Best Rear Facing Convertible Car Seat

Best Rear Facing Convertible Car SeatLooking for the Best Rear Facing Convertible Car Seat? You’ve come to the right place

now convertible car seats are car seats that are installed in the car you may be graduating out of those infant car seats those two-piece car seats where you have the base that’s installed in the car and you carry around our infant car seat unfortunately convertible car seats are products that are installed in to your car so when the baby falls

Best Rear Facing Convertible Car Seat

asleep you actually have to remove the baby from the car seat well Haven I’m gonna break it all down for you now if you have any questions about convertible car seats or strollers or any other car seat you can email us at questions that means calm you can leave us a comment below or you can call us at six one seven three eight three eight two .

five nine if this is your first time joining us I’m Ellie from magic beans videos we compare and review the latest and greatest in baby gear so subscribe to our Channel today we review products every week so here you go the best convertible car seats of 2018 the first convertible car seat that I’m showing you today is the noon Arava I love the .

rava because it is super comfortable very safe and very easy to install so when it comes to insulation of these car seats some of them as you’ll see have this special technology that you actually use the seat belts to install the car seat now you may have used those latch connectors those little like stapler looking things to install your infant car seat but the nice thing about the rava is that it has once you sort of unsnap here there are these little doors that open up and what you do is you take your seat belt and you install them using a seat belt and they’re very easy to .

install I do a full review of the new naraba on the channel so go check out the comment below and you can see the full review but basically what you’re going to do is use the seat belt to install this really easily one of the nice things about the new rava is that it has extended rear facing weight limit 50 pounds we like when our children are rear-facing and remember convertible car seats or car seats that start rear-facing and turn to forward-facing and also it .

has extended leg room so you just lift it here in the front and you add an extra two inches of space not only do you have the extended weight limit but you also have more leg room so your child is comfortable so you can keep that child rear-facing as long as possible they also have super beautiful textiles so your child is going to be comfortable in the seat and it also has the non retread of harness so it easily grows with your child Nick’s car seat I want to show .

you is the brute X Boulevard brute ax car seats are made in the USA and this particular one has nano Tech’s this space-age textile that just wipes away moisture so if your Tamas accident in the car no problem you just pour on the water and look in it bubbles right off and it is perfectly dry so great but then only does it have the Nano text but it is. 

a click tight now similar to the rava which I showed you before this also has that seatbelt insulation technology you push in this little dial and you turn and this compartment opens up and very similar to the rava what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna take your seatbelts floss it through click it in and boom it installs so as you can see super easy install just with a seatbelt again this is not an installation video this is just showing you how the car seat works also .

always use your rear tether when you’re installing a car seat but then to UNT’s undo it you just open this up and clicks it right out I’m in the rear-facing position this one is an ARB has an anti rebound bar you just put in the anti rebound bar you just put it right in this little bar that’s it close it up now what does this do when it’s in the rear-facing position you adjust it and as you can see this bar goes up against the the rear of the seat so it’s a much more .

secure fit and also when you’re god forbid in a crash what happens is the car will move forward and then it kind of recoils back and that rebound bar well it stops the rebound it’s really really secure in the car finally it’s a Boulevard so it has two layers of side impact protection which I really really love next convertible car seat is the collect food now I also like its little sibling the click flow but it comes to the collect phoom if you’re talking about the top-of-the-line car seat really really safe unbelievable technology put into the collect food and when you install it in forward-facing .

it has isofix that rigid latch system so what you do is you pull this little lever in the front and the the last connectors go out and then boom it is installed into the car super super easy so very very easy to install also they have the react system built into its frame it’s a nice big heavy seat and what happens with the react system it’s a crumple zone so if .

we when you’re god forbid in a crash in the forward-facing position if compresses that the crumple zone compresses inside the car seat to absorb the energy so that it is deflecting the energy away from her child which is super cool and super safe it’s also a very narrow car seat only 17 inches wide so if you’re looking for a car seat to go three .

across the foof is a really great option it also has an anti rebound bar when you’re using it in the rear-facing position and finally the newest car seat for 2018 the brand new maxi Cosi Magellan max this is a five in one car seat which means you can use it from infant all the way up your booster seat which is really cool so you can see that has that .

sort of air protect system which maxi Cosi is known for has these sort of side cushion airbags with to protect the child’s head gaaah from it in the side impact crash but this goes rear-facing forward-facing but then what happens is on the side here you can see you do these buttons and look you can raise it up to move in a higher position so when. 

your child is getting bigger you can have your child in a really nice big comfortable seat up to a hundred and twenty pounds which is really really cool a couple other and really neat features about this particular seat is that it has a magnetic chest clip so all you have to do is squeeze and sort of open it up and watch how it closes that’s it no like .

that’s pretty cool to it again you just scoot and so the child can’t actually undo this themselves from their position but it’s very easy to get your child right into the harness and also this harness is designed that it just stays up like this so it’s easy for the child to get buckled into the car seat which is cool so there you have it the best convertible car .

seats of 2018 I hope you liked the video if you did please give us a like and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel today and remember all of these convertible car seats are available from us for magic beans with Free Shipping and I encourage you to head over to mbeans calm right now son of our email list and enter one of our giveaways you soon.

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