Best Inglesina Double Stroller

Best Inglesina Double Stroller

Looking for the Best Inglesina Double Stroller? You’ve come to the right place

hey everybody it’s Holly from baby gizmo and today we’re taking a look at the new inglesina zippy light have you’ve been with me a while you know quite a few years ago I was a huge fan of the original inglesina zippy but it was then discontinued to make way for new inglesina strollers but I kind of missed that zippy fold so they have brought the zippy back but they’ve made it even lighter and weighing in at just over 15 pounds so let’s take a .

Best Inglesina Double Stroller

look so let’s start with the seat the seat has a weight capacity of up to 55 pounds it is suitable from birth plus you can get an optional car seat adapter to turn it into a trowel system now the seat is roomy it is 13 inches wide with an 18 inch seat back and a measurement from the back of the seat to the top of canopy up here up 24 inches there is a baby bumper bar right here it does fold up like that when it folds the entire stroller the baby .

bumper bar is also a swing away baby bumper bar and is completely removable now we have a padded five-point harness it has three heiped positions that you can change the height as your child grows it has it pretty hard to do bubble here there are two pieces you just squeeze each side and above that buckle opens up so it’s a little bit hard for us to deus toddler now there is a cap press here it is adjustable up for your smaller babies .

you squeeze two letters and a go sound for the older toddlers they can also set their feet down here now let’s talk about the recline on the seat thick recline is a one-handed recline very easy to do it is just a great leather bag here we can pull it up and it has three different positions including very very deep recline this is nearly flat that’s why I said it can be used with a newborn in the seat now back here you have a mesh peekaboo window we’ll talk about that when we get to the canopy but you can also unsnap this fabric and fold it up so that you can have air circulate through that entire .

stroller seat like that now there is no piece right here that’s going to prevent the older toddlers from laying down so that’s pretty nice as well just go ahead and put that back so if it’s windy or cold out you can always keep the canopy down in order to get the seat up all you have to do is lift and that let’s see if we can show you is as upright as the seat if that up is a pretty upright seat I do have to tell you that so let’s go down to the basket the .

basket is very roomy for a lightweight stroller and your best access is from the side I can get my big jujube be classy in here with no problem you’re going to have to stuff it a bit but it definitely fits with no problem at all so large dog bed can fit in the basket which I absolutely love and down to the wheels now the wheels it rolls on six inch hard wheels double in the back front wheels are swivel wheels 360 degrees same to you great .

maneuverability but you can go ahead and lock them straight if you’re going to take it on a bit of mommy’ terrain which is playground mulch gravel and grass so that’s going to keep it from getting caught up in every bump so you do want to lock those wheels when you’re going over a little bit of all terrain now this is the flat surface stroller it’s best on flat surfaces because it is a lightweight small wheeled stroller but that being said like I said .

you can take it to the playground you should have no problem at all now there is a one-step brake it’s connected all you have to do is step down this black pedal to engage the brake and then lift up lightly and that lets it go free it also has all-wheel suspension to absorb some of those bumps when you are taking it on the Mabi terrain as well I also love that this drill comes with an included frame shield and a cup holder right down here when the .

original did the I was in love with the large canopy and I’m super happy that it is back now this is a big canopy as you can see it has this cop out Sun riser that you could tuck in if you want it has a peekaboo window back here it’s kind of a weird angle because you would have to look back here and .

allows air to circulate through but the entire canopy folds down in front of your child like that and let’s say you want the secret line it has a whole additional panel here so if your seat or reclined back there normally what would happen on a stroller if you recline the seat that can’t be really wouldn’t be full coverage this one is different look at how big that canopy is even with the seat recline now in this way I can see in at the child that’s .

where that peekaboo window is a little bit easier to see it does have a cover but I love the fact that it has that extra panel that when you need it you unzip it and you can even go a little farther up if the seat we’re up a little bit but that little hole paparazzi shield this is a full coverage canopy if you didn’t need that much coverage you just go ahead and zip it like that and in this position I can still use that peekaboo window it’s still very very large one of the biggest canopies on the market now let’s talk about this handle bar now it’s not the tallest handle bar so if you are super tall you might .

want to check out the Zippy light first because it’s only 39 inches from ground to where I place my hands it is not adjustable up and down I’m perfect for me I am 5 foot 5 inches tall I have no problem with the maneuverability of this it is a perfect height of this Mississippi light just glides along I can easily navigate it with one hand and that helps the fact that it well the solid handlebar is what helps out because I can put my hand right in the center.

and this baby around now listen to my favorite feature of the zippy light besides the lightweight frame and a bit campy of course it’s the one-handed fold very easy to do I can do it or the diaper bag of child anything else in my other hand all I have to do is push the right button lift there you go and it folds down like that has a standing fold like I said it is a true one-handed old guys and at 15 just over 15 pounds it’s really really lightweight easy to.

take on the go just like that that’s a pretty compact package I can fit that in my trunk with no problem now sure it has an fit locked into place as you can see that so sure it had a one-handed fold now does it have a one-handed uncle too because you know you don’t know is that both hands and it absolutely does now there is a lever right here you’re going to pull up open it with one hand step down just to make sure it’s locked into place and you’re ready to go so like I said really easy to fold and unfold if you’re in a hurry if you have other things in your hand I really really love that about .

the city lights now it is cursey compatible there is going to be a optional per seat adapter so turn into a trial system if you’re into that which a lot of us new parents are right so let’s talk about price the city light is going to retail for three hundred and twenty nine dollars and will be available starting on March 25th so that’s right around the corner this is a great stroller could be used as your everyday stroller because it is used from birth all the way to 55 pounds so it could technically be your one and only stroller unless you’re joggin and that’s a different story but it does have a person to death but .

it’s going to try and be able to get separately you want to turn it into a travel system I love the fact that it’s only 15 pounds can fold and unfold with one hand the canopy is gigantic the basket is big enough for you in a large diaper bag so many great things about the zippy light so that’s it guys what was your favorite feature like leave me a comment underneath the video and let me know because I like to share these things I like to figure out.

what do you like what do I like do we like the same thing I don’t know so that is it guys don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and I will talk to you later I’m Holly from baby Case No.



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