Best Double Stroller For Infant And Toddler

Best Double Stroller For Infant And ToddlerLooking for the Best Double Stroller For Infant And Toddler? You’ve come to the right place

Good morning guys so it is Saturday morning it’s the weekend Eli has no school Pat’s off work getting okay so we are actually gonna be going to Babies R Us and we’re gonna like try to look at different strollers that we’re thinking of getting cuz I’m trying to find like a sit and stand stroller so we’re gonna try to test out a bunch of strollers over .

Best Double Stroller For Infant And Toddler

there and Eli’s excited to sit on them and have us push him around so he’s gonna be the tester but anyway we thought we’d take you along to see options that are over there we haven’t been obviously in forever so hi all right so we are on our way to Babies R Us and we’re just snacking away I’m having some walnuts Eli is snacking on an apple .

back there does he gummy this is a good one prepared with everything Eli had an apple I have a little trash bag wipes for his hand and I’m just gonna call myself Mary Poppins what what is he saying I was like I know I don’t want it on me all day he likes his hands clean so we had to wipe the Apple of juicer yeah I get sticky doesn’t it Seahawks .

stuff for way too much money $18 oh my gosh Pat no lick that’s funny what what Patrick we’re looking for the sit and stand  are they over here you know those are big last time they were over there yeah they’re still over there this is the other way I guess that works I think if you sit facing this and then the baby we’re thinking this one so we had to pick a different stroller because the car seat we have didn’t fit in the other one whoa .

hi hey look it’s a little zipper how cute kind of cute tonight hey we’ll try this one out that works good too I like that one so we just have to get a Chico stroller with the Chico car seat did somebody do it last night Oh so it actually clicks pops I like that oh I like that right so we are still going to get the stroller because Amazon has it like 20% off so we’re gonna totally try to price match that so wish us luck that’s like a deal you’re like careful oh I thought .

you were gonna like drop backwards for a second so we got it price matched well I’ll hold this for you huh yeah no we got like 20% on does it fit if it fits the chips I think we spent a little too much time at Babies R Us um I went for I was looking at a stroller that I thought was gonna work and then the worker came and tried to help us get the car seat that we actually already have so we grabbed a display car seat and stuck it on to the stroller that I thought I was. 

gonna be getting which is actually was gonna be cheaper but he tried to put it on and he said you know these are really weird they usually don’t fit that well so I was like shoot I thought I read in reviews that it would fit so anyways he suggested to get a Chico stroller with the Chico car seat and I mean I do have a stroller from that I used with Eli but we’ll need something where he can sit and the baby car seat will fit into so we just went ahead and did our first .

big purchase we’re actually just now starting some dinner Patrick is helping me make it what is it a vegan taco pasta tacos spaghetti it’s on my Pinterest which is actually a link to youtube so if you guys want to check it out it’s really easy and it’s actually really good [Applause] one teaspoon cumin I love Africa half a teaspoon already cayenne happening Karnes not happening today so while dinner is brewing downstairs we are playing in the .

playroom and he’s building like a giant Tower and then he’s gonna knock it over with a nerf gun and Eli figured out how to do like videos and then making them go backwards so like he’ll knock them over and then the video like will look like it like goes back up into a tower I didn’t even know what that you could do that on snapchat and somehow this little guy figured it out alright so this is kind of what dinner looks like over here it’s basically just spaghetti with .

some taco flavorings and yeah so we love it anyways we’re about to eat yeah he likes playing with his dinosaur that’s laughing at him at the moment you guys look like twins with your shirt so cute yeah he’s our mini you all right guys it is time to say goodnight and goodbye because Eli’s off to bed and we are actually soon – are you excited for bed what’s exciting right right so we’ll see you all next time bye everybody bye everybody peace loves glad .

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