Best Single To Double Stroller

Best Single To Double StrollerLooking for the Best Single To Double Stroller? You’ve come to the right place

hey there it’s me again Ellie from magic beans videos and in this video I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to know about single strollers that turn in to double strollers now you may be shopping for a single stroller and be planning ahead for growing family or you may be shopping for double strollers this video will help either of you .

Best Single To Double Stroller

great if you don’t know me I’m Ellie from atropine’s videos we review and compare strollers and car seats and other wonderful products for your family if you haven’t subscribed yet subscribe today add magic beans videos you hit the button below hit the bell to be alerted for when we publish videos we do that every week and now if you have any .

questions about strollers and I know you do lots of questions about strollers they can be confusing but that’s what we’re here for you just go to such questions and ask us your questions you can give us a call or just .

leave a comment below so here are the best single strollers that turn into double strollers hope you enjoy okay before I go into my comparison let’s just talk for a second about the whole concept of buying a single stroller that converts to a double stroller now there are lots of strollers out there that are single strollers like through-and-.

through they never convert like a Bugaboo fox or a Bugaboo Cameleon or a Cybex pram if these are strollers you love I’d highly suggest that you consider getting them because when you have your first child you want to absolutely love your stroller and if those are the stores you love it’s best you get it more like a yo-yo or something like that but if this is a stroller that it like fits your criteria for something you like it fits your lifestyle and it happens to give her – a .

double stroller then that’s a win so the first stroller I’m going to show you today is this one so noona deme grow it is new for 2018 just came out this year and I’m really excited about it we love the noona mix which is another stroller that they have now that does not turn in to a double stroller so if you’re considering as you’ll see in this video like a .

Vista or some other stroller like a donkey this is something should totally be on your list it’s looking for a double stroller or for that first-time stroller now you can get a bassinet with it if you want to but it comes with car seat adapters included to make it work perfectly with the noona PIPA car seat which is a most popular car seat adjustable .

handlebar and it stands on its own so let me just first show you how it folds do these two little buttons here on the side it folds right down and boom it stands on its own and sometimes it rolls okay and it stands right there on its .

own which is great and then you just undo the latch flick it back up really there’s this nice little nub on the end so the handlebar the leather at handlebar doesn’t get dirty when it stands on its own which is really nice well we have it back here easy to recline seat it isn’t a newborn seat similar to a Vista or cruise it has that sort of wedge-shaped seat but you like I said you can get a bassinet for it or you can use it with a noona paper car seat to use it from newborn .

SI goes in both directions just by pulling this two low buttons on the side baby face you and face the world a really nice feature about this is that there’s a summer seat on the back a nice mesh seat so that the air can reach through in the summer or in the winter if you live in a warmer climate climate as usual usual noona did just a fantastic job .

with its textiles it’s just a really really nice high-quality textile on the deme grim Sun Visor and also if you unzip here there is one of their signature dream drapes a nice extended Sun protector which is really cool as well which very elegantly pops back in but like I said this is a single stroller that turns into a double stroller so let me show you how. 

that works one of the nice things about this particular stroller is that both seats the first seat and the second seat both have upper weigh limits of 50 pounds of the other strollers that I’m going to show you have a different weight limit on the first seat or the second seat or there’s a lower weight limit in general so the cool thing about this particular stroller is that it can hold two really large kids fifty pounds could be like two five year olds so I’m going to .

raise this back up here and what you do in the bass can just flick that breadbasket forward there’s a magnet here to keep it open could you just push that down I have the second seat which is identical to the first seat they’re interchangeable and you just flip it or right on like that you can recline it due to the single stroller in to a double .

stroller you can use it if a car seat in the second seat there’s lots of different combinations you can have with the seat now a lot of people see this as a go wait I don’t want this stroller because the babies on the bottom where’s their .

view the reality is that kids time and again love climbing into the lower seat also the center of gravity is right in this sort of central pillar so it really pivots and turns quite quite easily so even though the scene is below it doesn’t make the stroller very long so it’s really really easy to maneuver so this is my first favorite sale – double stroller 2018 let’s go to the next one next single – double stroller often overlooked as a single stroller is the Bugaboo Donkey this is .

the only double stroller in the Bugaboo family if they do not make a single inline that’s the front to back double .

strollers but as you’ll see in a second this goes from single stroller to double stroller double wide even though this may look wide it’s actually quite narrow it’s only 23 inches wide it’s more narrow than the deme grow that just showed you it’s more narrow than Avista so it really easily fit through any standard size door on four wheels because it’s the donkey – and that means that it’s not air filled tires they just added these foam tires the really really high-.

quality tires earlier last year so it’s they never deflate which is a really cool thing it’s also highly customizable you can choose the canopy and the seat fabric the cover of the side luggage basket what’s this thing yes this is a side luggage basket so this is one of the nicest features of it and you can actually unzip it and you can put your stuff in it .

so if you like go to the supermarket you can just throw your stuff you want to put some toys it’s just very very convenient for parents to have this little side basket to keep in it and you can actually just have the little handles and you can just carry the this stuff along with you which is really nice I can take this off also so you can see clicks right in remember with the strollers many very similar to a fox or a chameleon this is right set up in the toddler seat position .

but when you first get the stroller there’s one frame and there’s another fabric set which enables you to have a bassinet for the beginning soon your baby’s first born they’re lying flat in the bassinet then you trick off the bassinet fabric put on the stroller fabric to have this in the toddler position up to 37 half pounds not the highest weight limit. 

compared to the deme grill just so you know I’m see cows in both directions these memory buttons you turn it the baby could face you so you can use this with the best and that’s a toddler seat you can also get a car seat adapter .

