Best Convertible Car Seat For Infants

Best Convertible Car Seat For InfantsLooking for the Best Convertible Car Seat For Infants? You’ve come to the right place

convertible car seats are those second-stage car seats that you use after it infant car seat and you may be researching them because your child is about to grow out of their infant car seat and in this video I’m going to tell you about convertible car seats in particular the best convertible car seats of 2019 my name is Ellie from magic beans

Best Convertible Car Seat For Infants

I’m a father of three I was a car seat tech for many many years I’ve sold hundreds of car seats and I am going to help you if you have any questions at our car seats you can click the link below but without further ado here are the best convertible car seats of 2019 nooner Ava’s great car seat rear-facing 250 pounds we want our children rear-facing as. 

long as possible it is the safest way to ride they even have extended leg room just by pulling down below and you can see there’s an extra two inches of legroom so when you’re in the rear-facing position and you just push this button here to recline you have extra legroom and also it’s very easy to install and you actually install it with a seat belt versus those latch connectors it does have latch in part of the car seat but all you have to do is open up this little. 

cup holder situation route the seat belt through there’s a a secret compartment inside the car seat then you put the seat belt through closed little door and it makes it very easy to install folks I have three kids and I remember how hard it was for me to install car seats my wife would give me endless flak about can you install a tighter can you put .

her knee into it better it was so so hard for me to install car seats and over time I learned how to do it and I became a car seat tech in the middle when I you know since we own this company magic beans but it’s just really phenomenal how the technology has improved for car seats especially with a seat like the rava and the sample life .

right here is from 2018 functionally it remains the same for 2019 except for the 2019 raava’s and all-new new car seats they’re going to be flame retardant free no chemicals treating this for retardancy which is really cool if you want to see my full roundup of the 2019 in Arava you can click the link below or just click right here so like I said the. 

new naraba has rear-facing 250 pounds other car seats that are rear-facing 250 pounds are Kleck convertible car seats this particular one is the collec fuun the collect foomp is not only rear-facing 250 pounds but is also only 17 .

inches wide so if you’re looking for a car seat that you can get three across in the back row check out the collect food and its little brother the collect flow the advantage of getting that click roof is twofold number one it has something called the react system it is a crumple zone that absorbs the energy and is super strong to make that car .

seat really stable for God forbid in a crash also when you’re in the forward-facing position it has rigid latch these little left connectors that come out and make it very easy to install when you’re in the forward-facing position I also do a full review of the click food you can see that in the description below but also if you’re looking for 17 inches .

wide car seats to get three across I have the do know 3 RX t 3r xt this is a steel alloy frame seal sounds pretty strong right so if you’re getting this you’re thinking about the fact that has a steel alloy frame it’s also folding so if you ever have to store it or travel with it all you have to do is push down these little red pulls on the bottom and boom it folds. 

down easy to travel with easy to fold it is kind of heavy because it does have a steel frame but listen how strong this thing is nice and strong and this is also a three-in-one car seat remember it’s convertible that’s also three-in-one so didn’t go rear-facing you can go forward facing with a harness but it also turns into a booster seat so if you want a .

car seat that has longevity this is a great choice moving on we have the Britax Advocate safe wash for many years Britax has been considered one of the gold standards in car seats the car seats are made in the USA and they are just the highest quality this is a click meaning that you also on similar to the rava you install this with a seatbelt very very easy to install if you have a hard time can install in car seats or your the dear child’s caregiver check out the Brit .

Texas because they are really really easy to install just turn this little click type knob dial actually turn it and it opens up you route your seatbelt right through and close it done really really easy to install this particular one is the safe wash the safe wash means that it’s this material that you can not only wash but you can also dry it so if your child .

has an accident or throws up or anything like that in the car seat you can wash it you can also dry it and put that car seat right back together again the same flush comes in the advocate variety when you’re looking at Brit Tech’s car seats they come in Marathon Boulevard and advocate the difference between the three is that the marathon just has. 

this one outer shell of silent production the boulevard adds a second layer of site under protection and the Advocate which is this one has these plastic side cushions little side airbags if you will that have three layers of protection the safe wash only comes in the Advocate variety this is the Peg Perego kinetic again rear-facing that goes to four facing. 

but the paper egg of kinetic is made in Italy from artisan crafts people in Italy it’s great very easy to install on your car this particular one has a beautiful leatherette finishing around the side so it’s just gonna look really really sweet in your car it grows with the child it doesn’t turn into a booster seat but if you pull it the straps you can actually adjust .

this really really high this is an infant insert in here which you would take out but in terms of comfort and safety the Peg Perego does an awesome job it has an anti rebound bar and what anti rebound bar does is that if you’re gone for a bit in a crash your car will move forward and then it will recoil back but when it recoils back the anti rebound .

bar goes up against the back seat of the car and stops the forces from recoiling super cool and the last convertible car seat of 2019 is the UPPAbaby knox and check out the footage and my review of the UPPAbaby Knox from the .

ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas you can check it out right now here’s an ox comes in a bunch of different colors so a couple of like basic features non-retail harness this list right here and it goes right down the optimal way to install in a convertible car seat is with a seat belt so let me show you how they did that very similar to Arava you have like a .

secret compartments pull this all the way up and now this on velcro so what you do is you take your seat belt and you pop it through click that it ok I clicked it in now what you’re gonna do and here’s the fun part these are gonna put a little bigger to pull this across you want to pull it towards you it’s there and what your look what’s happening .

look is happening it is now green it is now green that little window is green and it is locked off they also added side impact protection pods and what they have is a conical EPP foam inside of that is that side pod which reduces the crash forces when you’re in a side impact crash there’s also EPP foam that grate that polypropylene styrofoam like .

they have in motorcycle helmets within the sides of the seat as well as in the inside and production production headrest and there’s also super awesome memory foam in that headrest so your child is going to be really comfortable and really safe by that shock absorbing material in the headrests obviously that was a quick roundup of. 

our 2019 car seats but I do individual reviews and comparisons of these car seats and you can see them right here see in the next video.

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