Best Lightweight Stroller For 5 Year Old

Best Lightweight Stroller For 5 Year Old

Looking for the Best Lightweight Stroller For 5 Year Old? You’ve come to the right place

unday if I may I like to do that we’re at 101 in Corona delivers one odor one other in Corona we talked about the degree before that we come to get conscious so good we haven’t been here in a while and of course I have to get some more ChaCha if you guys never try coach at oral ChaCha you don’t know what you’re mistaking through the best I got a chocolate one and I also got of another one I think I like the vanilla one more than the chocolate one I got some mosquitoes yeah my favorite actually got three of them one for nano superlative grape then he’s out cold right now you .

Best Lightweight Stroller For 5 Year Old

can see right there my little baby boy he’s such a sleepy Anand but like he’s always sleeping in the blogs a but he’s so energized throughout the day that you know knocks out every known this area is always filled with so many people that cell is heated and so like um or cha-cha and things like that but we always go to the same lady because she’s just the best Fuhrer Tata is life man I’m not even kidding not only that it makes time knowledge .

.they’re exquisite of courtly or Chavez Iwata her mica which I don’t like I don’t get who makes it she makes out what a Coco – so she’s official with it she I like the way she get down with the food yeah she’s just like our go-to lady every time we come here but we haven’t been here in so long I feel .

like and today is just the perfect day for that we’re just going to enjoy some of these right now punch it I have chocolate or vanilla chocolate I’ll have chocolate I’ll say vanilla for later I like them nice and fresh I always try to get the softest one that they have they’re just so good they just taste like a fresh out the oven amen so for you guys that don’t know or than are wondering what Akitas are it’s actually boiled corn in water for the needle water in there nice and hot they add Mayo some chili powder lemon and some cheese Parmesan cheese not the yellow cheese al – you don’t know and it t.

astes delicious I know it sounds a little bit weird but it’s good if you guys have never had a phone chat it’s basically a bun and then they add like the sugary powdered goodness on top and they make some cool little designs with it so good you guys need to try to eat and our chocolate actually a juice that’s made out of rice they soak the rice they add almonds cinnamon vanilla so many good things to make this juice we’re going to eat this and.

then we’re going to head home I have an appointment tomorrow I think didn’t have to be scheduled because there’s some paperwork we need to bring in other than that which is going to go home relax I’m going to play some Mario Kart what’s a couple movies the next day night and day if I may you know something this whole week I’ve been having some weird dreams the first time I had a dream about myself falling from a cliff and before I hit the ground I just woke up has that ever happened to you before and then I had another dream that somebody was trying to like dump me like full of .

people and when I was trying to fight back my punches weren’t hurting them it was so crazy I woke up and I was so frustrated and then today I had a dream that Jesus and I kept talking on the phone and he kept telling me like don’t worry we’re going to see four there soon and I kept waiting for the day to come and the day would just never come so I woke up feeling super anxious and I was kind of in a weird mood this morning but I had food .

and I feel better now but we’re at B&H we have to come pick up a couple of things we haven’t been here in months so hopefully we can make this place because the city traffic is insane today want to get out of the city and head back to work we’re currently looking for some waterproof cases because we have somewhere to be this weekend and we’re definitely going to need that so we do have to go pro but you know you can always get .

some good footage on your phone as you guys witnessed in the last vlog when Jesus was vlogging in the laundromat so let’s see how long it’s going to take for someone to help us [Music] [Music] I night and day if I’m a very very lady I just met a girl who follows us on Instagram and she’s so sweet her name is Cynthia it was nice meeting you Cynthia [Music] it’s like we respect the back into these like um you know when you report from those take camcorder to put other kind of crappy picture in the psyche of the legs like a durational is sick and forty days like that will give you a good .

performance is good Oh I keep the lento 4,000 small more compact in this conveyor on a 16 megabits and shoot from 49 tomorrow gipsy [Music] .

