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hey there this is Ellie from magic beans and in this video I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about the best double strollers of 2017 we’re for magic beans and we are here to help you figure out exactly what stroller is right for you and for your lifestyle so if you have any questions about double strollers or single strollers or any car .

Best Inline Double Stroller

seats or any pet type of baby here you just email us your questions – questions a 10-9 calm or you can simply leave a comment below we answer all of your questions all of your comments and remember all the double strollers that we’re showing you today are available to buy from us for magic beans for the free shipping so here are the best .

double strollers of 2017 first stroller up the Bugaboo Donkey so I have here the 2017 Bugaboo Donkey and there is a major difference in this version and the previous model in terms of the functionality of the stroller it is exactly the same the harness is the same and the functions are the same but what’s different is the hammer bar so on the handle this used to be a foam which could sometimes get nicked and sometimes Adana damaged and also to improve comfort they moved it to a vegan leather the donkey is a stroller that grows with a child as you can see right .

now it’s in what they call the mono position that means it’s a single stroller both of the strollers in particular the chameleon the buffalo and the donkey they all have sort of the same bassinet seat system so you it starts out with a bassinet and in the Box when you buy the money you’re going to get one frame and you’re going to velcro on the bassinet fabric and then what you’re going to do is the baby gets older you’re going to turn it into a seat fabric like this um you’ll also notice this thing on the side which is very unique it’s called a side luggage basket and the cool thing is that you can actually put your stuff in the basket so you can put the groceries and the farmers market toys .

go to beach whatever you want to do you can put it right in this basket it’s actually quite convenient to bring all that stuff inside and it also has a very very generous underneath it so if you carry a lot of stuff that’s good for it as well the list of Amano is actually actually the same with as a Bugaboo Cameleon I look at the wheels they’re actually set inside of versus most rollers they have you’ll see that the wheels are at the widest part in terms of the chameleon buffalo and donkey this is the only one that has ear field tires it comes with a pump included but for optimal .

performance I love a good air field higher let me show you how to turn this into a double stroller so the first thing you do is you take out the side luggage basket there are three clicks up here on the handlebar there’s one undo that then in the front there’s another one and then on the back here there’s a third one okay now that those are all open what you do is you lean the stroller on the side and you should get a button right in there just pull this out aha hold it right out and now it’s double wide you have a second sink and you can just put it right onto the stroller line it up .

and click it right up perfect now I have the toddler facing out maybe a newborn what you’re going to get the second seat it’s called a duo extension kit you’ll see it also has a leather red handle for 2017 so that comes on your new dual extension kit as well and what’ll happen is when the baby’s for ass born the new baby the second baby’s first born you have in the bassinet stage you can also add a car seat adapter to this and add a car seat on one side and the stroller seat on the second when there are two seats attached you can absolutely fold this with the two seats on the .

stroller some things that people don’t like about the chameleon is that you have to take your seats off you don’t with a donkey but with x-head in my opinion it’s just easier to take the seats off so let me just show you how to take the seats off there’s a buttons on the side and I just like one-handed you can hold the baby one button two buttons release now to fold this down the first thing is you should know there’s an adjustable handlebar so that goes its telescopes up and down and then what I normally do is I quit the handlebar all the way in too close and then there .

are these two triggers on the side and these go right down to your feet and then you lift it and put it right down to the ground and then what you can do is you can just take your other pieces and put it right in and nest it right in and this the wheel removes just like that so you can make it even smaller the Baby Jogger City Select lux so just in general it folds thirty percent smaller than the old version of the city select looks there’s a new braking system and .

the added all-wheel suspension on this so it pushes even better in terms of the length of the stroller it’s the same length as the previous version of the city select so this is a single stroller that converts to a double stroller you may be looking at the city select you may be looking at the UPPAbaby Vista or other strollers that were like they’re convertible strollers that they could work from a single to a double so in general they would you buy the scroll you .

buy it as a single stroller and it’s the seat goes in both directions you could add a bassinet to this if you wish it has not come included with the stroller so you just turn the seat around and then to recline the stroller there’s a little button on the back and you can just recline it backwards and forwards I have these double seat converter adapters on here right now but basically when you buy this buy the stroller it is going to look like though so fold the stroller .

what you do is there are these little levers here that you just pull up on the five they’re on both sides if you lift them up and it folds right down like I said it’s 30% smaller than the previous version of the city select it’s going to be great if you’re doing a lot of walking city life etc it’s going to be really really fantastic they have a new locking mechanism on the side which you just lift up and then you open the stroll also they change the brake on this there used to be a little break on the side but for the 2017 version of the Velux of the new lux number one it is a d accelerator so if you are like going downhill and you want to like slow down the motion of the stroller you can just pull up handbrake and .

