Best Stroller For Big Kids

Best Stroller For Big Kids

Looking for the Best Stroller For Big Kids? You’ve come to the right place

so as you guys know your little brother’s coming soon and he’s gonna need a stroller but not she is because inside this box Alessia is you and your brothers double stroller you can make a house out of it who are you ready that was a really good day are you excited so I eat all three are you all gonna help oh yeah the three of you can all go inside the house together yeah all right let’s get to work both of the children are princesses this .

Best Stroller For Big Kids

morning that’s just a normal no your queen how exciting is going to be guys we have [Music] food oh nice modeling Amelia oh it’s the royal dinner yeah it’s two-year-old did our friends of the royal dinner alright first we’re gonna need to pull this part out we’ve lost the baby alright now I need you pull that part out for me please oh good you well is that normal wait a second there’s two pieces one for each baby it’s a double stroller oh my .

godness a two-seater stroller I got what I’ve been looking for this for so long all right right I pull it you media help them I mean it’s a two stroller need a two-man job princesses all right pull this back I know I think you’re writing me near whoa guys all right can you pull this one off of me God give it a pull give it a pull give it a good effort give it a good effort Eduardo good job Oh another one ooh leather straps around leather straps this is fancy .

pants posture tandem seat rain cover Carey Codd rain cover Carey Codd bug nets gonna bug Nashville it’s quilted we finally quilted oh yeah I need to be the other babies last night all right let’s get the next part done hop up where’s this rider got it right oh oh sorry boy get me the chassis your tower of your kingdom I like it I like it Oh we’ve added away timber are you excited for your little brother coming yeah you had gonna have two brothers .

Amina Queen died as the first time I’d wardo has spoiled the name it’s the first time you mean it normally it’s you your little silliness isn’t this isn’t it you made me come into a quick but now it’s time to go by oh now it’s time to go by sidewalk one of Eduardo is a best friends his mom texted Ana like she did you are don’t wanted to have a sleepover but it weren’t only Hank that what girls really he likes girls and they’re like they want to share a .

bed everything they just like TV a four year old city yeah you know maybe their best mates but then you forget me like I am trying to but you to keep shouting at me [Music] okay all right we’ve taken out this box and this sort of chassis thing here almost ready join your houses next to each other yep okay so house number one here this is number one like a real house what you mean wait if I stand no party you won’t be able to now you got snail .

houses to Princess their asses all right my daddy’s building when daddy’s finished exactly thank you oh boy oh boy oh I know what are we gonna do expected I thought I was gonna get two assistants here but it doesn’t look like I’m getting assistance so alas yeah look look woman there’s lots of parts we need to figure out how all the parts oh yeah that’s I think so I’m gonna try and build it first okay do you want a stroller mister how does that hurt I’m just like touching it okay yeah I know I can’t close the door guys cuz unless you might want to come visit no no no no that visit Alessia come .

visit you later ah finally some peace and quiet what yeah the brown letters nice innit alright less yeah will you help me cuz nobody else seems to be nobody else seems to be helping me all right I’m gonna go fill this thing and then we’re gonna come back alright so say say catch you on the flip side can you say catch you on the flip side should make a good pop catch you on the flip side you know watch alright something’s something’s not right here guys can you figure it out the royal carriage has been made but something’s not right here so let’s say LSE goes here where is Eduardo jr. going I.

don’t know guys if that is right hmm it’s investigation please hold what are you two doing are you making this a double are you making it work what I don’t think anyone wants to go at the Bunner exactly that doesn’t sound right that doesn’t sound right does that sound right there right okay hold on this thing is not difficult all right stay there and I see ya jeez done finish all right its investigation this is what we’re looking for here but look it says do oh my box doesn’t say do on it oh no it does look like it’s the saying like bottom e part you know the chassis thing looks right but I don’t I don’t think.

I have two of those seats I’ll phone you got it I don’t even wait I didn’t even have the car seat part Oh funny guard oh yeah that looks kind of like yeah I suppose I have two bassinet and they have the thingy ah so that was a double stroller building fail okay double stroller building tail so we’re gonna have to pause on the double stroller building although these two are determined to make this work wait are you actually making it work Eduardo can.

you fit anything underneath you can but it hurts hmm right right we’re gonna pause this guy’s we might have to put this back in the box yes this isn’t exactly the one that that he wanted I know it’s the royal carriage guys but I don’t think this is the right royal carriage okay so gonna have to get another royal carriage we’re just enough room for everybody I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know okay you can put your houses for rest of the day well please don’t damage the houses because maybe guys look it says wave right and I was looking through the contents a chassis correct pushchair .

got it Carey Codd think I got it tandem seat available separately maybe that’s what I’m missing should be that’s it it’s all I’m missing because I have all the parts but I would need except for the tandem seat so maybe that’s it maybe it was supposed to be a third box what another seat in it or something we’re gonna get to the bottom of this wait look what I found I found these things like tandem connector is I’m so confused okay whoa look I’m gonna put the time connectors on but this definitely isn’t unless you put the bassinet and the car seat at the one time okay look let’s which .

right is it is it this is it when you’re pushing it right or when you’re holding it right you might be onto something here this thing fits at the bottom can maybe this thing needs to go alright hold on we’re I think we’re getting somewhere here I think you might may not just like it still work oh whoa oh get these things he’s gonna go in like get away I don’t have a car hold on oh no okay that definitely does not go in there that’s for something else I think that’s a car seat yeah a car seat okay we definitely don’t have the car seat all right we’re gonna figure that that ok I’m back to the conclusion .

once more because that I could get one of their mom but you see this like look it’s like jam that in there and that doesn’t seem right because when you put it up here you can’t like easily it just clips in and that seems right the tandem thing isn’t fit in today so I’m back to the conclusion that I have a single that I’m trying desperately to turn into a double here all right I’m gonna have to give up but I gave it a good effort that’s the important thing I .

wanted to figure out I must be called a DUI maybe it’s a separate thing or something it’s a really nice stroller though cut all the leather and stuff on it it’s really nice just what are you doing what are you doing are you painting your face what let me see oh boy all right are you paying your face you we did oh yeah you get it where you gonna go where you gotta go where you gonna go where you gonna go oh hey you gonna go unless you bless ya okay bye bye hello everybody yeah nobody you’re so cute you know you’re so cute don’t go into the showe.


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