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] let me walk back to when we bought grapes in his first shoulder do you guys remember Jesus unboxing the expeditio.

so tonight he’ll be setting up the baby stroller you said a bit yes when I was the first time mom Dan and I didn’t really know too much about strollers I knew that I wanted a shoulder with big wheels but my main concern was my son’s safety the expedition actually had really good reviews and it was recommended to me by two moms so we went for it so let’s start forward a little bit when we bought Grayson his second stroller for as much as I wanted to avoid getting the upper baby stroller because everybody has it we decided to give in and we picked it up today don’t get me wrong the .

expedition is a really good stroller and it can get over any tough terrain like rocks and dirt very easily plus it comes with a car seat which is great but like I said it was just way too heavy and with an infant doing our everyday things getting in and out of the car going up and down the stairs to and from our house everyday it was just way too problematic since then we switch to the upper baby cruise which if you ask me is amazing that stroller is lightweight it’s not too bulky it’s easy to open and close and it’s just really convenient for everyday life so if there’s any new moms out there that are looking for a good stroller I would totally recommend that up a baby cruise when we bought the stroller we also bought the Messick RC we wanted .

them both in the color Georgie so they were really hard to find at the time which means we had to drive all the way to New Jersey to one of the byebye baby locations there to pick it up now Grayson’s a toddler he’s a little bigger now and even though I’m still going to use the cruise I needed something a little more lightweight than that which is why we’re back at byebye baby and we’re going to pick up the G look of a baby I’m thinking in .

the color red [Music] [Music] so this time around I had several different umbrella shoulders that I looked at but I narrowed it down to three one of them being this one which is the pocket shoulder this is the one that you can fold into a little square and it’s just really easy for travel I believe it’s like 11 pounds it’s one of the lightest on the market but there’s a problem but it has one the parents were complaining about this little canapé saying that it’s very flimsy and now that I’m actually touching it it is and it’s funny because Jesus’s brother had it and it was really nice when we saw it it was cool .

but they were traveling from California here so that’s why I was super convenient for him but back to the issue that it has it has flimsy wheels if you can see like I said it’s good for travel use or like when you’re not really going to be using it but since I’m going to try to use it every day I think I want something with a little bit more sturdy wheel the second option was one of the McLaren umbrella shoulders this one had bad reviews because it said that the buckles were really hard to close you know like it was giving people a hard time to close it and then I kept scrolling down a little bit some .

parents said they liked it others were saying that the buckles were really you know flimsy then I scroll down a little bit more and there was a mom that was like beware guys do not buy the stroller because her 11 month old baby has fallen into the sidewalk after being in the shoulder so I was like that’s a no-go for me now I’m confused because I have a fourth option I was going to go for the G looks but we also have a baby G light which is 11 pounds as well just like the packaged strollers so I don’t know what to do I mean this one is a little bit smaller but I like the wheels on the G looks a little .

better they’re just a little more sturdy and then now I know everything else is pretty much the same that juillet actually has a cup holder which is cool the G looks doesn’t on what I see here now added though well yeah of a baby does come with the different accessories that’s what we did with the Cruze that’s how we were able to get the cup holder on that one you know what I noticed what this one right here doesn’t go back this one does that’s right I don’t know because that’s really important to me this person is still a year old and he takes is not and being able to lay him back is just .

way more convenient for me as opposed to him like sitting up like this the way he is in his car seat when he takes naps and I’m in a jam now what do i do what do i do do I go for something that’s a little more lightweight or do I go for Grayson’s comfortability I mean we’re looking for lightweight but this is lightweight as well this one does see doesn’t go back this one does so I’m gonna say this one that’s true and it’s about 4 pounds heavier than this one ok then we got the pocket stroller which is pretty light I mean I’m a how practical this cool comes up a little bit flimsy just like that what do .

you think like this one in the comfy or he’s not going to leave forward I don’t think so much if he’s napping what do you think of this one I mean look at his legs he’s a long baby so it doesn’t have that support like this one does so that’s one thing it looks good it’s 11 pounds and that 115 pounds not a big difference you might get Grayson what do you think great is it comfy Guinness second option no no okay option number two come on let’s do you forward what do you think like okay you see that this one seems more laid back connect aggression let’s check it up yes your long baby so you .

