Diono Radian R100 Review

Diono Radian R100 ReviewLooking for the Diono Radian R100 Review? You’ve come to the right place

hey it’s me again Ellie from atropine’s and in this video I’m gonna tell you all about do no car seats do no convertible car seats I’m going to demystify them for you in fact I’m gonna tell you the five things you need to know about do no car seats you may be heard that they go three across in the backseat and your friends have them they really like

Diono Radian R100 Review

them they have their little kids if the big kids in them but what’s the deal with these seats and I’m going to break it all down for you so if you have any questions about do no car seats or any other convertible car seats or booster seats or really anything you should email me your questions to questions that have means calm you can leave a comment below leave a comment here on the channel we answer all of the comments and you can also give us a call .

speak to one of our baby gear experts at six one seven three eight three eight two five nine and if this is if you’re new to the channel I’m Ellie we review car seats we view strollers we review lots of different types of baby products and toys and you should subscribe today hit the little subscribe button hit the little bell to get alerted for when we do videos we produce videos every week and I hope you like the comparison here you go okie dokie so I have the .

do no rxt so let’s talk about the different various types that do no car seats that you see out there you see an R 100 you see an R 120 you see an R XT and you see a Rainier what the heck is the difference between all of these various different types of things so the first thing is that in the they’re called like radiant car seats so in the Radian line of car .

seats like this the are 100 R 120 and rx T are all the same shell this is very similar to protects car seats where you have Marathon Boulevard advocate they’re all the same shape shell but there are different qualities to them that improve or or change around the so the feature set of the car seat so this is the rx T which is at the top of the line of the bat family of car seats and the big difference is that the rxt has this side impact protection it has extra side .

impact protection so all convertible car seats have regular impact protection but this rxt has extra through getting a Radian or 100 or 120 you just picture the seat without these extra sort of head side impact protection flaps that is so the the r 100 goes up to 100 pounds like the name sort of implies and the thing about the Radian seats is that they .

are a sort of three-in-one convertible seat so you can actually start this from infant and use this all the way up to a hundred pounds or 120 pounds because it turns into a booster let me show you how that works okay so here is the thing that sometimes people find kind of weird you get this little foot base thing to create the recline so on other car .

seats there’s little levers and latches that you try to pull and the car seat reclines sort of automatically built in but to recline a radian car seat or a knee or car seat what you have to do is you have to actually have to add this foot thing to make it over you’re facing so you basically you flip it upside down and these little teeth to go right into this groove here right there and now you have your able to put this car seat out of a client so you can see recline angle .

you want your baby at about a 45 degree angle when they’re rear-facing so you could use this from newborn there you’ll likely have an infant car seat when the baby is first born but you can use this from newborn and then what happens is you’ll when your baby is ready to go forward facing reading has rear-facing till 45 pounds and we .

recommend that your child stay rear-facing as long as possible because it’s the safest way to ride and then what you do is you just remove that you uninstall it remove the foot flip it around for forward-facing so when you’re done with have your child in a five-hour harness again we want your child in a five-point harness as long as possible and but at .

some point your child will be ready to just move to a belt-positioning booster you remove the harnesses and there’s actually underneath here there is a red slit which enables you to actually take your seatbelts and use this as a belt positioning booster so this goes to from a infant only f2 booster see and the interesting thing about the dione seats .

is that they actually have a 10-year expiration on them where most convertible car seats only have a six-year expiration or maybe less so nice tenure so not only are you have the longevity of the seat but you can actually use it for those ten years so I just grabbed a Rainier next to my radiant rx T so to add an extra layer of complication they .

have another seat called a Rainier which looks very very similar to the rx T but one of the reasons why people like to buy the Radian seats is because you can get three across in the backseat if you’re high if you have three children that only to be in in car seats the width of a Radian is 17 inches wide at the widest point but something you should know .

if you buy a Rainier is that it’s actually 18 inches wide so you’re gonna have a less easy time getting three across on a Rainier then you will on n rxt the main differences between these two they both have steel reinforced steel reinforced shell and EPS foam throughout the seat but there’s extra side impact protection on a Rainier so you can see here that the side and pepper detection is like 11 inches so if you’re in government in a side-impact crash there .

