Chicco Keyfit 30 Magic Vs Zip

chicco Keyfit 30 Magic Vs ZipLooking for the chicco Keyfit 30 Magic Vs Zip? You’ve come to the right place

his is a ubiquitous infant carseat here in America you can find it in specialty stores like magic beans or you can find in the big-box stores and you can find it in many of your local retailers which is great and the nice thing about it is that it is a good value has great safety and it is comparative compatible with lots of the strollers that you are

chicco Keyfit 30 Magic Vs Zip

looking at so I’m excited to show you the key to keep it car seat it’s available from us at magic beans for free shipping now if you have questions about the Tico key tip you should email me your questions two questions that I mean calm or you can leave a comment below here’s the review so like I said this is a great car seat and one of the .

reasons why it’s great is that it’s a good value it has features that make it easier to install now remember over 85% of infant car seats in America or car seats in America are installed incorrectly and one of the reasons why you get a little. 

bit of a nicer car seat is they have different insulation features that make it easier one of the first car seats that have these insulation innovation so the first thing is with a Kiko key fit or with all infant car seats it comes in two pieces it comes with a car seat and it comes with a base the base comes included in the box you don’t have to buy the the .

base separately though with all infant car seats you can buy extra bases if you have multiple cars or other people want to have their own base it has these little buttons on the side which enable you to adjust the level of the base .

and I have these things called latch connectors relax is an acronym it stands for lower and anchor and tether for children and cars after 2002 in America have latches installed in the back of the car so this is how you install it what you do is would you like to just look you’re going to click one in click the second one in apply pressure and there’s a. 

little loop here just pull that loop really tight you want less than one inch of movement at the base but I like have basically no movement just by applying pressure and pulling the loop there’s a little bubble indicator on the side so you know that it’s improperly you want your baby to be at a 45 degree angle rear-facing when they’re in the infant carseat the Kegel teeth it has a little infant insert and it also has different slots so you can raise the straps up as the .

child gets bigger now remember when you’re in an infant car seat you want the straps to be at the shoulders or below so they come up from behind the baby’s shoulders that’s fine but you don’t want them coming from above it’s a key go keep at 30 so it goes up to 30 pounds but in terms of the height sometimes the babies will grow from .

height before weight you don’t want the baby to go more than an inch from above the top of the shell of the seat then you want the baby out of the infant car seat and going into a convertible car seat lasting is people ask all the time how long are going to use this am I going to use this 230 pounds what happens is this thing is about like 9 or 10 pounds and when your baby becomes about 20 pounds and the whole thing together like 30 pounds it gets super heavy the baby’s going to graduate out of this thing and that that happens between between say 9 months .

and a year that’s when babies typically grow out of the infant car seat and move into a convertible car seat I hope you liked my review of the Kiko keep and 30 available from us for magic beans for free shipping now if you have any questions about the Pico key fit or any other infant car seat you can email me your questions to questions that I’m being calm or leave a comment below and if you like weights nine point seven pounds and this specific style has .

premium zips and this cover right here is used for cold winters if you knee has a zipper on both sides so it’s easier to get the baby in and now without having to remove the whole thing it is attached to the car seat which velcro’s like there’s buckles on the sides the infant insert right here it can actually be used for preemie babies which is a feature that a lot of car seats don’t have if your preemie baby weights at least four pounds this will be the insert and it could. 

be used up to 11 pounds but to be honest I don’t think that you should use this if your baby weighs maybe 10 pounds the canopy at the top here has zippers on the front and also on the back and this is so you can take it off and wash it in the washing machine if you want to or if you need to the car seat does support babies that are up to 30 pounds and 30 inches tall this is only a rear-facing car seat I have to say that because I’ve seen these type of cars .

it’s used while we’re facing and they shouldn’t the material is very cushioning this is considered like I said the premium fabric it feels softer and it’s very thick padding so it looks a little bit more comfortable for the baby there is a standard keep it that it’s weight it’s cheaper it’s I think it’s one ninety nine ninety nine so it’s about forty dollars cheaper and you would have the standard it almost feels like it’s plasticky if you know what I mean this light grey .

part here on the car seat this is a 3d mesh or air mesh and this is supposed to allow better ventilation between your baby and the car seat so it improves the ventilation during the hot summer this is a baby hit rest um the straps here in the back this is a little this is one of the big differences about this one and the neck and the other car seat this one. 

actually if you turn it in the back it has to be adjusted there’s a little over pain if you ask me it takes a while to take it off thread it on the back and then we attach it these right here these are also very cushiony these are the straps Eclipse you know just like your standard car seat I don’t want to say that the button when you press it it’s hard but .

not as hard as I’ve had in other car seats so it’s not too bad if you’re wearing fake nails or acrylic nails long nails you’ll probably have a hard time I think I would give this car seat probably a nine out of ten I do think it’s worth the extra forty dollars for the premium fabric just because I live in an area that gets to 115 120 degrees on during the summer and she was born in the summer so for that reason the premium fabric is worth the extra money I think .

she’s cooler with this car seat and she is with the f2 and certainly the other fabric the one that with the standard for this weather where I lived it wouldn’t be a good idea this is the kickoff it to infant and toddler car seat this one is a little bit more expensive this actually retails for 270 $9.99 just the base itself is a hundred and thirty dollars so if you .

need two bases you’re looking at about I don’t know do the math 400 bucks over $400 this car seat can be used for a longer period of time this fits kids from 4 pounds all the way up to 35 pounds and 35 inches long which is giving you five more pounds and five more inches than the other car seat this is the infant or newborn insert and it can also. 

be used from 4 to 11 pounds I can’t find the one for this car seat it’s probably in the other car which is not here right now but he can just remove this like I said I removed this probably when my baby was less than 10 pounds because he just got a little too bulky and she wasn’t very comfortable the cushioning of this one is actually the same as the .

other one the other one you can buy cheaper but this one that’s the cheapest and it comes with this fabric now this is the coolest feature of this car seat I really really like this it is very very very very convenient you only have to press one side either the right one or the left one whichever you want and this thing will recline back the other car seat .

you have to press both at the same time so if you have the baby on your arm I would say that the biggest difference between the keyfit 30 and this one is probably the straps the straps how you don’t have to throw in the back and adjust the other one it takes you like 15 minutes maybe even more if it’s your first time adjusting it you should just .

pull this little flippy thing in the top and bring it up words and okay so I got really really late and everybody got here and I have to film in the storage room but now I’m gonna talk to you guys about the faces as you can see that your friend is basically this one it has this stopper for the feet but it does something really cool when we take it off the .

baseball let me show you that way you put it on it’s exactly the same you use the latch system and it’s pretty simple you basically release here and pull it all the way out you stick this in the car latch system and then you press firmly .

and then you pull and I recommend that you put your knee down here and put your whole weight and then pull it and that way you get the best angle behind this is the first stage for the fit to which basically this is the way you use it for infant 0 to 12 months but after 9 months you can flip this up and this is for toddlers from 9 to 24 months and .

what this does it brings up the car seat you put it on basically it’s it’s more like a convertible car seat and I want to show you the comparison with the other one I want to put right next to it this way the car seat appears to be more upright than your standard infant car seat it is hard to say that this is still a rear-facing car seat but it is just more .

comfortable for your bigger toddler to sit on I couldn’t find any videos that are non biased que paso me alone I couldn’t find any videos that are non bias tape uh so me I’m on I made this video because I couldn’t find I made this. 

video because I couldn’t find a non-biased comparison of someone that has used both and explains in detail each feature I hope let me wait.

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