports this is my wife’s new car and she demanded that we make a video of this car and she demands to be in it later so she will be but anyway so this is the Jeep Cherokee sport is the 2015 I guess we’ll get rid of some of the boring semantics first you have a 2.4 liter tiger shark insert exhaust clip here Tigershark.

four-cylinder compared to a cf9 speed transmission which we will talk about this later and and then to deep kind of thing so this is the baseline Jeep Cherokee and so not really a whole lot of frills to it but I said you know you know base cars aren’t really base cars anymore see so there’s still a lot of niceties do get in here so I guess we’ll go ahead and start with the inside of this thing so the interior of this car it’s probably my favorite part the seats.

in this thing are really comfy and they have a cool you know it’s whatever you know sport seats whatever you want to call it they have a cool two-tone look to them and you know in 2015 you know Dodge and Jeep really you know got their stuff together and this is the interior this thing is probably my favorite part about this car everything feels nice everything you touch even you know just the base car you know everything’s soft it both of our pads are soft the steering wheel is just it’s a good thing leather wrap steering wheel and you’re not needing for much I mean everything in here is just.

feels very high-quality it feels like a lot more expensive car than it actually is you know even this being a base car you still have all the toys you know I mean you still have bluetooth and you know satellite radio and it still has all of the niceties now you don’t get heated seats and you don’t get the big you connect screen which I wish we had that that’s the one thing I wish we would you know hunt it a little bit harder for and tried to find because that is a great system so this one’s not bad and it’s still a touchscreen it’s just a lot smaller the one thing this thing does get points in is comfort I mean .

from everything the ride is super soft and you know it soaks up bumps for a while and you think that it’s being a little you know kind of a smaller car or a smaller SUV a that it really Madison hello we are reviewing your car right now Oh No yes I cannot believe I would call during bath no yes you can you always call when I’m doing something or give me okay I love you I’ll call you later no okay wait so the one thing this thing does great with is just being comfortable yeah you would think that’s kind of being a smaller SUV that it would kind of bounce a little bit but it really doesn’t it the ride is .

great you know it takes bumps really really well it still handles nice it’s nice you know it’s obviously Bodhi because it’s an SUV but it’s not as Bodhi as you know some of the other competitors in this segment another thing about it even though it’s not a huge car and you know I guess I say that and you know kind of you know to allness you feel tall you feel like you’re in a much bigger car than you actually you look out over the hood and you look.

like there’s a long way between the hood to the ground so it definitely gives you that was part of the reason why we got this from Addison is it was just a lot bigger car and a lot safer than her old focus was and just wanted to give her something with a little more room a little more peace of mind you know moving on to the outside of the car this thing looks pretty sharp I will admit I still AM on the edge about the you know LED lights being that you know where the headlights would be but then the actual headlights are lowered down where the fog lights would be just it doesn’t look bad.

I think I like the way it looks at a friend but one thing I’ve noticed when you’re driving at night the headlights are not great it just that I just feel like they’re too far down and they don’t shine out as much as they could so that’s one thing I wish I think they changed it with the new Cherokee in the 20 18 or 19 but yes I like the looks and I see where they were trying to do a stylish thing with it but I really wish the headlights were a little bit higher up so we can see a little better at night tell you this this is a practical car review I’m not making weird noises or this is a good review this is consumer .

advice car happen so let’s get into the way this thing drives a little bit because here’s where I begin to have some complaints so this is the smaller engine table you get two engine options from this one you get a four-cylinder a v6 this is the 2.4 liter four-cylinder you get about 180 horsepower which is fine it’s you know obviously it’s nothing you know amazing but it’s not bad and then it’s paired to this 9 speed ZF transmission and then .

maybe it’s just me but when I think Ziya transmission I think the transmissions that’s in the Challenger or the charger and that is the most amazing transmission ever to be bestowed upon a regular automatic car and so I have a ZF 9 speed in here and I expected it to be amazing I expected it to shift what I needed to shift I expected it to just just be bread and butter and that’s the problem I’m having with this car in 2014 and 2015 which this is.

a 2015 there has been a lot now you know I guess just being honest I didn’t know about this kind of problem if you want to call it that until after we already bought the car we were shopping we weren’t initially shopping for these and so I didn’t really do my homework on this car completely but this car has had a lot of complaints about my year in the year before about this transmission in its sound the best way I can describe it is it’s either really clumsy or really like maniacal and evil it’s either because it doesn’t either doesn’t know what gear to go into it’s like yeah should I be in for .

