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hey guys and welcome back to my channel if you are new welcome my name is Mary Barfield and I am mom to my daughter who is 20 months old her name is Emery and I am expecting baby number two which is due September 4th and it is also another girl so today’s video is going to be a review of the double stroller my husband and I got 4

Best Graco Double Stroller

when baby number 2 arrived so we can carry around both kiddos so after doing a lot of reviews and based on our budget we decided to go with the Graco uno 2 Duo stroller there were a few other ones that we looked at that we really liked but just the price was just way out of our budget and what we even if we budgeted for I just don’t know if it’s been that much on a stroller I just don’t think I can do it now with the review that I’m about to give you there are .

some things that I realized with those that you do pay for you get and one of those is size it’s not humongous but it’s definitely not as compact as some of its counterparts that are in the $1,200 range whereas this one is $400 so there’s a significant difference there but again you’re paying for the convenience of the compact ability of a two-.

person stroller so I figured I would show you everything on it functionality wise what I like about it just to let you guys know we didn’t get the travel system we got the two toddler seat system so the true double stroller reason being is because with our first daughter we had a gray coat jogging stroller travel system which came with an infant bucket carrier and this is compatible with that so instead of getting the travel system which would have gotten us .

another car seat we decided to get the second toddler seat since we already had a an infant seat that would be able to fit into it that’s the other thing I love about grey co-products is that they’re all interchangeable and are clickable they all work about the same way so you’re not having to relearn how new systems work so so far really liking it and I think the overall quality the materials I think they did a good job so I’m going to show you guys up close and personal how it works all right so here is a front view of it and then coming around to the side it has an extra-large .

basket which I love there’s so much space under there and then here is the second stroller seat for the toddler so Emery I’ll sit here and then baby girl number two will sit up there it comes with a cup holder you’re not to put hot items on this I will say it’s not like it’s not flimsy but it’s not like super sturdy so just keep water and there don’t put any hot items in there over here you have a cell phone holder so and this actually works great I mean it’s my iPhone .

10 which is pretty big and this right here shows you that there are 11 ways to ride by adding an infant car seat so here’s how we’re probably going to have it initially that way so Emery will be in the bottom toddler seat and then you can put the infant seat of top so here we have it situated as a single stroller the single seat comes with a what do .

you call it a tray that you can pop on and you can easily accomplished I’m going to show you how this turns into a bassinet in a second when I switch it over to two people but I wanted to show you some of the other features first real quick back here you’ll notice so if your husband is tall like mine I’m 5’4 and my husband is six four so there is a full foot discrepancy between the two of us that makes the difference when in the height of the handles I like it right .

here this is perfect my husband you just grab these two little pieces and you pull it up it’s done and so this is uncomfortable for me but this is really comfortable for Cameron pushing these back in and down here you’ll see it’s pretty decent sized basket I mean there’s a lot of space down there and then if you’re ready to call it a day you want to put this bad boy up as you push down on either side with your feet too bright put to lock the brakes in and then .

you rotate the handle pull it forward done so this is still smaller than what my single jogging stroller folds up into so I think this is really compact I mean it’s a double stroller at the end of the day there’s gonna be some meat to it but it’s actually pretty tiny it’s not that heavy I think it’s like 30 pounds easily like I’m 5.4 I’m not like a big person nor very strong like I can easily label it this into my car I need to so they love that feature and then if you’re ready to .

unlock it and get your day going you just click that pop it back open and then so if you’re ready to turn it into a double stroller you pull this now if you’re not turning into a little stroller but you have an older child that wants to ride they just stand on this platform and hold on these right here and they stand right here so that’s it and then if you want to add in the second chair you pop these things they’re actually in the they’re built in so you’re not having to deal with extra applicators that are flying around your car which I appreciate it it’s in the system so you just flip these open super easy bring the other chair around and then you just lock in then super-easy now if you want to .

turn this around you can turn this around face each other kick each other whatever they want to do it’s got really nice sized awnings that I really like now you have to use this chair specifically on the bottom it has a smaller awning so that it’s not running into this chair and this one has a wider awning because it’s up top if you want to add this in you can either put it on top of this one box in so what this does by keeping this chair and putting this in this way you .

have the full coverage so that the baby has complete cover from the Sun now if you’re not worried about that and you don’t want to be actually chair in there for the time being all you have to do just pull this out and just put little baby in and it locks right in again all the gray coat like good right at the seats are all compatible with this that’s what I love about grey coats all interchangeable and there’s actually a lot of space here my daughter actually you can see things it’s super fun to be down there she thinks it’s an adventure so I’m really loving this so far one other feature I .

want to share with you that I think is so cool is if you want this to be a bassinet it’s super easy to switch it okay so it’s normal right what you do there’s a little handle up here you just pull it with your left hand and this back so it lays all the way back flat there’s a little bubble here that you clip close that forward and then you’ve got a full bath full .

bassinet there with your other toddler still having plenty of room to be able to be in this stroller so I love this stroller I’m actually really impressed I think it’s good quality I love the coloring I love the awnings that they’re a different color we got the great color so that’s it I mean I’m pretty happy with it I can’t wait for baby number two to get here so we can use it more right now we’re just using it as a single stroller for Emery because it goes down and compact .

to that function if there’s anything I didn’t mention that you guys have questions about leave them down in the comments I’m happy to answer them for you and then of course if there’s anything that you want me to elaborate on further I’d be happy to do that as well but did you guys like this video give it a thumbs up if you are new to my .

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