is sort of more protection on the side whereas it’s a much thinner profile on the rx T I’ll show you I’ll show you there I’m showing you there seven inches okay so you’re getting a much sort of thicker shell plus your getting that extra side-impact protection on the side and also they’re sort of nicer fabrics a little bit on the Rainier but the main difference really is that extended show also the Rainier and the arcs T are both three and ones infant convertible to booster up to a hundred and twenty pounds so like I said before you have this R 100 R 120 and rx T so the are 120 rx T and Rainier all go up to 120 pounds now that’s not a harness that’s for your booster seat so if you have a hundred twenty pound that’s that’s a lot of weight like 100 yeah your kid is gonna probably grow it buddy it can theoretically .

go up to 120 pounds with a booster seat so great now that was nothing to understand that they are all the same shell and that the big difference between an R 120 r 100 and this rx E is really just this side impact protection and you know that it goes there they’re 17 inches wide so you can go through across in the back what else like why else .

would you get an r xt like are they safe what’s the deal so yes these are extraordinarily safe seats in terms of crash test safety one of the reasons why it is is because of the construction of the seat this seat is looks different and acts different from most convertible car seats you may be used to maybe a nooner rava or a Britax car seat or lots of .

other just sort of more traditional looking car seats that look very comfy very Barcalounger lounger ii but this is a more streamlined car seat but the main thing about this guys is that there is a steel reinforced frame this is actually a really heavy car seat now remember with the convertible car seat there are no bases anymore so their infant car seat you’re like removing a base you have multiple cars your multiple bases when it comes to a convertible car seat you .

have do you have to get multiple seats for multiple cars or switch the seat from car to car so even though it’s heavy you’re not really going to be transporting at that that frequently you are trading that off the lightness for the safety of the steel so there’s steel lined throughout the car seat and there’s aluminum in the Sinai protections and in the sides so in terms of I mean your child’s being protected by steel that sounds pretty good to me so that’s something .

to consider so that’s one great thing about the the seasons also like I said blind with EPS foam that the bike helmet foam it’s all throughout the seat so in terms of the shock absorbing nature of the seat really really good the the material is is quite plush and nice comes in a variety of colors but also if you are traveling with this heavy car seat it is FAA approved and it’s a folding car seat you can fold this down let me show you how that works so if you flip over .

these car seats you’ll see that these little red tabs and you just push this down and it folds it folds right down you can actually there’s a little actually if you a little trick if you reach right in here there’s a little slit and you can actually pull out this red tab you fold it down and then what you’re able to do is it actually locks it closed and now you can .

put it with your luggage in your trunk to get to the airport if it’s just a much more convenient way to get your car seat through an airport or in your trunk for long car trips if you wanted to put this in your trunk for some reason so there or even for storage so it’s really nice that has that folding mechanism but the nice thing about it also when I .

fold it is you can see that EPS foam and you can see part of the steel alloy right in when I when I folded you see this steel here still here and listen to this click this is all my favorite things in car seats listen to this right it sounds really good so it’s a very strong and secure car seat so then what you do is once you unfolded what you can do is just you can just tuck this back in here so you don’t see this anymore great so I hope you like my video all about do no car .

seats again you have an R 100 and R 120 that does not have that exercise and pad protection but then you add the side impact protection to that those two car seats and you get voila and rxt those are 17 inches wide or you can get a Rainier which is a little bit wider 18 inches wide which has but wider side impact protection again 5 reasons why you get a radiant car seat or a do no car seat number one it has a steel alloy frame really good steel frame with .

aluminum sides the EPS foam so it’s super super shocking absorbing that’s number one number two they’re 17 inches wide for the Radian are 100 and are 120 so you can get three across in your backseat number three they fold faa-approved so you can it’s much easier to travel getting through an airport or for travel or for storage number four it is a three-in-one so you can use it from infant all the way up to a booster seat all the way up to a hundred and .

twenty pounds and finally a do no car seat is great because it’s super safe and really does amazing jobs in crash testing so that are the reasons why you may want to consider getting a do no car seat and if you are thinking about getting ideal in a car seat you should consider getting one from us for magic beans we ship all the other car seats with free shipping and if you have any questions further questions about Dino car seats any other car seat stroller etc .

you should give us a call speak to one of our baby gear experts at six one seven three eight three eight two five nine you can email me your questions two questions that I mean calm or you can just simply leave a comment below and I hope you found this video helpful and if you did please please please give this video a like put a little T little thumb give the video a like it makes a huge difference for our youtube channel and also if you want to see more videos like .

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