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Best High End Convertible Car Seat

here are the best convertible car seats of 2020. The first convertible car seat that I wanted to start with today is the Nuna RAVA. So if you’re searching for convertible car seats, you may not have been doing research on baby gear since you were pregnant, right? But now your child is probably growing out of their infant car seat, and you have to .

figure out what to get and once again, it is super confusing. So what I think about convertible car seats, I think about them in three different ways. One is, how does it install? And as you’ll see in a second, the RAVA, it installs preferably with a seat belt, not LATCH. Spoiler alert. But they also have a convertible car seat that is extended rear facing, having .

your baby rear facing until 50 pounds. We want our children rear facing in cars as long as possible, because rear facing, like having your back to the actual windshield, is the safest way to ride. And the third thing, which is narrowness. Whether you want to have the intention of having three across. So those are the three different types of .

convertible car seats that you can get. So let’s start with the RAVA, which is our most popular car seat at Magic Beans and, by the way, all of the car seats we’re going to see today are available to buy from us, Magic Beans, with free shipping. But the RAVA, like I said, has two of those characteristics. I’m gonna show you. So the RAVA is, like I said, .

our most popular. The place that makes the RAVA makes over one third of the world’s car seat, so they really know how to make a car seat. Things about it, like I said, it’s extended rear facing, something to enhance the extended rear facing is that you can actually extend, you can extend the foot rest for for extra leg room. So I’m gonna turn this .

thing around. Convertible car seats go rear facing and forward facing, that’s where the convertible is, so this is the forward facing position, but in the rear-facing position you turn it around and there’s a grey button that you push that reclines it to the correct position, and like I said, that extended rear facing is with those two extra inches. But the thing about this car seat, which makes it kind of unique and really easy to install for you or for your mom or for the .

babysitter, is that you can install it with a seat belt. Now you may have a Nuna PIPA for your infant car seat, which clicks in with those ISOFix latches. If you’ve seen those videos on the channel, you know about ISOFix latches, talk about all the time, but for this one you’re gonna install with the seat belts. The way it works with car seats is that if .

the combination of the child and the and the seat are over 65 pounds, you can’t use those latches, those little lower anchors and tethers, anymore. You have to use a seat belt. So there you open up the fabric. There’s a little snap, you unsnap, it you open up this little door, you pull up the cup holder. Yes, it comes with a cup holder! And you click it in, .

and then what you do is you take out the tiny little bit of slack, push down the blue door, and then pull the seat belt out to the end, switch over the retractor and now you are installed, really, really easy. So you may think like, “Should I use a seat belt?” LATCH is so easy, using the seat belt number one, keeps adults, like, secure in the car, so it’s gonna .

work really well with the RAVA. Non-rethread harness on the seat, very comfortable and upgraded textiles and rear facing to 50 pounds again. This is not an installation video. This is just for demonstration purposes. But now let me show you another car seat that has a very similar installation system. It’s the Britax Boulevard Clean Comfort. So this is the Britax Boulevard Clean Comfort. just so you know I do full reviews of all of these products on the channel. So this is just your general overview to help you compare them. But if you want a more in-depth look, subscribe today. Some of the videos are on the channel. Some will be coming out over the next couple of weeks, so definitely .

subscribe and ring the bell. Okay. So here is the Britax Clean Comfort. These are made in the USA, which is really great and this is not extended rear facing, this is rear facing to 40 pounds, but similar to the RAVA this has a seat belt .

installation system. It also has an anti-rebound bar. That’s actually a fourth component to a convertible car seat that I didn’t mention, flows of forces in the reverse direction when it stops rebounding. I’ll show you in a second. It also just stabilizes the car seat even more. So, to open up the secret compartment, you push this little dial and you twist .

it. It opens up. There’s an anti-rebound bar which you can just attach, so that, like, slides right in. Now, as you can see, that anti-rebound bar is flush against the back of the seat, and then what you do is you take your seat belt, .

similar like I showed you with the RAVA before, with the RAVA. you saw it, you put it through the cup holders. With the Britax, you floss it through, floss, floss, floss, dental floss, floss it through, you floss it through the anti-rebound .

bar. And for 2020, they added this Clean Comfort material, which is washable, dry-able and very, very breathable. There’s a no-rethread harness, so it’s very easy to adjust as your child gets bigger. So the RAVA and the Britax Boulevard all have been in existence for a whole bunch of years now, especially the Britax, but the UPPAbaby Knox is .

new for 2020, brand new for 2020. You may have a Vista or a Cruz, Minu, Lux or even UPPAbaby Mesa car seat, and people have been asking for UPPAbaby to make a convertible car seat, and they did a fantastic job. So similar to the .