need something like this great take your Maps bad bad bad bad bad bad bad okay okay then we also have this city tour stroller 4.4 stars review is an option 14 pounds this is how to fold and when you travel and you could put it on the overhead compartment you don’t have to check it in and you could open it has the pieces that we want the baby to be able to lay back and take his max we have a dilemma the G Lux or the city tour shoulder we shall we do this is done side-by-side we both nice but this is going to be in red this only comes in green navy blue and black it goes down so what .

came once because she has to carry most of the time by the way this is two hundred and seventy nine dollars this is two hundred dollars that’s how he fits in here she’s a kid no and we got a spinner down he’s not trying here in the pocket roller I still think is like so some wall put just what a viewer saved we’re going to try this one out okay wait Grayson wait we do have this just try it out yeah that’s not gonna work alright come on get dad’s go let’s go so out of these four we have a winner the winner is [Music] oh poor baby Gina and red of course not the light is is four pounds heavier than .

the lightest ones that they have but it’s the best one for us G Lux it is we need some accessories so let’s pick them out this and also also in this particular [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Thursday we had to fasten him all the way to the end look racing your big boy we’re looking for a backpack with a little safety lasso on it so Grayson doesn’t run he’s starting to run from us and we can have that so we found them oh this is nice the line we have the line here the line we have where this is a bear you have the bear take that one so we have the elephant okay let’s take down one school this .

is for little girls I remember when we first got this for Grayson oh man we have some good night to sleep back then then he got bigger his foot started hanging from here he started to flip over we got to get rid of it this is the actual soap that we use the best which I got this cute little robe I thought it was a thirty-six months but it’s actually for nine months so gracing a rip right through that the slugs I’m going to mission to find them one I’ve been looking for these rail guards everywhere so here goes for the front and the two sides and we’re gonna go with grey because I know miss .

Grayson we had some real guards before that we got for him but they had like a design on it we’ve been dying to find some solid ones and what better than the color grey if you guys have kids you know that they like to bite on the crib which is crazy because then they have little paint chips all over their mouths and stuff you know when they’re teething and everything like that so rail guards you need a oh my god Grayson love the teachers and no not as much as I am so I’m going to take never God right now hobbies currently doing a price check on two baby bags that I fell in love with .

one being this bag right here this one is the girl version obviously beautiful pink mauve color and there’s another one where is it this one is the one I like it’s gray of course that’s why I like it but there’s no price on any of these bags here he also want to check on the price of a black one two black gold detail I’m just waiting for him to get back [Music] [Music] [Music] well Grayson got a new stroller a couple of extra things that he needed and hungry but what’s new yeah when I comes to these stores I usually like to take my time and look around because they do have up a baby in the city .

but they don’t give you as many options in there as they do over here in the suburbs where there’s more of a variety of everything so we got some good stuff and it wasn’t even that expensive don’t get it twisted this is a great stroller it’s just that when you have these two things attached attempts to get a little heavier but it’s manageable compared to this even with the box the conditions light there was a no-brainer to get this thing and even though there were lighter options this was the better choice [Music] and we have to make a quick pit stop at the office I’m sitting here right now and .

handling some paperwork looking over our finances and signing some checks for people everybody who gets to check out to find this book is right here this is our pride and joy every single year we get a great age since the health inspectors started inspecting every restaurant and knock on wood we’ve had a gray day ever since beginning yesterday they came to inspect they just the kitchen they check the frigerator to make sure all the .

temperature is correct for all the food that we have in there they make sure there were no lights and roaches in here and everything is on point so thank God I’ll have another a until next year as you can see right here it’s fresh 815 2017 as a matter of fact I’m going to have to even put it up on the window now and another year down within a health inspectors we’ll see you next year so guys I know that we already talked about the restaurant too .much but that’s just because we’re changing a couple of things which we evenings here speaking things here getting a couple of things situated also I know that people like to sit when they’re eating and have alcoholic beverages and at the moment we don’t sell alcohol here but we are working on that and it’s gonna to get everything settled I’m going to go ahead let you guys in let you know where it is you can come in have some food as well as t.

he new restaurant that we’re opening up we haven’t talked about that in a little while but that’s also in the word so I’ll give you guys all of the information and you can come check it out and eat some good Mexican but I’m done with the work that I needed to do here so we’re going to go .


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