it slows down the stroller and if you want to lock it you just push this down and a lock into place and here are the adapters and they’re very easy to put on all you do is click one in and then click it to the second one then you want to make sure let me put it in that the that the adapter lines up the same direction as the of the place we’re inserting .

it so click that right in now that these are on all you do is take your seat light it up and boom clicks in like that there are like I said 20 different configurations with the bassinet or with two infant car seats that you can put on on it one something that people really like about the city select of the double is that the babies can actually face each other lots of parents who have twins loves to be able to put their stroller in a configuration where the babies can look at .

each other so boom just like that they can do this is not as elegant when you’re looking at an upper baby so if you’re comparing this to a Nubble baby with a rumble seat they really can’t can’t do this they sort of gets in the way again even like the perfect configuration because like the baby’s feet are going to sort of be touching each other or might be near each other but in general it’s okay and I think this is really what makes it super luxe is the really upgrade of the materials on this latest version this nice heather grey canopy and fancy fabric definitely a high quality materials .

that they put into this I’m just looking at the little peekaboo window on the top of the on the top of the canopy which is super super nice the silver cross wave from across waves is something that we call hybrid stroller that there being those big wheels on the back and small wheels on the front it’s great if you live in an urban environment downtown you do a lot of walking and you want something that’s really nice and the thing that makes the stroller .

cool is it can push from a single stroller to a double stroller it is gorgeous the fabrics the materials are really really well considered they have this great cognac ooh faux leather handlebar and little sort of facets and widgets on that that are just make it really real nice but how does the stroller actually work the babies it’s really nice and high when you’re looking to it but the thing that makes us throw our cool is that there’s actually two positions for where you .

can sort of orient this roller you take this push a little button and you can put this in the lower position the stroller comes with this bassinet included and so you can see once you just click it in it just looks really really really nice happy little bag magnetic tabs on the inside many strollers have snaps but I love their use of magnets and you can put your stroller seat in the lower position if you’d like clicks right in very well designed sometimes the joints and the .

places where strollers connect are not very well made but this seems to be like very well designed I’m to recline the stroller you just very similar to up a baby Vista you just pull this little lever on the back and you have one two three levels of position that people are concerned about twelve maybes this is a full 18 inches which i think is really nice .

and it’s high there are three levels of straps that you can sort of adjust the straps Rafi which is good as well it’s one of those adjustable handlebars you can put the baby in the belly bar at least the belly bar you can put the baby in click it in and take it out etcetera I got five eleven and this goes right up to my belly so if you’re a taller parent it’s going to be just fine and also if you’re shorter parent it’s going to be just fine as well let’s see how this thing folds so you’re going to turn the seat around and you are going to push a little button here on your right and then pull ./

though these little loops towards you and it’s going to fold right down okay I got about thirty six pounds in six ounces that’s pretty heavy but the cool thing is this stroller turns into a double stroller and actually you’ll get all the accessories you need to make this into a double stroller right from the get-go let me show you how that works remove the seat and like I said this really cool waves situation as you push this button in and you now are able to put .

the seat in the upper positions then these two adaptors come into play and they have a little left and right little letter so you know what it is you just click it and down here left right pedal letters face here so what you do is you put the first seat in first again this is in the upper position make sure this is down and then you’re going to add that second .

seat so now you can have your babies in this direction the store is not long enough in order to have the babies facing each other which is not good if you want that type of feature but it is good because it means that the stroller isn’t terribly long which means it’s going to be more maneuverable the other baby Vista there are a number of styles not all the styles that have a real leather handlebar and a real leather belly bar elevating is no one ever having really .

great UV protection on their canopies they have that on their bassinet and on their strollers and they really improve the quality of that UV protection it has new wheels so they’re polyurethane wheels on the back and these wheels make the stroller a pound and a half lighter than the previous version and an inch and a half more narrow it’s one of our most popular strollers in magic beans the first thing is that people love the way it looks really nice this sort of .

ballistic nylon material nice and durable so it can carry a nice heavy baby of four even five year old and people like that this stroller can convert to double stroller I’ll show you that in a second they like the peekaboo window on the back and that it comes with a rain cover included and also to bug nettings one for the bassinet and also for the .

