Cosco Topside Booster Car Seat Review

Cosco Topside Booster Car Seat Review

After infant car seat why your child feel unsafe? Because the car seat belt may not properly adjust because of kid size. The parents feel that without seat belt they can may be survive in any circumferences but their loved one must be in safer position. In cars seat belts designed for the young people not for the children that’s why your child is not safe with the only seat belt.

If you really care about your loved one you may searching that how your child will safer. I recommended the casco topside booster because it boost up your child and match the seatbelt required height so with the booster seat your child adjust the seatbelt properly. This booster provides a proper belt fit on the child. Your child may not see outside the car because of height so cosco top side gives them the extra height. With this extra height your child keep seatbelt properly.

I figure out some features of this awesome booster so that you take a best decision and buy it.

Cosco Topside Booster Car Seat Review

Let’s discuss the Cosco Topside Booster Car Seat Review in details.

Comfy and easy seat:

This car seat is super comfy and soft as your child enjoy the ride too. The extra plush pad feature make it more comfy and adjustable.

Save for your car seat:

Many other booster seats leave the mark on car seat as the child use this seat for longer but this seat leaves the vehicle seat unmarked.


This seat designed for the children so the engineer keep it lightweight so the children carry the seat itself. Also it is easy to use and easy to move car to car.

Carry maximum weight and height:

This seat can carry 40 to 100 lbs weigh that is awesome. Reaching this weigh limit the child also grown by height so no need the booster seat after this.

The hight range for the seat is 43 to 57’’.after this use only seat belt is enough for safety. So once you buy it forget to buy more.

Adjustable shoulder belt:

Other backless seats create problem while adjusting the seat belt because it get routed over the armrest and close to the child face but Cosco Topside solve the problem this seat is provide better adjustment of the belt. This booster provides best fit seat with safety and light enough so the child carry itself.


This seat having 6 year of expiration date that mean many children use this seat after the younger one and it’s hopefully reduce your problem.The expiration date is stamped on the bottom of the seat.

Manual Storage: 

The manual for this seat is stored underneath the seat pad for the seat.


It is use full for long time if the child is mature enough to know how to properly sit on it. The price of this seat is very affordable. A good booster have the ability to fit the shoulder belt properly without sliding off and cutting into the face so if you required this much good booster you need to buy this.

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