Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Car Seat Review

 Boosters that boost your child to meet up the safety belt requirements. Many parents find inexpensive and lightweight booster seat and the seat that is adjustable in tight space. Booster is difficult to carry because of weight and size. Parents want 2 in 1 feature so that they forget it to buy again and again. The Evenflo Big Kid Amp suits on you. This seat is designed for long-lasting use. You can use this seat as long as your child no need for any safety seat. It has 2 separated parts so you can use it as high back or backless too.

It’s an attractive and affordable model with awesome features as I discuss under.

Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Review

Evenflo Big Kid AMP Booster Review

2 in 1 feature:

This is the convertible seat as you want. If you buy it you have 2 seats in 1 package. High back booster and backless seat. After some years kids height and size may not properly adjust with high back seat so When your big kid feels uncomfortable with the back booster you can separate the seat in two modes.Your kid will be able to use the back part until his shoulders start reaching over the belt guide, after you will have to convert model to its backless mode.

Seatbelt adjuster:

Unlike other car seats this booster has the seat belt adjuster. Adjuster helps in correct fit of belt. Unlike some other models that we have tested, the Big Kid AMP had no belt managing issues, which is awesome and tension free feature.The belt adjust in a very smooth way and fits against the kid’s chest.

The Comfort:

It is highly comfortable for your child this model is not for safety only but also for the comfort of your child. The energy absorbing foam helps the child to feel cozy while every short and long trip

Colorful scheme:

This seat end up with the best looking booster because it design in 4 different bright colors. Looks catchy and attractive for both boy and girls.

Washable cover:

Looks of this seat is very attractive but what if your child is very active and makes a mess? Don’t you worry the car seat remain looks nice as this seating pad is totally machine washable.

Two Cup-holders:

It comes with two cup holders so that  your kid always have a favorite drink by his side. These cup holders are deep and should prevent spilling. But if you want to clean. These are also washable.

Manual Storage:

It is necessary that the instruction must be by your side every time. So the manual storage of this seat is placed on the bottom side.

Affordable price:

I guaranteed you that it is very affordable as compared to other this type of seats. This seat comes with both modes but the price is too low.

Backless Mode

This model comes with a convenient belt adjuster guide, but it’s good to know that the seat will provide a proper fit even if you don’t use it.

Carry maximum weight and height:

High back booster seat can carry 30 to 100 pounds weigh and 38 to 57’’ height that is awesome.  You can use back booster till your child grown up from required weight and height. For more need you can take it off and convert your high back seat into backless that may passed 2 to 3 more years. The backless booster carry more weight 40 to 110 pounds and 40 to 57’ height.


This seat having 6 year of expiration date that mean many children use this seat after the younger one and it’s hopefully reduce your problem. If you turn the booster over, you will see the sticker containing the date of manufacture, model name, and expiration date.

Headrest Adjustment

This seat has six headrest positions. You can adjust it according to kid height. The tallest position is 18.5’’. It’s easy to adjust the headrest by by squeezing the handle on the back of the top of the headrest.


The armrests attach with the backless booster which is non-movable but allows the child to feel comfortable.

Required headrest in backless mode:

While using backless mode you can required extra headrest for comfort.


  • Inexpensive – it’s one of the most affordable booster seats available
  • The presence of six different headrest positions
  • Can be easily converted to backless position
  • Comes with a machine-washable pad


  • The lack of lower anchors
  • Doesn’t have enough head/torso support
  • Dangerous booster use while sleeping in an Evenflo Big Kid

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