Best Convertible Car Seat For Compact Car

Best Convertible Car Seat For Compact CarLooking for the Best Convertible Car Seat For Compact Car? You’ve come to the right place

hi I’m getting ready to install my radian 100 into there the Radian are 100 into my xB we are having to switch out from our two vehicles are from our current car seat one because my one year old needs to move up to a bigger car seat he’s currently still in his infancy so he’s almost to the weight limit for it so we’re gonna bump them up to a rear-

Best Convertible Car Seat For Compact Car

facing seat and then in my three and a half year old is getting a new one as well because we were preparing for this one to come in February and when you have a compact car like this wonderful card you got to make it work we have. 

this car paid off and so we don’t really want to go buy another car you also we’re planning on having any more kids for a while so surprise we’re just gonna make this work but with everything I’ve read and the measurements we ./

should be able to we will be able to fit the two Radian r101 rear-facing and run one forward-facing with also our keyfit 30 chico car seat we will be able to fit all three of those across the row is it going to be tight a hundred percent. 

I have no what I’m known in doing I’ve watched a few YouTube things hence why I do YouTube because I don’t know how to I need to watch other people do things so I’m gonna install these and these I got on sale luckily but they’re still pricey if they’re an expensive car seat but they were the slimmest car seat I could get in my car and they also have like the top safety features so I’m really excited about them not installed it getting ready to put in the .

angle adjuster this is because if you can tell this is all the way and this is my seat all the way up so this should give me some more space to use so I can put this in the car and I might need my father-in-law’s help I just text him .

because my husband’s out of town so I might need his help to physically do this part so hopefully I can just do it and make it work but there’s a lot of strength training I feel like that goes into putting in a car seat also I just got a text that my sister’s about to have her baby okay so we had to move it to the opposite side because my um I’m tall I’m 5 .

8 and my husband is um 511 so my legs were touching the – um that was as far as I could get it back this one I still have to pull this forward just a little bit it’s a little too snug against it but I mean I’m the only one on that side and I won’t be driving and I mean most the time I’m taking I’m not driving anyways so are most the time I’m the one .

driving anyway so you have it rear-facing I’m hoping I did everything right I followed this wonderful ladies video which I will link in the comments and I had I have the front tether that I created um should be good to go I’m going to move him to the middle because I’m he gets carsick so out this way when he was here because this is where he .

was originally he could see out the front mostly but if I move them behind me he won’t be able to see as much um but yeah with him getting carsick I’d rather have him in the middle which should then be enough room for the infant. 

seat but I’m not putting that in right now if the infant latch base but I’m just gonna put the other diono and forward-/.

facing in the middle also I don’t have a latch system for the middle so it will be with the seatbelt  I am totally client counting this is my workout like holy cow so Dianna rear facing our forward facing and rear facing I am freaking know my father-in-law helped me there was no way I could do the rear-facing without someone else helping me there was just more work to it third facings pretty simple it also is just through the belt but I mean like .

this is like not shifting out so I’m proud of my strength also there’s more than enough room to fit that Chico bass in here so yeah we can fit three across so this is what it looks like from here I don’t know if I said I have a XB XB at 2008 because I think the 2009 is a different size button I’ll show you this here we go both of them in here look at they .

have the perfect room that they’re gonna bug each other and drive each other nuts I have to like fit a thing in between them so make them leave each other alone okay so now I’ve got both the boys in the car seat so I just want to show you what it looks like with them both buckled in I actually had to take out quarters to adjust his because his. 

was B looked like it was up here so it was different than his other car seats but this is now at his shoulder height like he’s supposed to be him you look very handsome he likes this one because he can clip out the top one by himself yeah yep I actually think I need to tighten this just a little bit more yeah I can kind of jig at him so he left these on the. 

on his cuz he is a little bit more sensory prone and don’t mind the dirt cuz that’s from his shoes climbing in but this is where the baby can fit perfectly there’s more than enough room alright here is mr. Jane his side binky’s an upside down hi so so with his seat I had to take it down a notch too so it can be behind his shoulders it was above his shoulders so you had to come take it down a notch I know you’re not happy with life right now because you’re in the. 

car seat because you need enough anyways so I love how this fits him very well it’s very soft the front seats not too far up gee Porter sometimes has OCD and the bird was upside down on the clip so he was going to say it is but this is what it looks like with ham strapped in so Porter’s is with the belts buckled in Jamie’s is through the latch system buckled in but I like how it fits in fits good hi only problem I have is Jamie likes to kick his brother so got to work on that problem Up.

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