for this so you can use this with a nuna Pippa or the Cybex cloud q Kiko car seats lot of the popular infant car seats you can use this with doesn’t work with it up a baby Mesa just so you know but what about this turning into a double stroller so what you do is you remove the side luggage basket just like that and there are three little Clips one of up here one down here the other ones down on the bottom and then you just I like to like lean it on its side .

like this protip lean and on the side and push this button here and you pull it out really easy flip that and flip that in and then if you actually wanted to you can like make your side luggage basket double wide but you’ll probably do is add in your second seat the seats are identical both go to 37 half pounds and but as you can see they can go in .

different directions both facing you both facing out different directions bassinet infant car seat there is so much flexibility you have with this stroller oh but it seems really wide it isn’t it’s under 30 inches wide so if it’s do any standard sized or like an 88 compliant Taurus 34 inches so boom goes right through no problem in terms of folding .

this thing down it’s recommended that the seats go facing forward I actually liked when I fold this down just to take the seats off it’s super easy in fact what you can just do if you want to make it really small like I said just reclose it and here you go push the handlebars down little triggers down right down on the ground it actually fits so compact .

for a double stroller and I’ll fit right in your trunk really easy and then what you do is you just pull those triggers again open it up flick it right open nice large basket by the way with little extra pockets in there so you can put your .

stuff it’s great and again adjustable handlebar boom and you put your seat back on so this is a great single stroller .

you’ll love using it if you live in the city Gozer for all these different types of terrain but then BOOM turns into a double stroller let’s keep going next single to double stroller is the iconic silver cross wave you may be familiar .

with their big fancy prams that they made like from a hundred years ago but this is the latest innovation from silver cross really beautiful style and detail it has this wool type feeling great beautiful brown leather at handlebars chrome handle it just looks so nice and actually quite functional as well comes with the bassinet included but the nice thing about this stroller is that you could actually lower the seat just by pushing in these little buttons and now you can .

have the child in the lower position and when you click in a bassinet it works quite well you just pull this little leave in the back to recline to fold the stroller down just push in the handle bar there’s a button here and you put a little loops and it folds right down that’s a little bit of a heavy stroller but that is because it’s make really really high quality .

opens right back up so when you want to turn into a double stroller all you have to do is lift these up and then you add two adapters at the bottom and you add a second seat there is a higher weight limit in the upper seat than the lower seat if you click over to end right now right in the description below you will see all the details you need to know about the sofa cross slave let’s move on and finally we have the UPPAbaby Vista the UPPAbaby Vista is .

a again a single double stroller this one is the nice Jordan color it has this it isn’t wool that has a sort of wool grey melange type material peekaboo window on the top you can actually roll it up and cinch it so the air can breathe through um it comes with a bassinet included so when you’re buying as a single stroller you can have your baby lying flat in the bassinet position sequel’s in both directions just push the buttons on the side flip it around and now your baby can face you you can recline it in all these different positions which is quite nice comes the real leather .

handlebar I actually love the leather versus the leatherette but just you know it’s a reach certified leather handlebar which is really cool polyurethane wheels so it is high-quality and light and became a couple pounds lighter a couple years ago which is also quite nice and to fold it down what I normally do is I pull it out all the way to the end and then there’s these two triggers and you just fold it down and like all UPPAbaby strollers they stand on its own just .

like that stand throw it into your car there isn’t really a handle carry handle on it but you just find a place to lift it if you lift it into your car there is a little latch on the left and it just opens right back up but let me show you how this turns into a double stroller so what you do is you remove the seat see a giant basket giant basket okay so when you’re turning it into a double stroller here’s what you need first thing is you need these things called upper adapters .

what this does is it raises the seat up you want these things facing you and actually their little dots to indicate what side they they’re supposed to go on I mean then what you do is you take the actual stroller seat and you put it up top by the way you can get these upper adaptors when you buy this as a single stroller I actually recommend it look how high your baby is so you can actually communicate and spend time with your baby up high so when you’re buying this the single stroller bottoms up adapters right away there’s about 30 bucks next then what you’re gonna .

do is you’re gonna get this thing called a rumble seat now the rumble seat is a different seat from the actual stroller seat because you can see there’s a hinge on this one there’s no hinge on that one that’s how you know it’s a rumble seat there’s a lower weight limit on the rumble seat so just be aware that you’re gonna be able to put the older kid .

on the upper seat and then a younger kid on the lower seat up till about 35 pounds it’s going to come with these things called lower adapters included when you buy the rumble seat again also color coded and you just throw all these adapters there’s this little it just goes right on really nice and easy and you clip it down snap perfect and now your lower adapters are on and boom you can have your baby in all these different positions you can click in a even .

car seat on top like an upper baby macer in a nuna Peppa you can have the seats go in the other directions like they’re all these different configurations that you can change around your Vista and to go so um like I said before with that first stroller I showed you the deme grow it is a little bit longer of a stroller because the this the front seats only up in front so it’s good if you like a little bit longer to push then the deme grow but obviously you have the .

different view for the top they can both face out stadium seating so you’re just gonna have to balance like the child’s view or the the ease of pushing those are things you’re going to be thinking about there is a Sun Visor on these just like an all other baby strollers so great sun protection comes to the rain cover and by a bug netting include and .

that’s the UPPAbaby Vista so there you have it the best single strollers that turn into double strollers all of the strollers are showed today are available from us from atropine’s with free shipping any questions just go to social questions give us a call leave a comment below and remember if you haven’t yet please subscribe to our .youtube channel we publish videos every week and we want you to be up-to-date on your baby gear shopping and don’t forget to go over to n means calm right now enter one of our giveaways join our email list and follow us on Instagram see you soon.

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