thursday.our benefits or should I go into seventh they’re back down to 2nd you know because you’re accelerating and it kind of doesn’t know where it needs to be and then sometimes I feel like it’s an evil transmission because you pull out in front of traffic and you kind of give it some gas and you needed to kick down in a second you’re like yeah the transmission is like I’m gonna keep you in 8th gear and you’re gonna die but most of the time it’s fine around town driving doesn’t really bother me the only time I really noticed the transmission kind of lag is when I’m on the freeway like if I’m .

you know going 70 miles an hour and I’m trying to get up to 75 or 80 I’ll push my foot down and it kind of won’t do anything and won’t do anything I got to keep pushing my foot down foot down all of a sudden my foots half way down the pedal and then finally oh hey you want to fix it you want to accelerate and then it’ll kick down a couple gears and accelerate for me so that is probably my only complaint about this car the rest of the car I think is fantastic I think it looks great I love the color of this one this like dark charcoal silver is kind of grey it’s a really pretty car wrote brilliance that you’ve.

got tons of room on the inside you know tons of cargo space you can fold the rear seats down and you’ve got tons of room for all your things like I said then it’s just a super nice car on the inside and one thing I’m super impressed with being a base car the the stereo in this thing is amazing obviously I’m sure you can upgrade to the beat stereo and then it’s really really good but even just a standard stereo here sounds pretty dang good now this does come in a two wheel drive in full drive option like so this is the base on this one’s just two wheel drive and you know I looked at a .

couple full drive cars they were a few want you there were a little more expensive a little more than we kind of wanted to pay and then the more we thought about it I was like dude when are we ever going to use anything so people drive you know between her and I we just drive to work there’s no need for us to have a four-wheel drive anything like that to the the trailhawk and the Cherokee form is very cool and I like and I wish we could have gotten that one but but at the same time we’re never gonna use it so I mean wrapping this thing up I really don’t have a whole lot of complaints .

about this thing it’s a good car that’s well-built nice a good car there you go it’s a good car that’s well built you know quality feels great on the inside and outside it doesn’t feel cheap it doesn’t look cheap even though we didn’t spend a lot of money on it now and now granted it’s used but you know just it feels like a lot more premium car than doesn’t think of the money that was actually spent on it now it’s like you said it’s not perfect and .

the transmission is kind of a little iffy and from what I’ve read it sounds like a lot of people have a much bigger issue so I don’t really have any issues it’s just kind of questionable sometimes but it sounds like it’s really you know kind of shed some people out before and so that is something to think about when buying one of these things but I mean if you’re considering it I mean it’s just a great car for the option then you kind of get the name you.

know I mean obviously you know the purists will say this is not a real Jeep fine okay but you get the jeep name and you get kind of a little you know prestige that comes along with you know being a jeep and like I said you know jeeps now we’re getting really really really nice and they said you know if you knowing what I know now I would absolutely still go back and buy this car again I really like it like the way it feels I like the way it drives I love how comfortable it is and it really is just a perfect little you know get around town car you know Madison absolutely loves it and so do I so is it .

not really many complaints for you guys even the one complaint that I do have is it really a complaint so what I was gonna do next is just do a pool for you guys because that’s what I normally do but we’re gonna do a little bit differently because this is a proper review and we’re doing I’m giving you guys good information we’re gonna do a 0 to 62 run we’re gonna do a zero to 60 run so Logan has the stopwatch we’re gonna pull onto this closed course Logan you ready yeah alright to turn the traction control off like that’s gonna matter 3 2 1 yep oh yeah still going not quite at 60th and.

0-60 n 11.11 11-point 11.1 seconds 11.11 seconds that’s that’s faster not of it now I’ve got the car all stressed out so normally this is where I would say thanks for watching the video see you guys later goodbye but this video is not over yet Madison’s working today she let me borrow this thing so I could film this portion but she wants in rightfully so this is her car she wants to give you guys her opinion on it and tell you about her favorite features so I will see you guys tomorrow it’s gonna be just a second for you guys and we’ll have Madison in the car and well we’ll see what she’s gonna say you.

never quite know with Madison what’s gonna come out of her mouth but uh we’ll see anyway so I’ll see you guys in a second alright guys so before I in this video I wanted to get a few comments from the car’s owner so here we are a few days later if I look any different and buy a few days later I mean it’s been about six months since we filmed the first part of this video I’ve just dragged my feet on on getting the rest of it filmed so if you guys .

