Best Double Stroller With Bassinet

Best Double Stroller With BassinetLooking for the Best Double Stroller With Bassinet? You’ve come to the right place

We’re so excited to announce that Nuna has launched a new stroller and it’s been requested for quite a few years. Not only did they give us a double stroller but it’s a double modular which we love. So in this video we’re going to show you the ins and outs and how this stroller can grow with your family. Now it retails for $799.95 and you can

Best Double Stroller With Bassinet

purchase online at or in store. Now it’s available in three different fashions. So this is the Cavier, the black, it’s also available in frost, which is a nice heather gray and then also later this year in Aspen which is a heather blue. All of them are beautiful and very luxurious. You can tell by the fabrics and also by all the .

convenience features that it offers. So lets get into it! Now to start off i’m going to go over what’s included in your purchase so obviously you’re going to get your frame or your stroller. Then you’re going to get your all season seat. You also get two sets of car seat adapters and that’s awesome because you can use the stroller with two car seats, they threw in both sets of adapters with your original purchase and then you’re also going to get your weather .

shield which is going to go over the seat and then you have your wheel covers and that’s just to keep your stroller clean and also when your child is down there it keeps their hands off the dirty wheels. So thats great! This seat packs a big punch. It has some really cool features added into it. So the seat is an all seasoned seat it has this nice thick .

lining that you can use during the winter and then its going to zip off to reveal this mesh seat thats great for summer. Especially at the swimming pool if your baby is wet you can put them in there, its going to drip through or dry quickly. So I love that they offer that. Now they also have this belly bar that is both removable and adjustable. So .

to adjust it you’ll push down on the sides, just like that a pivoting and then to remove it you have this gray button on the inside and you can remove one side and let your child in or you can just remove it completely if you prefer not to use a belly bar. Then you have an adjustable leg rest. Now I do like the way that they did this. The adjust is just right here. So you’ll squeeze and move it down. It’s not going to be on both sides like I see most adjustable footrests. I .

feel like this one is a little bit easier. Now the canopy just like the other strollers in the Nuna line, you’re going to have your nice large dream drape. Now you unzip it and then just pull this fabric out to expose a really long large coverage. Which is great when you’re pushing your stroller into the sun. So I love that but if you don’t need it, it just tucks away into the canopy. Now on the back you have your peek-a-boo window. I like that it’s mesh. I dont like the .

plastic ones because sometimes they have glare and you can’t really see your baby. It’s also connected by magnets. So I prefer that over velcro just so that you don’t wake up your baby when you try to take a peek at them. And then you have a nice full recline here. You just adjust that with this silver lever on the back. Now this seat is approved from .

birth all the way up to 50 lbs. So it does have a really high weight capacity which is great and you can start using it from day one. Now personally I would like a little bit more of a recline for my infants but Nuna does approve using it from birth. Now if you have questions that aren’t addressed in this video please shoot us an email at or even comment below we would love to answer those questions for you. So that you get a .

better idea about what this stroller offers. Now the handle bar, I always love an adjustable handle bar especially if parents are different sizes so that’s comfortable for whoever is going to push it. So this one is a telescoping adjustable. You’re going to have to use two hands, you’ll use your thumbs on both sides and slide it up and down. It goes up quite tall. I’m 5’5″ and I think most comfortable for me is probably the bottom level. I could even go up a .

level just fine. Now it has a really nice feel. It’s a leatherette handle bar so it feels really luxurious now they also have a little piece right here which may not look like much to most people, it’s a little plastic piece and that’s actually when you fold it to keep your leatherette handlebar from touching the ground. So this is just going to keep it really .

nice longer. Now going into the wheels now the front wheels do lock and you do that just by squeezing on the sides and pulling it out and then they lock just like that. Now the benefit of locking your front wheels is to keep your stroller from jogging back and forth when you’re going on different terrain. So say you’re going through grass or .

bark it’s just going to keep you going straight forward, easier, with less effort for you. Now on the back you have foam filled tires, which is great! You’re going to get most of the benefits of an air filled tire but all the convenience of a rubber tire. So those are really nice you dont have to carry an air pump with you. Which is a major plus. Especially .

with a flat tire at Disneyland. Not fun. Now you do have a foot break right here. It’s a tap on and then a lift up. Not my favorite, I dont like lifting things with my toes. However this one is pretty easy to disengage so I was able to .

actually do it bare foot. So it’s not too bad. Now something that is different or unique about this stroller is it has adjustable suspension. So when you’re on flat terrain you have these two silver adjusters here down and that’s going to give you minimal suspension. Now once you twist those up as you can see you have a lot more suspension and .

those you would want to use again on all terrain. So on grass, bark, if you’re going on a mild hike then you would flip those up so that you have a little bit more suspension so your baby is just a little bit more comfortable. Alright now how do you fold this bad boy? I can say it is really simple to engage the fold but it does have to fold in single mode so you do have to take off the second seat if you do have it and the front wheels can’t be locked or otherwise the .

auto-lock wont engage. You can fold it, it just won’t lock into place. So you fold it by pulling up on the triggers on both sides and then pull it back just like that and as you can see you have your auto lock engaged right here and it will stand when folded which is nice, you don’t have to bend over and pick it up off the ground. I always love that. It .