actual stroller nice eco friendly interior so it’s a nice safe place for the baby to breathe if you are using this as a sleeping bassinet and it has a little window on the bottom so the air can flow through if it also has a UV and upgraded UV canopy and nice the summer as well this nice mesh so it could be naive agreeing this to the beach it would be very comfortable for the baby look how nice that looks classic pram look especially with the real leather .

accents looking really really sharp as far as the other baby seats he goes in both directions just push these buttons on the prize and it turns around on the back here how you will climb a stool is a button well one two three three levels of recline that’s a nice recline it isn’t appropriate for a newborn but you can get an upper baby snug seat to .

put in this and then you could actually use the seat for a newborn I have here last year’s model of the UPPAbaby Mesa the nice thing about this upper baby car seat is that you can click in put it into the stroller with no adaptors .

now you may not want another baby Mesa maybe you’re looking at a nuna Pippa car seat or a Kiko ki Fateh car seat don’t worry you can get an adapter look at the size of this basket it’s a huge basket and it’s actually a spring in here so you can access stuff with the spring in a two little pocket there on the side as well to fold the stroller you have to .

have the seat facing out you can’t folded the seat facing in and the nice thing about other baby strollers is they stand on their own so all you have to do is pull out the telescoping handle bar and then there are these little triggers here on the sides just pull the triggers and it folds right down and it’s dams old accessories do work on the current .

stroller so I have last year’s accessory in the Taylor blue and I’ll show you how this works so you get these rump these lower adapters included when you buy the rumble seat it’s a little blue dot and you can match it up to the blue dot that’s here on the actual stroller frame and you just put on that let’s see clicks right on really easy it’s my second one .

this one has an orange dot and you line it up to the orange dots and you click that on and now you can add the one we’ll see you can see the 2016 rumble seat on the 2010 controller and you can turn them in a bunch of different directions they can’t see each other you can see doesn’t it over the face each other but you can have both babies facing you most children facing you you can add a car seat adapter like there are lots of ways to do it you’re actually .

going to add these upper adaptors when you’re doing this so again matched up the orange with the orange and the blue with the blue and these upper adapters create nice space between the two children the bob flex Dooley love Bob strollers and magic beads because they are so durable they are so functional and they work great if you’re a runner but they’re also great if you’re looking for just regular all-terrain activities if you’re doing trail walking if you’re .

walking through the snow walking through the playground these wheels on the Bob’s are just fantastic so there are 16 inch wheels on the back and there are 12 and have 12 inch wheels on the front they are air filled tires and they’re really wonderful now the bob seat is not available from newborn and up so you can use it from a newborn if you add .

a car seat adapter to it and you can like walk around with your baby in a car seat but since this is a running stroller the seats do not recline fully for a newborn so so now three months all things are using it but remember you don’t run with the stroller until your baby’s at least 6 months old but really we recommend that you consult your pediatrician has an adjustable handlebar so there’s these little great buttons on the inside you just move them up .

and down and what you do is this little red knob on the front and you can just adjust it and now the wheel faces out it elongate so stroller so it’s much easier to run with when you are running you want that front wheel stationary because of its swivel that’s kind of wobbly but the nice thing is when is when you stop running you just change it back to the known position and it is really really maneuverable I love a side by side double stroller the kids can .

recline independently it’s great maybe little national pockets on the side to put the city cups really fantastic and don’t worry I know this thing looks like a huge like monstrosity of a stroller but it actually folds quite small let me show you how that works do these two little handles here we just squeeze them fold it over there’s a red tab on the back hold it right down and you can lock it with this little clip in the front to open it up you just open up the stroller .

and you flick it in terms of getting through a doorway this may be the only slight slight thing about this is that it is about 31 inches wide right here by the trade part and a standard door inside interior house is about 30 inches so it’s just kind of squeak through don’t worry any handicapped accessible door is about 34 inches wide so it’ll go through .

like the normal doors of your neighborhood so I hope you enjoyed the best double strollers of 2017 just to review we have the Bugaboo Donkey the UPPAbaby Vista the Baby Jogger City Select lux the Bob dually and the silver cross wave all of these strollers are available from us for magic beans for free shipping and we really hope you buy your .

double stroller from us we offer a lifetime of support that means if you ever have any problems with your strollers you’re just get in touch with me and we will help you take care of you for the lifetime of the stroller now if you’re still deciding on what stool to get we’re going to help you figure that out too so email us your questions two questions .

that I mean calm you can leave a comment below with your questions we’ll answer all of your comments and your questions and if you liked this video please give the video a like it makes a huge difference for our YouTube channel and if you want to see more videos like these more views about strollers and car seats and baby hearing toys please subscribe to our youtube channel thank you so much for watching.

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