Best Double Stroller For Travel

Best Double Stroller For TravelLooking for the Best Double Stroller For Travel? You’ve come to the right place

Okay so first off you have three based fashions you can choose from there’s no a gray which is this one here it’s a charcoal gray and black color combination then you have Eloise plum which is kind of a mix between pink and purple it’s definitely a plum looks a little pink on line sometimes but it is a plum fashion and a black combo and then.

Best Double Stroller For Travel

you have London navy which is a navy blue and black combination and the navy blue is really really sharp we work to make sure it was just that perfect navy blue that looks good so then you have the choice between black wheels which are all black and then gray wheels which are a light gray with a little black Center so then each stroller also .

comes with a set of free matching wheel caps that will snap on and off of your stroller and are interchangeable so the version of our stroller called the best comes with matching caps and straps obviously you can choose black wheels or gray wheels but the caps and straps on the stroller will match your stroller but if you want to spice it up a .

little bit give it a little bit more of a design aspect then you can go with the designer version of our stroller and choose a different color to put on your shoulder as the cap and strap color it will also come with the matching caps and straps but then you also get a second set of caps and straps in a different color for $20 if you were to buy these separately it would cost $30 if you buy them separately so you kind of get a discount because you bundled it all .

together in the designer version so here you can see we took literally like two minutes per stroller and customized them really quickly this is the Noah gray with lime-green caps and straps we left the Eloise plum just how it is out of the box just so you could see that’s the best version the lime green and grey is the designer version and then we took the london navy and popped the red caps and straps on it and that’s with the gray wheels so just quickly explaining how the straps pop on and off literally you just take the these straps these shoulder harness straps right .

here and you slide them off of the harness and then you slide on the colored once it’s very very easy it takes like under a minute for a set of them I would say one of the most important features that the xl2 has and probably the most beneficial feature to parents like uni is the weight it only weighs 16 pounds it’s an all aluminum frame that’s .

kind of how we got that to that weight but if you compare it to other double strollers it’s going to blow them away if they’re higher in strollers you can always get a really cheap stroller that weighs almost nothing but for higher-end strollers it’s going to blow them away it weighs less than most lightweight single strollers so next up is the fold on the XL – it is so easy and the stroller fold so compact you just reach under here under these flaps you pull up on each .

handle at the same time in each corresponding seat and the stroller will fold automatically very easily it folds compact obviously it’s lightweight it auto locks its self standing it goes into this travel bag here it can fit through security scanners most TSA security scanners at the airport and then of course it unfolds very very easily all you have to do is unlock it here on the side with this little latch here and then just pull up on the handle and the stroller is .

going to unfold so there’s also a secondary lock on the fold under the seat here if these straps on each side of the stroller are snapped it will prevent your shoulder from folding so it’s a secondary safety precaution just in case you want to keep your stroller from folding at all for some reason you just snap these little straps under the stroller so next up is the extra large extended canopies of the XL – the canopies are independent and they have a very large .

extension on the end of the canopy which also can be tucked up under the canopy we redesign these canopies I think three times just trying to get them the right size to where they’ll block a lot of Sun but also not be too flim see and huge when you don’t want the extension to be out the handle bar on the xl2 is made out of a tough durable yet .

comfortable foam material we wanted to strike the perfect balance between it being comfortable and nice to hold on to but really durable so it doesn’t fall apart the detachable belly bar that comes for free with the xl2 is also made of this exact same material the xl2 comes with a removable parent cup holder and it also comes with two child cup holders and then one child snack cup these are removable and interchangeable so you can kind of set up your own .

configuration with whatever is best for your family over here you’ll see two cup holders on the left and one snack cup on the right and then back over to this stroller the snack cup is in the middle as mentioned the xl2 comes with a free double belly bar it’s easily removable you just hit these red tabs here and pull up or push back down the main goal when designing the storage basket on the XL 2 was to make it large and accommodating but also accessible .

sometimes you’ll see huge storage baskets on strollers but then the seat reclines too far or something and you just can’t even put stuff into them so we really focused on the gap between the top of the basket and the bottom of the sea just making sure you can actually get stuff in and out and obviously it’s large and accommodating and can store a bunch of your stuff on the back of each of the seats of the XL 2 there’s a convenient storage pocket with velcro at the top these pockets are large enough to accommodate your iPhone or phone your keys pasties anything else .

without really getting in your way like some of the parent consoles that are on other strollers the brakes on the XL 2 really couldn’t be easier we put this huge bar in between each of the brakes so that you can literally just step anywhere on the bar and it’s going to lock your stroller obviously you can use the brakes on either side too but if you just step on the bar it locks the wheels and it’s as simple as that so one of the biggest concerns when buying a .

lightweight stroller is the fact that you might kick the rear wheels or kick the rear axle is known as kick space so most people look at just the handle height which is forty point five inches on the XL – but we also recess the rear axle and put the handlebar at a certain angle which provides even more kick space so the xl2 provides more kick space than some other strollers that might even have a higher handle height one of the best things about the XL – and all Zoe .

strollers is that we offer a free lifetime warranty on the wheels of your stroller so as long as you own the stroller we will replace any broken or worn out wheels absolutely free of charge the back wheels of the xl2 are quick-release wheels so you literally just press a button and they release out and then push them right back in to snap them into place the front wheels on the xl2 are also quick release and lockable and swivel so you can lock them into place or let them swivel around and you just press a button to pull the wheel off and then it snaps right back on the front .

wheel housings also have a built in suspension so as you hit some rough terrain you’re going to see these things start to go up and down and provide your child or children with a smooth ride the xl2 comes with a OneTouch recline for each of its seats the reclines are independent so once the each seat is inclined all you have to do is reach back behind the seat press a button and pull down and that gives the ability for each seat to recline the back of each. 

canopy on the xl2 also rolls up and rolls down this provides really good ventilation on very hot days and also a direct line-of-sight if needed to accommodate taller children that fit into our weight limits we design the xl2 with a tall seat back but probably even more importantly a lot of space between the canopy and the bottom of the seat which really provides a lot of room for tall children the XL 2 comes with a padded five-point harness and each of its seats and our. 

harness was designed with these height positions here to to keep your children in their seat when they’re buckled in we created a safe relief system on the buckle on the harness on the xl2 so the button requires 30 pounds of pressure to release the actual buckle this should make it really hard on your children to unbuckle themselves but obviously not too hard on you to release the buckle you’ll actually want to press the harness inward press the button then .

release the harness so last but not least there are two contoured padded leg rests on the xl2 which hopefully will keep your child very very comfortable when they’re riding in it so that is our not so brief but detailed overview of the zoey XL 2 stroller hopefully I covered it all if not and probably not feel free to email us or give us a call with any questions that you guys have we’re crazy about customer service and we’re going to take really really good care of you and we truly hope to earn your business.

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