also has a nice carrying handle right here. If you don’t have this seat attached, you can actually pull that up over your shoulder to carry it, which is quite nice. Ok now we’re going to show you how to use this stroller as a double. So you can purchase an additional seat, the second seat. One thing that I love that they did is these seats are identical. They have the exact same features, the exact same weight limits but they can go in both positions. So you don’t have to .

keep track of which one goes in front, which one goes in back. Now it does have a really nice large basket here. In order to put your second seat on, you’re just going to tuck that in to expose your adapters down here. Slide it in, click it in. Now like I mentioned because this one can recline, this one can recline as well.And that makes for a really nice sleeping position. Now this one is again is going to hold up to 50lbs. My 6 year old son even fits in there quite .

comfortably. He actually prefers that position. Over the top position. So you don’t have to worry about being limited to the smaller child being lower. You can even put your older child up there. Now you have some other accessories or other seat options in your double mode. So to take off your seat you’re just going to push up on these gray levers. Just like that and then to add on your car seat, you’re going to use the included car seat adapters. Just like that and then you can click on your Nuna Pipa or your Nuna Pipa Lite. Now this we’re showing you the Nuna Pipa .

Lite to check out those features check out other videos. Awesome car seat! Now they do include two sets of car seat adapters and that means you can put two car seats. So you connect those same adapters down at the bottom. And then another option is to purchase a bassinet. Now the bassinet is not the same one offered with the Mixx. So if you already have a bassinet for your Mixx you will have to buy a new one for your Demi Grow. But they did offer some .

really cool features in the new bassinet. So let me show you those! You can move the handle. You’ll just push down on both sides so that it comes all the way down. So that you can have easy access. Now the mattress in here is super plush it’s really nice fabric. You can also use it as a stand alone bassinet in your home so if you need a safe sleeping area while you’re traveling, this is a great option. Also with the bassinet, you have your awesome dream drape that .

they offer in the Pipa. So these just pop out, just like that and then they tuck up. There is kind of a flap underneath here. They just kind of tuck up in there if you are not using them. And then in the back you have this flap right here that exposes a nice mesh panel. And that’s just to increase air flow if it’s a hot day and you need more fresh air and you can just expose it like that or fold it down like that. Now you have kind of like a foot muff. It’s going to cover .

your baby, keep them warm. Now it has a two way zipper on here. Which I really like but it’s not super convenient. So you have to align that zipper all the way up here. So once that’s detached, you have to align it again. But I do like. 

that it allows you to expose that pocket at the bottom to keep things accessible. Cell phone, toys, binkys, things that you want to keep really accessible, without having to bother your baby, but that does mean that you have to either zip it all the way up to get your baby inside or you have to unzip it completely to get your baby inside and then .

again align your zippers. I’m not thrilled about the zippers, they are a little bit difficult to align and they are the same zippers that are going to be on your seats, and the bassinet. Now the weight capacity for the bassinet is 20 lbs, obviously you can use it to birth. So it’s nice you can use it for quite awhile. Now as a reminder you can use any of these accessories in either position or both and yes you can do two bassinets if you wanted to. Now I love the .

versatility, you really have a ton of options for your growing family. Now some things to consider before buying. So with the second seat you are limited to just a forward facing position. However on the top seat, or the upper position. You can turn your seat rear facing. So really it just depends on the configuration and children’s preferences. Now another thing. When you have someone in the second position, their feet are basically in the basket, so you do .

loose a lot of your storage. However depending on the size of your child, you could still fit a small diaper bag down there, with their feet. Now one thing that we hear a lot about this style of stroller is that I don’t want my child in that second seat or are they even going to enjoy being down there. Now they really addressed that well by making both seats identical. So the second seat has a really high weight capacity and so it’s going to fit your larger children .

comfortably. Also it’s kind of like their cozy space. I’ve really seen a lot of kids gravitate toward that second seat. One, it offers them a lot of independence. They can get in and out of the stroller by themselves. Without having to lift them up but then they kind of have this nice kind of safe haven. My kids always gravitated toward that second seat at the bottom! Now another thing that I was less then thrilled with is how you detach the belly bar. It’s kind of .

underneath the soft goods. So it’s a little bit hard to access and you can’t even see it. So you just need to know it’s there. Once you know it’s there. It’s not too difficult to engage. I do love that they made this belly bar adjustable so that you can swivel it up or down when it’s in place. Now some things that we love about this stroller. I really do like that it’s a one hand foot rest adjust. I don’t like it when you have to push both sides and try to maneuver at the same. 

time. I love the generous canopy. Just like this but also the addition of the dream drape. Especially on a summer day when it’s super sunny you want to make sure. That your baby is going to stay shaded. That can be super annoying. I love how versatile it is. You really can customize this stroller to fit your growing family. With the car seat, with .

bassinets, with full size seats, which is packed full of a ton of awesome features. And then the maneuverability. I pushed it around at the park and didn’t have any trouble maneuvering it over grass. So they did an awesome job on their tires and suspension to make it a convertible ride and an easy push. So this stroller retails for $799.95 and you can shop in store or online at where everything ships for free and we even price match so it .

doesn’t have to cost you more. Now here at The Baby Cubby we want you to love your stroller! So we’ve implemented a love your stroller guarantee. You can try out your stroller for 60 days and if for any reason it’s not working for your family, then bring it back for a credit to use towards a different stroller that you’re going to love! Now if you found this video helpful, give us a like, even subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can stay connected .with all the new products. Thanks for watching!.

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