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hey guys so I thought I would do a video kind of following on for my last one and this is about whether to choose a tandem push out over a double side-by-side push guys I’ve just gone from a Townsend pusher to a double push chair now I just want to add that my son is three and a half so you might think oh why is he still in a pusher but he’s

Best Tandem Double Stroller

very very very small he gets extremely tired I’m not someone that believes that he should be walking everywhere especially after a very busy day at nursery when he won’t even stand on his bug board he’s like his legs just give away he wants to sit in the prayer I actually like to have the option of a double for those kind of days when I can just bug him in and just walk around I have like I said done a video on whether you need a double or not and I’m gonna .

I’ll leave that link down below we originally had and I can tph tandem and I absolutely love the eye candy peach as a single it’s by far my favorite param and I’ve had like nearly 5 so it is my favorite Pam I love it it’s so so nice and I can guarantee I bet you if we have a third I’m gonna end up probably getting another eye candy I expect because I just love it so much we’ve decided to get the kind of tan that the extra seat unit for it in case we needed it but I did find it at the top he did kind of just even though he’s small he seemed like he started to get too big for it almost it’s also .

really quite heavy to push I did start to really struggle with that and I think the biggest thing was the fact that as a you’d have to have it as a double on a day out I also really hated the fact that I found it very hard to get our but from the bottom see out like I’d have to kind of go through the chassis and kind of get him out I find that really really .

difficult or just annoying not really difficult just annoying so I didn’t really like that but we went on holiday and I hired a side by side sheep kind of pop-up stroller like side by side for that day because I knew that fasting would get tired and need naps and stuff because he doesn’t know how but he did a little bit on holiday I totally didn’t even consider the interaction between the two of them in a side-by-side there’s like so much interaction and it was lovely swatch and I really liked it I just thought oh they can’t do that in the tandem at all I did find that Albert would get a .

bit more miserable in it and stuff and he would I mean I have to say the eye counting the new one the new peach blossom has a parent facing mode in a double which mine didn’t it was the I kind of picture too so it didn’t have that so it might be different if it’s you know if your parent facing whatever might be better I don’t know that was my experience for the tandem and I did think you know it’s handsome it’s a no-brain and you can get through any doors any sharps like why would you even consider side by side I do kind of one of the main reasons and I really had a .

peach anyway so it saved me buying a whole new poem so I decided to start out and I did a bit of research and I found to the mountain buggy to at and it was the it really isn’t a very glamorous perm but it does everything I need it to do so what I wanted was a pram that could fit through most standard doors and I’ll insert a clip now of the of my I’d handed peach versus my Mountain Buggy and it the mountain buggy is as wet is wide as a single pram so it .

fits through pretty much every single standard door and I live in a small cottage and it can fit through my doors no problem as a side-by-side double so I’ll insert that now this is the side by side of the I county versus the mounting bucket you wet you can see the width here of the wheels are pretty much almost exactly the same there’s not much difference in the width of the wheels now the chasse and the seats come out as far as the wheels which is why a single pusher locks are much more narrower because obviously you need the seat to fit in the middle you’ve only .

got one seat and what Mountain Buggy have done is they’ve managed to get both seats kind of fitting in between in the like middle basically so in terms of door space you will have no trouble getting into any standard door with this I’ve got quite narrow doors as you can kind of see and it fits through fine so there’s the comparison you can see that it is although the seats come out wider obviously it is only as wide as a standard door so that was my main kind of reason for getting it I also wanted some kind of way in which I could have a double but not all the time but where if I. 

needed to make it a double when we were out I could do that most of the time you come with two separate seat you know see either have to take out as a double at the beginning of the journey and just kind of have it as a empty seat with maybe bags in it or something and the mounted buggy you can do that it’s a fabric seat so I could take that off and put it underneath the pram and then have a basket in its place like the Bugaboo Donkey just a very much less .

glamorous version and that’s what we have we have the Joey basket that goes in in the side I have the spare seat unit underneath in case Sebastian really doesn’t want to be on the buggy board and the buggy boarder that comes with a mounting bunk is actually a skewed to see you just clip it on and he you know you can push it along as a buggy board but you can take off and use it as a scooter as well so it’s really really versatile pram so it’s the only .

problem I could find that kind of encompassed everything that I needed it to do and we have decided to go with that I will do a full review on this Pam and I’m gonna be filming that in the next few days so stay tuned for that I really love most about it it’s the fact that if we’re walking home from preschool because I’d seen the time that Sebastian will really kind of go in the pram and talk to each other they can interact with each other and it is really .

really nice the only downside to a side-by-side is that it depends on your child they may kind of fuss a lot over the little baby and if the baby is wanting to sleep then they may not be able to because the older ones fussing over them or something I don’t know that could be an issue for some people but it isn’t for us I’ll but we’ll sleep fine and Sebastian will just do his anything I just love the function we don’t use it as a double very often just occasionally let .

me know what your thoughts are that was kind of my experience I’m having a Townsend versus a double and I did probably talk bit more about the vanity buggy there but I would like to said I’ll do a review prams obviously a much wider the Bugaboo Donkey I love that pram but it’s much wider as well as like that a few of the other ones like the city deluxe I think it is protect city jogger is that the one that’s another one I really liked but it they are really wide so. 

let me know what your thoughts are you really like a side-by-side or do you prefer a tandem or you know maybe if you’ve got smaller children it might differ and we know what you what your preferences are I’d love to hear what powers you’ve got I love talking about proms it’s just as much as I love talking about slings so yeah let me know in the comment section and please click Subscribe if you haven’t already and make sure you click the bowel to get .notifications every time I upload and I’ll see you I see 

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