Best Double Stroller For Disney

Best Double Stroller For DisneyLooking for the Best Double Stroller For Disney? You’ve come to the right place

hello Disney family and welcome back to my channel so today’s video is very important and this is for parents out there who are traveling to Walt Disney World or Disney or Milani or wherever you may go and if you have more than two children here’s the mistake I made so that you don’t make it and I basically have done all the work for you so .

Best Double Stroller For Disney

that you can have the perfect stroller here’s the thing Babies R Us when it was going out of business was having the crazy sale and I on a whim bought a stroller that I thought would be wonderful for Disney now the problem with this is that I read the reviews on Amazon I was like okay this is great this is great this is great but I didn’t look at the statistics of this stroller this stroller weighs almost 40 pounds and the problem with that if I am pretty petite I’m only .

about five one and a half five two and a good day and it really didn’t work out for me and it was just it’s very awkward it’s hard for me to get it in and out of places and it basically has been the bane of my existence since it entered my home so I spent months and months and months looking for it the perfect travel stroller and that is when I happened upon the Zoey now just some statistics about this is Zoey double stroller it is a side-by-side and it also weighs only about 17 pounds now I should tell you as a frequent traveler you want a stroller that doesn’t weigh .

a lot I’ve absolutely adored my Mountain Buggy Nano which is the stroller that I had when I only had well now I have two babies and I have to travel with both of them and I have to figure out a way to travel with both of them so I’m so excited to do this unboxing with you guys today you’re apparent definitely stick around for this they also have single strollers that only weigh about 11 pounds so these are just great travelling strollers so things to know you can buy it .

on Amazon however the return policy and everything is better on the actual website and I have so many awesome you guys I can’t even like I actually got a really awesome deal on this stroller and I will tell you at the end of this video how I was able to do that so make sure to stick around for this unboxing and to the video you’re gonna save a .

ton of money alright so here it is the Zoe and I never prepare you I never prepare I never bring preserve I’m always just like rip it open let me see it so here’s my poor preparation because I really am like a prepared person I promise you I get so excited so here is it looks like the top so this is the best part about it it is so narrow so that you can fit in added doorways doing what you need to do Oh  so here is this top bar so I will push I can already .

tell this is like lovely and thin yay  sister thing too now when you actually buy um the unboxed kind which is the kind that I purchased it only has certain colors so I was able to snag the seal which I was really happy about but there was a greater than I wanted and the Greg wasn’t available and you know what honestly the color was not worth 30 more dollars to me so let’s get this guy open  let’s die together I know I always recommend doing .

this right away it is their warranty and it is smart to just pop it in the mail so you don’t even have to think  so if you want a full review on this go ahead and give it a thumbs up or leave me a comment below I will let you guys know what I think I’ve had after this next trip to Disney but so far I am still into it and so this is the belly rail the thing that I pulled out initially and it does pop off pretty easily these two little red button you just flip it up and then you .

can actually stick these cup holders and snap holders which i think is so cool it’s just it’s got so many great features obviously these huge canopies and just everything that I was kind of looking for in a stroller and um got these it’s just a gorgeous stroller that I’m very excited to be using there is also an adult cup holder up here now to close it no I was right and now that I’ve broken this stroller down I figure we can talk about this rain canopy and sorry you see the trash but no I just get so excited I don’t want to clean up so here is the rain canopy that goes so once I just it’s .

got standards like velcro and I’ve had plenty of where you can pee so you guys all know but it looks like just standard yeah looks like it’s got the velcro is on the velcro on the sides and it’s got this down velcro that probably goes down by the wheels and then it’s got these little breathing holes on the side right here the next is the carrying bag for this and this is for my friends who fly in a plane and you have to check your stroller it is nice to have a .

carrying bag so here is oh it’s got a nice little pouch that it goes into and fits into which is convenient because I like to keep this stuff under the stroller and with it and then here is the back so it just goes in and it’s got two options you can carry it like a backpack and where are you gonna hold it by the handle so let’s see how easy this is I just like that you can stick it on your back if you guys want to see me do like a full review after I’ve used it for a week I would be happy to just go ahead and leave a comment or like you know let me know and so how I saved on this stroller I actually did an out-of-the-box stroller it still goes through the same stringent testing and safety regulations but it’s .

basically people who return this stroller they never used it they make sure to do all these checks and balances to ensure that the stroller wasn’t you also when you buy accessories with the stroller at the same time you are able to get five dollars off each accessory that you purchase so I bought both the back that carry the stroller and the rain shield because you know in Orlando it rains all this happening and then on top of that I was able to put a 20% off .

coupon so I ended up paying for all three things $279 in 98 cents and if you go look at this stroller it was on sale at the time for two hundred and seventy nine dollars and ninety nine cents so for one penny less I was able to get two extra accessories and the stroller itself I hope you guys enjoyed this unboxing if you did go ahead and hit that .

thumbs up button it really helps me figure out what kind of content you guys are enjoying and I really love giving parenting tips and tricks when traveling 12 Disneyworld I do it all the time and so it’s really my niche and something I enjoy doing and I would love to see you back here so go ahead and hit that little red subscribe button it’s so much .

fun getting to know you guys and you guys getting to know me so make sure to leave a comment below is and as always I hope to make your trip just a little more magical see you guys real soon bye .


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