Best Double Stroller With Car Seat

Best Double Stroller With Car SeatLooking for the Best Double Stroller With Car Seat? You’ve come to the right place

hi it’s Mike with top daddy’s comm and today we are doing a review of the gray coat modes click connect travel system which includes a stroller a car seat and a base and a whole bunch of other cool options now we have three kids so this is actually a voter fourth stroller so we know what we’re looking for now when we were picking a stroller

Best Double Stroller With Car Seat

we were looking for specific things so we were looking for number one was lightweight easy maneuverability and a ton of cargo space now the clicking X has a ton of these things so let me show you a few the awesome features it has so the first thing on our list was actually maneuverability what we found was some of the older strollers that .

we’ve had was that the double wheels or the small wheels on the front made it hard for the stroller to actually turn corners and what we liked about this the glit the Graco click connects was that the wheels are nice and big and they actually move around nice and easily as you can see here the maneuverability is fantastic with this stroller now the .

wheels are made from a nice rubber material as opposed to a hard plastic which actually helps the stroller maneuver and also creates for a nicer ride now the other thing on our list was cargo space nothing drove me crazier with some of the other strollers was having to hang bags all over the place or carry bags what we wanted is to have a ton of .

cargo space so that we could throw all of our stuff that we needed there including shopping bags and things as you accumulate them in the mall look how big this cargo space is underneath the stroller I’m gonna fit a diaper bag at the front here I’m going to fit another backpack underneath anama foot a little picnic basket underneath as well check that out so much room underneath you can put a ton of stuff including some shopping bags and other things. 

that you’re gonna hear late and look baby is still comfortable in there without worrying about having all this extra stuff around them okay before I move on to tell you how lightweight this stroller is I did want to tell you about one important thing that we were looking for for this baby in particular was we wanted to make sure that the seat would recline almost completely flat so that baby could actually sleep and as you can see oh there’s baby in the sunshine .

but no worries because of this huge canopy comes over top of it it’s great babies covered from the Sun and so it’s a nice big space you’ve also got a little window for the baby in the back here as well so you can see baby and not worry about them now having the seat recline all the way flat may not seem like a big deal however when you have an infant it is nice to lay them flat in the stroller so that they can sleep comfortably the stroller actually has a nice cup. 

holder and tray for baby in front which is great but it’s super easy to remove it as well just a couple of buttons on the side and now baby can be free without having to put any cup holders trays on the front having four cup holders is also a bonus because one of the things we found with our other strollers is that you did run out of space to put all .

the cups and snacks and everything for both yourself and your child you can also adjust the footrest so as the baby gets older then you can have it larger for a larger child or you can bring this up so if you’ve got it kind of in a bassinet style then this way baby is protected as they’re laying down flat alright the nice thing about the click .

connects system is the fact that it actually click connects what’s really great is I can actually take this seat and completely reverse it all the way around so if I want baby to face me then it’s very easy to switch that around as you saw there the clicking X also comes with an infant car seat what happens if baby falls asleep in the car and you don’t want to wake them up but you want to go into the mall no worries it’s really easy actually all you have to do is you .

can take this portion off leave it in your car and now we can take the infant car seat and it’s simple simply clicks into place and now baby doesn’t have to actually wake up and you can move on into the ball good night baby well let’s say that you actually wanted to keep both pieces together that’s not a problem either this car seat actually will click right in to the stroller portion and then you’ve got both pieces together if you wanted to and still you’ve got a ton of. 

room in the cargo space area so the last thing we’re looking for is to make sure that the stroller was lightweight and compact so we could stick it in our small car checkout it easy it is to fold the stroller up push one button and it actually will stand up on its own so it’s great for storage and it’s super lightweight for anybody to be able to handle and stick into their cars very easy to open up there’s a little latch on the side and watch how easy I can reopen the .

stroller up and tada it’s here now we can also do it on a separate way so if you’re really tight for space in your car you can actually take off the car seat portion separately fold up the frame and now you’ve got the two pieces individually so it’s easier in our car we actually separate it out and fit it in there properly which is a nice nice feature .

to have now we’ve had the opportunity to test out the great go modes of travel system for seven months now and we’re really impressed with the quality of construction with the fabric with the versatility of use and we do not regret violently a stroller we really do like it well there you go folks that is the Graco click connect modes travel system stroller car seat with a base so you can use it in a variety different applications out of all the strollers that we’ve had .

over the years over the last seven eight years this by far is the best stroller that we’ve ever had highly recommended by top daddies comm check out top daddies comm for more product reviews and information of course check out Graco baby canada on their facebook page because they got a lot of awesome giveaways and contests on some other stuff and more information see you next time Up.

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