Best Toddler Infant Double Stroller

Best Toddler Infant Double StrollerLooking for the Best Toddler Infant Double Stroller? You’ve come to the right place

hey guys Andrew here chatting fatherhood and sharing thoughts on family related products I’ve gotten countless requests to do double stroller reviews and it’s taken me a while but today I’m finally gonna do that with a little bit of help but before we dive right in let’s talk about the two types of doubles you’re gonna be finding the first being

Best Toddler Infant Double Stroller

inline doubles and that’s where the seat stack in front of each other similar to the peg pair go to wet the second option are side by sides which as the name would suggest the seats are aligned side by side one of the most popular examples being the Baby Jogger City Mini double you see this one everywhere it’s on every list and it really is one of the best value double strollers that it can be able to find but we’re not gonna dive into that one too much today we .

want to share some other options that you might want to consider and to kick us off the first one is gonna be the Bugaboo donkey – and there’s just something about that name that I like donkey donkey donkey this thing was built to carry heavy loads and it’s pretty unique it can start from a mono position being able to accommodate a bassinet .

or seat with a side basket but can then expand to that signature double function it’s suitable from birth and you can mix between bassinet and toddler seats on either side I know that side by sides are wider but the donkey manages to still keep it relatively compact looking and not excessively bulky which I can appreciate Bugaboo in general has a track record of producing strollers of the highest quality and longevity and the donkey is no exception it really is one of the best that you can buy but it’s also one of the most luxurious you can buy being priced just north of $1700 it hurts oh I know but it’s so good but number two on our list brings the price down a little bit to around $8.99 and .

that’s the UPPAbaby Vista now as you may already know it’s currently our family’s daily driver and I love it the whole reason we bought it was because it could accommodate our little ones as our family grows now with the addition of adaptors it could go from a single to a double and carry bassinets toddler seats and infant car seats and twin mode or multiples mode unlike the donkey the vista is actually an inline style which actually suits my personal preference a little bit more I really do think the Vista is a perfect balance of design and functionality and versatility really is a .

highlight too if you’re not using up a baby’s Mesa infancy you can actually buy adapters to allow for Kiko maxi-cosi and more now for these next rollers I’m getting a little bit of help from another youtuber who’s actually quite expert in car seats and strollers in fact he owns multiple stores called magic beans where he sells these every day he really is an expert le what do you like men hey Andrew it’s so great to be working with you I’m Ellie from magic beans videos. 

and I’m excited about telling you about my favorite double strollers and one of them is the nuna gammy grow nuna is one of our very favorite brands and magic beans and this is their newest roller for 2018 it is the nuna demi grow now you may be familiar with the nuna Pippa and the nuna Pippa Lite two of the most safe and lightest infant car seats on the market and they just came out with this fantastic single to double stroller similar to the bug Lou donkey. 

and the UPPAbaby Vista this is a stroller that you can divert from a single stroller into a double stroller a nice thing about this versus other single to double strollers that are in these in line positions where its front to back is that both seats hold up to 50 pounds where you can carry two really large children so 50 pounds like four or five year olds that’s really cool one of the children is going to be below but that’s okay that means that the child can climb in and .

out of the seat all by themselves it’s their own enclosed space and children actually love to be in the lower second seat and they can see perfectly well out of the sides so don’t be alarmed by the child on the bottom unlike the UPPAbaby Vista where the second seat is on the front as you’ll see that the deme grow the seat is below the nice thing about that is that it creates a very centralized center of gravity one pillar to make it really easy to maneuver the. 

last thing that’s cool there are lots of cool things about the stroller but there is a summer seat on the stroller so all you have to do is unzip and you can see behind here there’s this nice mesh seat that’s nice and cool for baby in the summer breeze right through the next double stroller that I wanted to show you was the silver cross wave silver cross is one of the oldest stroller companies in the world you may know them from those very old English prams but. 

their latest innovation is the wave stroller it comes with a bassinet included very slimmer to the UPPAbaby Vista but they have really beautiful finishings gorgeous fabric on the extendable Sun Visor really beautiful chrome detailing on the handlebar and the brown leather at Hamline bar but the cool thing about this is that it has this innovative wave technology so you just push in the button here and you can actually lower this down to the lower position if you .

want your child to be lower to the ground and it also has an adjustable handlebar so for parents of different heights I’m 5 foot 11 and this goes pretty high up on me so if you’re tall if you’re a mom or dad told in 6 feet you can go pretty tall to fold the stroller down all you have to do is push the button with your finger on the right and pull these two loops and it folds right down to the ground really easy this is gonna be very similar to a Vista where you have the child in the front position different seats a higher weight limit in the original seat then the second seat but it .

pushes quite nicely and it’s of really great quality another stroller that I like that’s coming out later this year I don’t actually have one is the micro light to fold which is a really cool innovative stroller Andrews gonna put a link to one of the videos that I did about that in the description of this video and another double stroller that you should check out is the Bob Dooley stroller Bob makes great running strollers and the Dooley is a fantastic side by side running .

stroller that is great for kids of different ages you can use it with an infant car seat fold really small and it’s great for all turian lifestyles and also for running if you’re a serious runner kicking it back to you Andrew so there you have it that’s just a quick taste of some of our favorite doubles strollers thanks to Ellie for collaborating on this video it might not be the last time so let me know how you guys liked it down below if you have any questions for either of .

us let us know down in the comments will be lurking down there to see what you have to say also if you want more than just the overview that went through for these strollers and you want actual product demonstrations or reviews you can head over to Ellie’s Channel he’s got so much on a wide array of car seats and strollers I will link his channel down below as well as historic mbeans dot-com I highly encourage you guys to check that out for more vlogs and .

reviews just like this one please consider subscribing to our youtube channel thanks for watching this video and come back for the next one god bless guys later 

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