RAVA and the Boulevard, you have a seat belt installation system. What you do is, you unzip the two piece. There’s a little snap, Velcro, Velcro, and it exposes the seat belt installation system. What you do is so much of the other two things, you route the seat belt through, you pull tight and lock it off. But the other things that make this car seat kind .

of unique, they do have LATCH connectors included, but that seat belt is the preferred method of installation. Oh, and also it is rear facing to, wait for it, 45 pounds, not 40, not 50, 45 lbs. Still, that can be an old child and again we .

want an older child. We want people to, we want kids to be rear-facing as long as possible, can’t emphasize that .

enough. So, something that is new and different about the UPPAbaby Knox is the multi-directional tether. Now car seats typically have tethers that help with the with the forces in the forward-facing position. But when you’re in the .

rear-facing position, they don’t have these types of tethers. So with the multi-directional tether, what you doing, it’s yellow because they want you to use it. You pull this all the way out. You route it around, put it behind the seat. This is not an installation video, you wanna make sure that this strap is perfectly straight and so when this is attached .

properly, it actually reduces the rotation by 38%, so it’s super safe. Think about it. Your car. Your child is rear facing .

and it’s moving in this direction, and that multi-directional tether keeps it sort of secure in back, in the direction towards the back of the seat, which makes it extra safe. Non-rethread harness, which is super awesome, and also .

they have this technology in the base, choroid, which improves the safety of the UPPAbaby Knox. They also include this really super awesome infant insert, which you use up to 25 pounds. So this is the Clek Foonf, so this has two .

different characteristics. Number one, it has that extended rear-facing up to 50 pounds similar to the RAVA that we saw previously, but it’s only 17 inches wide, so you can get three of these across. They also make the Clek Fllo, a car .

seat that I love. It really could be in this video as well, but for expedience sake, I’m just gonna show you the Foonf, which is a premium, premiere car seat that looks very similar. It also is rear facing up to 50 pounds. So it’s 17 inches wide, rear-facing up to 50 pounds, and also they added an accessory called a Q Tether. which is similar to that multi-.

directional tether that’s on the UPPAbaby Knox. So these are all these different components, you’re thinking about multi-directional tethers, rear-facing, narrowness. If you have any questions, you can email me your questions to . Give me a call so we can talk about this. So this is, again, this is just an overview, but we’ll go more in depth when we speak on the phone. So the deal with this is when, let’s talk about this. In the forward-facing position first and then the rear-facing position. So they have, this is something unique about this car seat, is .

that they have ISOFix. If you have a Nuna PIPA, it’s a very similar system. You pull out from the front. And the ISOFix latches come out. Also, if you have a Clek Liing, they have this technology on their own infant car seat as well. Shout out to Clek. Click in the ISOFix, and with one click you’re installed, just like your Clek Liing or Nuna PIPA. Oh, by the way, I haven’t shown you adding the rear tether to this. Always install the rear tether when you install a car seat. .

Again, it’s not a car seat installation video, but there are others that you click to the back, always use a rear tether. There isn’t a no-rethread harness on it, but this is the Full Moon, their new fashion over 2020. It has a a flame .

retardant-free merino wool, a beautiful navy. Gorgeous. It’ll look really great in your car. And the other thing about this, that’s in the rear-facing, a forward-facing position. ISOFix. Use a tether. Oh, also in the forward-facing position .

you engage something called the REACT system. There is actually a crumple zone. So when you’re in a crash, the energy of the crash doesn’t go to the child, it goes to the body of the seat. Steel reinforced frame, EPP foam, the .

highest quality foam, which really makes this one of the premier car seats on the market. But then let’s talk about the rear-facing position. Two little red tabs in the front unlock the the latch, the ISOFix. Okay. So in the rear facing .

position, you’re gonna re-attach this white wedge. Really easy to do. Oh also, I’m not gonna show it this video, but there is an anti-rebound bar that you also attach to this in the rear-facing position, but again, this is just for a quick demonstration for it. You also can recline it. Reclining safe, great. So picture an anti-rebound bar and a reclined seat, .

but what they did for 2020 is the new accessory similar to the multi-directional tether of the other. Like the UPPAbaby Knox, it has something called a Q Tether. Let me show you what that is. Here is the Q tether. This is how this thing works. Okay. on the one side of it you have this little tether attachment situation. Attach to the back of your car, and then it goes to one of these metal yokes in your car. You wanna pull this, just so this goes right behind,. 