haven’t met her this is Madison this is my wife and so we’ve faced this and this would be kind of good because it’ll give us a chance to kind of long-term review this thing too since we have had it for I guess the better part of what six seven eight months now somewhere in there but I guess what are one of three things you like about this and three things that you kind of don’t like in which we’re better three things I like it’s very smooth like it’s .

not cheap it’s like luxury like it’s it’s a Jeep but when it’s not a regular Jeep so it’s not loud it’s not cold feeling it’s not open and there’s not a lot of road noise it’s very comfortable chillax I’ll give it that it’s really comfortable it it has all I want a little knick-knack see things that are kind of cool about little things that they can do there’s a lot of storage space yes good body I guess we chopped it up little pieces your crack what’s your favorite part about the passenger side my second favorite thing which really I guess we can swap it with my first cuz it’s nothing is how big the glove boxes up .

insert a clip here of how big the glove boxes I don’t know what I’m gonna put in there but a dead body would fit there because it’s not big and the best thing is if you like lay the seat back and put your feet in the glove box you can lay completely flat and go to sleep you just can’t get in the wrecker you’ll have no legs passed beneath she works out on an ambulance if you guys can’t tell people no way a bit morbid and then my third favorite thing is again I did I guess it’s not really a third thing cause it’s still like the whole big space thing like so I guess it’s still number two it’s just .

like when you lay the seats down the trunk becomes really big and you can just fit no does have a lot of room we just got them moving and we moved a lot of stuff in this thing now it’s not the biggest and maybe not the most economical space you know you know compared to the rest of it works really really well for what we needed it for whatever things you don’t like it’s really good on gas but if I Drive a lot I feel like it’s not so it’s kind .

of an iffy in between if I’m just going around town the gas is fine but if I’m doing a lot it’s not the best I really a verdict 23.9 it’s pretty good it’s actually really not bad it’s not that for Jeep at all like it’s not like that’s our tier it’s not like the Wranglers they were pretty bad but it’s I came from a small and I also think it’s got a small tank in it too it dies Shane makes gas cheap so I can’t complain on that and then same thing second thing I do .

like is that my husband was teeth embossed to me the biggest and I don’t have the sunroof or the leather seats but it’s okay it’s okay I’ll get it no but it’s take it back my luxury things in it like it’s nice it comfortable but it doesn’t have my luxury things that’s just me being spoiled um but it’s good I like it other than that I’ve no complaints it’s easy to clean but third-favorite pick my third thing don’t like I don’t like would be that it kind of looks .

base-model on the outside like on the outside you know I like the look of the Jeep Cherokee Grand Turk and the Cherokee kind of has like physics the front is oh yeah lover hate not mom not the best part I like the new Cherokees more than the whole charities for sure so the only criticisms that I’ll give it well I guess well give it I love you know like a good thing first is maintenance um that’s been stupid ease it hasn’t given us any issues oil change .

is one of the easiest of all changes we’re done everything’s easy to work on a couple odd quirks that it’s got things that you’ve noticed every now and again it’ll weirdest beeps it makes all kinds of noises I don’t know in my the electrical sometime will go a little wonky I just say like I have a ghost that just kind of plays with me sometimes when I turn a car off the music will still play and I can’t get it to stop no matter what I do do it thing when you .

go a it’s a charity thing everyone knows they do it I don’t know how to stop it so I just gets my goes that’s the radio with change stations on and the radio does the weirdest thing it will change stations or if I have my phone plugged in and it’s like young bluetooth or even on Bluetooth or on like when I have it plugged in and synced it will change my phone so it will change like the songs on my phone or if I have an iPad or Spotify it will change to the next song and on those like I don’t have the premium so I can’t like backtrack so I’ve just made some we are about to upgrade you to the big .

you connection so hopefully that’ll fix it maybe head over overall it’s been a great car we put about 15,000 miles on it now and you know we haven’t really had any issues with I know one big complaint is the nine speed that it just kind of can’t figure out what gear it’s supposed to be in haven’t really had that issue it’s not perfect but and what was kind of nervous about it just being kind of an earlier generation car but that we haven’t really had any .

issues with it and anywhere any a couple odd quarks here and there but no serious issues with it so any closing statements get you one they’re pretty freakin nice get you one they’re pretty freakin nice so I’ll catch you guys to the next video thanks for watching goodbye.



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