Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat Review

Your little one’s safety more important for you. You search a lot for the perfect baby seat with amazing features. You want to go for a long trip and any adventure places and you must worry about your little one safety because being a parent it’s your 1st priority. Also making your child comfortable while traveling is most difficult and stress full thing for parents. So you need a comforting baby car seat with safety. Britax is one of the most famous and respected names in child safety. Bitrix introduces Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat. When you want to highly structure featured seat with ease of use, Britax B-Safe 35 maybe you like the most.

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat Review

Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat Review

You never judge anything without knowing about its features. So have a look about this seat features, after you decide the best for you.

Innovative Technologies

Only Britax added the modern technologies for making the seat best for your child.

SafeCell Impact protection :

The steel frame in the carrier providing strength and best protection to infant while driving. Also energy absorbing base flatten your baby in the case of collision. This feature name is safeCell impact protection and only Britax introduce it in this seat.

So your child surely not harmed in any accident.

Enlist the safety features of Bitrix seat:

  • Energy-absorbing steel base.
  • Side impact protection with SafeCell that exceeds federal safety standards.
  • Impact-resistant foam in the carrier.
  • Large canopy for protection from the sun.

The EPS foam provide shell from side impact accident. This deep foam-lined also give sport your baby’s side to side movement.

Easy to install:

Some parents find it difficult to install properly the car seat. Many other infant car seat is difficult to install. Parents do not feel satisfied for the installing safety but this seat has the easiest way of installing and satisfy the parents by a click voice.

Latch system:

Safe Centre latch system makes it easy to install. When the Push buttons of latch connectors easy to on with a click so you know easily that the seat is safe and secure. Centre pull straps and lower LATCH provides easy installation for the car seat belt. You can remove the entire seat with a push of a button.

Recline indicator:

Easy installation may you feel satisfied but with the extra feature of recline indicator you can indicate that bade is properly installed with the recline indicator. The pendulum on both sides shows that you install it properly.


The harness steps can be adjusted from the back. It has plush shoulder and belly pads to ensures you that your baby will ride comfortably and securely. The 5-point harness provides enough variety for the right fit for babies.

 Easy to clean:

The easy-remove cover makes it easy to clean. The car seat cover comes off, so it can be cleaned. But only clean it with mild soap.

Maximum height and weight:

This seat carries Height between 14 inches and 32 inches, Weight between 4 pounds and 35 pounds. That’s mean you can use it for long and no need for buy another one.


1 year limited warranty.


Polyester, Polyurethane Foam

Easy to carry:

You can use this seat in two ways in the car and out the car too. The base and carrier are separate pieces. The base is for the car but when you want to carry your baby with you, just separate the carrier. Big release button easily removes the carrier and also carrier is light because parents use it to carry their children. The car seat is airplane compliant, too.


Other products may not give you extra accessories but this seat design to make you more relax so these extra accessories help you in different situations:

  • Back Seat Mirror provides a pleasant feature to see what their babies are doing when they are driving. It’s easy to install because of straps.
  • EZ-Cling window shades provide shields to your baby from a sunny climate.
  • B-Safe 35 has a large canopy so you can use this for safe your child from light and also protects the baby from the elements during the ride..
  • The head pillow support and the seat protector may give extra comfort to your child and prevent baby’s side to side movement.
  • waterproof seat protector, another accessory keeps spills and leaks off of the car seat cover.

Overall Review

A lot of features I explained to you at the end I just telling you that the Britax always ranked top of the in the safety product by government agencies. So don’t take time to make a decision. It has the highest rating for the easy installation, unlike other brands.


  • Side protection with impact-resistant foam
  • LATCH system
  • Four harness setting
  • Deep cradle in the carrier
  • Large canopy for plenty of sun protection
  • Light-weight carrier
  • One-year warranty


  • Large babies might not be comfortable in deep cradle of the carrier
  • The harness cannot be adjusted with baby in the seat
  • No cup holder
  • Adaptor needed to use car seat with travel system

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