right to the back of the headrest. Imagine there’s a headrest here in the back of your car so that you see here and now you have this part here. This is the actual Q tether loop thing. What you do is, you remove this from the yoke and what you want is you want the actual adjustable strap to be by the door of the car. So this is on the side of the .

car. There’s the door, you’re gonna have this come around over here and have locking clips, through the locking clips. Have to come around, this obviously not a car, just like showing you the basics of this. Okay folks, so you put .

this back into the, into this metal yoke, loosen it back up, And here you go! So you now have this tether holding this back, so you have the anti-rebound bar and you have the tether holding the seat in this direction. So when you’re in the rear facing position, if you’re in a crash, it’s gonna just pull in, holding it tight. So this is just a general overview of. 

how this new Q tether piece works. If you have any specific questions, you can give us a call or leave a comment below. We can talk more about the Q tether, but that’s a pretty cool innovation from Clek for 2020. Finally, is a really. 

legit Sirona S. It’s actually a pre-production sample from our friends at Cybex, but this car seat does something that none of the other car seats in this video or in America do. So in Europe, Cybex is a European brand and German .

brand that actually has their different safety ratings in Europe, and they are in America, and Cybex car seats always rate among the highest. They’re really, really known for their safety and this is a version of it in Europe. They finally brought it to America, and like I said, this has something that no one else has. It’s a swiveling car seat with a load leg,. 

can’t believe it, let me show you how this works. Okay, you may have a load leg on your infant car seat like a PIPA or maybe a Liing or, you know, Cybex Cloud Q. Even this one has a load leg too, so again it reduces the forces going forward. So if it’s a forward, it stops, it slows down the forces in this direction, and also in the rear-facing position as .

well. I’m about to show how this thing swivels, really, really cool. So in the forward-facing position up to 65 pounds, non-rethread harness. Beautiful tailored textiles. It’s just a gorgeous, gorgeous seat. Cybex is known for not only high safety, but also high fashion. They have an LSP system as they would, Cybex many times puts extra side impact .

protection on the side. You press right here, that pops out, and three layers of side impact protection. You press it again and put it in if you want to stole that away. But let me show you how this thing swivels. You may swivel it for a number of reasons. So if you are putting your child into the car, you squeeze under here, you push this all the way .

back. There’s a little window indicator here that says you can see it’s the unlock position, so you’re not gonna drive,obviously, in the unlock position, you only wanna drive in the lock position. You will swivel the seat towards you. You can put your baby into the car, buckle them in, and then what you can do is you can swivel them back into .

position, back to the fourth facing position or the rear facing position. So there’s only one install, you’ll never have to do it again. So the other global car seats you have to uninstall from rear-facing to forward-facing, but in this one, .

you can go back and forth. If you have kids, like, this is a great car seat for grandparents, because you’ll see in a second. It’s also easy to install, but also if you have kids of varying ages, forward-facing position, older kid in the forward-facing position and rear-facing for younger kids, so you can go back and forth. It’s pretty cool. So now I’m .

here in the rear facing position, squeeze again, and it goes right back into place in that rear-facing position. You want the straps at the shoulders and below when it’s in the rear-facing position, so you just lower down the non-.

rethread harness. They also their car seats do have SensorSafe on it. So that is a technology that works with an app. So if you were to, or someone were to leave your child in a car unattended and it got hot, it would note that and .

would send you a ping that you left your child behind. It’s pretty cool. Are you with me like this? So many things so far. So it has, it has a load leg, swiveling car seat, rear-facing to 50 pounds, extended rear-facing, and also it has that seat belt installation. Another thing about this car seat, there’s an integrated rebound bar, the rebound plate. So .

there’s this extension to the back of the seat that goes against the back of seat, which again helps the security and the safety of the product. But let me show you how. A demonstration. this is not the installation video, but the basics. 

of how to install this thing again, you’re only doing that one time. So you take it and you bring it back to that sort of unlocked position. There’s a little window here, a little door, you remove it and in here is the anti-rebound plate. If .

you’re familiar with the Cybex bases, there are tensioning plates in that. So what you do is you just open this little gray piece, undo the orange lock. So whether you’re using a seat belt to install or whether you’re using LATCH, you .

can use the tensioning plate to ensure that you are installing it, like, safely and securely every time. They have these really cute little red poles to remove the latch from the, to remove the latches. So I’ll just do that. Put one in. So I put,.