Evenflo Tribute convertible seat Review

Evenflo Tribute convertible seat Review

It can be stressful to pick out a car seat to fit your needs and your child’s needs. Infant car seats only use when your baby is too small and need for support. But after this when your baby does not feel comfortable in this deep seat of his activeness and he may want to sit down instead of lay down. This is a big problem because the child gets irritated while he wants to sit down and play but the seat is too deep. For this, the market makes a solution with 2 in one feature But no one can compete the Evenflo Tribute convertible seat because it combines safety, comfort, and ease at a time.

Does it have all of you need? If not see complete coverage of Evenflo Tribute convertible seat for making a satisfy decision.

Evenflo Tribute convertible seat Review

Let’s discuss the review in details.

Comfort zone:

This seat is highly comfortable for the infant because of plush head pillows this pillows also give support to baby’s movement. The plus feature is that this pillows is removing easily as your child grows.

2 Seats in 1:

Harness is easily adjustable from rear facing to forward facing. Expert declined that infant baby to 2 year baby must be in rear-facing mode as safety concerned. So you can use this seat in rear facing mode and after for more use this seat has convertible mode that is forward facing so your child can easily enjoy their ride with comfort.

Adjusting compatibility:

It is safely adjustable with high compatibility because it has 4 different features for making it super adjustable.

4 shoulder strap positions:

Harness have 4 Shoulder Positions to provide a proper fit for your growing child. Shoulder belt keep your baby’ s head and body safe and while your car take dangerous move this saves your baby from any jerk.

2 crotch buckle positions

This feature fits on your child and secure the baby movement. These buckle positions fits your child I the seat properly.

 5 point harness

More important feature for the car seat is safety and in this car seat evenflo enhance the safety with 5 steps of harness. Other car seats have only one step of harness that is not adjustable for all ages of child but in this car seat 5 harness point is totally adjustable according to kid size.

Harness adjuster:

Unlike other seats this seat provide front harness adjuster. This is an easy way to fit your child size accurately.

Compact size:

Evenflo’s Tribute has compact size unlike other seats. It’s able to fit better in small cars and air plane seats. This seat is slim it won’t take much seat like other bulky seats.


First of all this seat has sparkled feature of seat position with 40 pound weight limit to allow for rear facing. Other specification are given below:

  • Child Weight: 5 – 40 lbs. (2.3 – 18 kg.)
  • Child Height: 19 – 37 in. (48 – 94 cm.)


  • Child Weight: 22 – 40 lbs. (10 – 18.0 kg)
  • Child Height: 28 – 40 in. (71102 cm.)
  • Child Age: At least two years of age

So this giving you a bigger range for rear to forward facing.


Weight is only 12 pounds that is awesome and easy to carry for you. You can easily carry it and take it with you where you want to go. It makes it ideal for parents who have baby infant.

Afforable price:

The Tribute Convertible car seat is inexpensive as an convertible feature.This is because it does not have over the top features like you will find on more expensive models but have more features unlike other seats in this price range.

Removable cup holder

The cup holders attached to the side of the arm rest are used to carry snacks and drinks near to your baby so you can drive easily and your child will not disturb you as he found desired things near him. Even if your child doesn’t use it you can remove it.

washable covers:

Looks of this seat is very attractive but what if your child is very active and makes a mess? Don’t you worry the car seat remain looks nice as this seating pad is totally machine washable.It is so important to have an easily washable exterior on your car seat.Because all moms want it for their ease.


This seat end up with the best looking booster because it design in 5 different vibrant colors. It has simple and nice sleek look which is eye catching.


  • Best for traveling because of compact and lightweight feature
  • Machine washable cover for ease
  • Sleek and simple eye catching looks
  • Inexpensive


  • No cloth guards for harness straps
  • Sharp edges on plastic
  • Doesn’t offer enough recline adjustment
  • Not enough padding


If you are looking for a cheap and lightweight car seat to travel ,the Evenflo Tribute is worth considering. It does stand up to all federal crash test standards.

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