Best Stroller Hand Muffs

Best Stroller Hand Muffs

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hi everyone so it just has an unexpected delivery from Stoker I had started to open it and then decided I’ll start doing some what postman brought videos so I’ve decided that we’ll open them together I’ve seen what’s in one of them so it’s quite exciting and I can’t wait to have a look so let’s have a look now if you want to help open them Taylan okay let’s see what we’ve got so these are the boxes what’s in this one what’s in there it’s for your .

Best Stroller Hand Muffs

pushchair this see what it is let me help oh wow this is the one I started to open and this is the foot map that goes to his Stoker trails and it’s like oh it looks lovely it’s very soft inside tale about this feel it feel nice and soft yeah what’s in the next one this is one we haven’t opened yet you have in your looking side what if you found have you got what’s in there what’s this one let me out Oh mummy knows what this is it’s the stoker winter kit and the picture shows in black but you haven’t got a black phone like yours is the new bronze brown color no telling you say thank you what are you doing in.

there you pudding getting out be careful won’t you you got it mummy’s hand hold him in his hand good boy all right sure do the pushchair so now Taylor isn’t climbing all over everything I’ve had a chance to actually look this is the stoker foot month which is in the gray melange which is the color of his pushchair which will now go out here it is Taylor’s push chair so they match the same color and it’s really unusual and we seen one like this before they’ve got legs so kind of looks like a sleeping bag with feet and zip up Hoodie which looks nice it looks quite cozy I like that and it’s called .

the usual stoker detail like the brushed metal zips and so I think toggles here to tighten it and the winter kit which is in the bronze brown color inside here you get mittens which you’ve got like a sheepskin edge on lunch feel really cozy so these velcro around your handlebar so you keep your hands warm wash your pushing the first chair which is nice and a new herd to the hoods got a fair lining it sort of AKM them on the inside this is part of it this covers the back of the seat of the stoker brand honest as well like the existing seat fabrics and all feels like it’s a waterproof material such has to .

read on it yeah so this is a cover as well they storm cover that zips over it exactly what everything is in this little book you also get the brush for keeping the fur nice and fluffy stop it getting matted and some instructions on how to fit it which I’m going to need in a moment alright give it a go I’m going to attempt to put it on now [Music] so tells me to come along here oh yes right so there’s a little clip here under the fat break up the hood so you push this in and then pull and this bit will release and that takes up the entire hood so that’s it the hood is now off new hood goes on in the .

exact same way all the way around it poppers arm so these bits here or where the poppers came off using little plastic toggles that clips on there this one Clips around here onto this piece so I’m going to do that now it’s going to be a lot easy to do I’m not holding a camera so I’ll do that now I’ll show you what it looks like once it’s done [Music] right so the best way I’ve found is to pull the centerpiece up so I’ve lined up this Center orange tap first here to make it easier it’s about Kevon and then I’m just pulling the rest of it round to line up with it and match and that’s made it far easier to .

put on and just make sure it’s nice and snug all the way around there just like the previous Patrick’s so that’s on there the next task will be to zip the hood on to this that’s where that goes need to pull the fabric back down on the hood and we don’t have to make these too much out retailer ear listening we pull this fabric back down here yes are you helping sit around and pull over this popper here also on the hood we’ve brought it round so you just bring the fabric over and pop it in and pull it and if you pull the hood that’s what you do it right so should we sit you up again yeah we handle down so you can see you oh that make you like your new friend good yeah [Music] so leave the handle bar down I can’t see him now he’s .

yeah you’re in there are you so you’re hiding in there and then pull this down as well the little window here so you can pop that open and see you inside and it also has zippers so we can zip you in and sit you out so you’re going to tap you make me happy this is how it should be used with the straps on in the side you shouldn’t use it without straps and well your child shouldn’t hang over it with their neck from the bar which hopefully you all know [Music] [Music] you make me happy you help mommy share your on the pushchair so what have you got you’ve got nice new glutes nice gloves.

yes you’ve got a storm cover storm cover well done in the side here we’ve got the foot ma can you say foot muff so this is what it looks like with the bronze brown one two kit and knee put them up I’m really impressed and they go really well together and we like the result we’ve got with those tailors just driving his car over to help are you helping mommy with your car okay so it doesn’t look really cozy I’m not sure that we would need to use the storm kit with the foot month at the same time with the cover that I really love the furry herder you can attach the fur from your winter kids .

hood onto your regular hood so it when it gets to summer if I’m changing back to Susie breaking a lagrima long hood I’ll be able to take the fur with me which I absolutely love so on the whole I really like it I didn’t think that the bronze brown when your kit would work very well with the there you go you’re welcome I wasn’t sure that the Ron Brown winter kit would go well with the gray my foot enough but I couldn’t tell and I want to touch try it in person and see how it looked and it looks really nice so I’m really pleased did that because if we don’t need to use a storm cover we’re okay to have.

the foot in the phone with the rest of the winter still going to it so how about you just drive without your bag and mummy will carry your bag yes let me carry your bag and you drive the car yes okay good idea I’m now wearing a dinosaur back okay so yeah it looks great I’m really impressed with the result of how they look together we got it for the bronze Brown winter kit which is a lovely fur hood so it’s really nice and then just put the grim orange flip muffin and they look really well together I’m surprised so I really like how it looks and I can’t wait to take it out and go for a winter walk what do you think Miller do you like it what do you think of it so this is going to be as later we’re going to go for a walk aren’t we what yes I think it .

looks lovely do you think it’s lovely you have to go in that’s how lovely it is people who want to get in so yeah we’re going to go for a walk now aren’t we we’re going to head off out on the nice wintry walk Hey.

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