Best Compact Stroller For Travel

Best Compact Stroller For Travel

Looking for the Best Compact Stroller For Travel? You’ve come to the right place

hello everyone welcome back to famine all moms my name is sharzad and this is Susan I know you guys today we are talking about travel strollers because we’ve got a lot to say about them and we’ve done a lot of traveling with our strollers with our strollers I feel like between the two of us we’ve got a lot of ground that we’ve covered their strollers Mexico Korea it’s right above it we’ve got north we’ve gone yeah Hawaii yeah oh that’s right you.

Best Compact Stroller For Travel

did Hawaii too yeah get you let me tell you the places I’ve been with my stroller and know we’ve been to Mexico a couple times Europe we just did Colombia with the stroller and then all over this country I have a love/hate with my stroller yeah shall I get into the love or should I start with the hate well first off let’s talk about the types of strollers you can get okay I am a big fan of traveling as light as possible especially now that I have two kids well now he’s almost to my youngest so I just I travel light because I’ve got kids and car seats and clothes and all those things so I like to just travel with one stroller if possible yeah even with both even was I feel like a lot of people when they travel they take with them an umbrella stroller mhm I .

know that also people buy like I went ahead and pop the yo-yo the babies and you got a fancy one how about a really fancy one and when we say fancy I mean expensive yeah like we spent a lot of money on it where it was like a you had to think about it kind of thing before we even get into like just strollers I will say I think when you have an infant a newborn infant a newborn / infant the Doudna which is the car seat and a stroller all at the same time is by far the best thing I’ve ever purchased okay like by far it went far we used it with Nakash until he was 18 months old nice because he .

still fit the size requirement so it was completely worth it because it was a car seat and it was a stroller all at the same yeah it was amazing but today we’re talking about actual strollers that we travel with and make only our strollers yes so the one that I have is a Chico standard stroller I think I was like a hundred bucks you can get at Bed Bath Beyond Target it’s just like a basic brand wasn’t like a big splurge we’ve definitely gotten a lot of use out.

of it but it you know it’s just a stroller there’s no fanciness there’s no bells and whistles what I like about it is that we’ve really just been able to beat it up without feeling anything towards it really and it’s it’s yeah it hasn’t like held up that amazingly over the years but then again I think about all the .

miles I put on it so I guess it’s still doing okay I have a love-hate relationship with my stroller it actually haunts me and one day I want to pull an office space on it and just beat the crap out of it because there are times when I’ve like gotten off like an elevator and the wheel gets lodged and I’m like .

trying to move and the stroller won’t move and I feel my face turning red and people behind me and you know when you’re in busy places you just you want to keep the rainbow traffic and then I’m like oh and then I yell at Michael that we haven’t upgraded our stroller and so that’s fun but for the most part like it can be really compact too which i think is good I’m all about like finding the things that make your life as easy as possible when .

you’re traveling I will say though for the tiny umbrella strollers we’ve kept those at places we visit regularly like my mom’s house in the Bay Area and I’m talking about those like they’re like 50 bucks 30 bucks something like not the really like inexpensive little ones like they literally are just like a seat yes and there’s some wheels tiny and you can fold them up very quickly they can fit and a lot of places really easily I think we bought one in Columbia.

just an extra one to leave in my brother’s house to write because it’s so inexpensive that you’re kind of like this is yet to have in different places yeah and trying to convince my brother to maybe have a baby now that he has all this baby so smart so there’s that – what would you say are the pros and cons of your stroller the pro for sure was that it was inexpensive and to be fair it really has like worked for us really well because how long four and a .

half years to rowdy dirty aggressive boys have sat in this stroller and for the most part like it’s not that heavy it’s just pretty pretty easy to maneuver when the wheel doesn’t get lodged yeah the wheel gets lodged it’s like a right so what would you say are the pros first and then the cons okay so pros first it was inexpensive I’ve used it for four and a half years it hasn’t broken down on me it’s fairly light and easy to travel with it’s got pretty .

decent storage right underneath mm-hmm so grocery store bottles toys cars and again only hundred bucks right so you didn’t I didn’t break the bank at all and I’ve gotten my money’s worth and then Orion for like over four years I would definitely four and a half oh yeah definitely cons no fancy bells.

and whistles the wheels get jammed up and it’s a little ugly but other than that like you know the pros have outweighed the cons which is why I haven’t upgraded to some fancier more expensive stroller I really like it it works you know and if it ain’t broke I ain’t gonna fix it yet right you know what I mean so okay you invested in a much more expensive stroller than I judge more expensive in fact I spent over five hundred dollars on this stroller a lot um so it’s the baby Zen yo-yo okay I first bought the yo-yo because we have a really big jogger stroller like one of those drunken ones at.

home and I quickly realized probably like two weeks into having a baby that that you don’t jog that’s one two I realized I wasn’t gonna be folding that thing up oh I’m taking it with me like I can’t pick it up by myself I’m not gonna fold it up and put it in the back of my car just to go to a grocery store .

right so I had that realization and then you know the other realization was we travel a lot mm-hmm so the pros are obviously you can change out the seats um you can change up the colors – yeah that’s cute no which isn’t that important what makes it really important though is it’s super light you can I think it’s like 12 13 pounds nice so it’s like a laptop and it folds up so compact that you can just use the strap that it comes with nice and hold it like a purse or tote bag and then you can also put it into the overhead compartment in your check it at the game you never have to check it at the .

gate at all and actually like the flight attendants are always like oh it will fit through the aisle of the plane it fits right through the aisle of the airplane and it does have some storage mm-hmm it has like a little like zippered storage in the back of it and then it has a little bit of storage on the I’ll grab it so it does have storage it’s small and then the last of my pros I would say is that it’s so light you can push it with one hand like it’s really easy to maneuver it it really is it’s just like a cons I would say is it’s expensive yeah that’s why right especially if you’re gonna be changing out from the .

bassinet to the big hit scene that can tote back in total like $700 yeah so so far I’d say I’ve spent a little over seven hundred dollars on this stroller I know guys Susan’s but I don’t regret it yeah I don’t regret it you know that there are some things that I think you spend a lot of money on right because you get what you pay for right though it sounds like you got a girl that want to beat the crap out of my stroller yeah and I will one day I don’t.

and unless it’s still in good condition then I’ll don’t it yeah obviously yeah I I think that this stroller overall has lived up to the reason why we bought it because it does go everywhere with us and it is small it never bothers me right the cons though are because it’s so expensive you expect it to really stand up like you really expect nothing to break on it at all but it has little parts on it like there’s this wire that holds the hood of the stroller together it kind of like keeps it stiff for you right that parts missing it was like kind of flimsy it was never like really connected to it in the first place it was like a .

little like pop it in here and then pop it in to the other side and it holds it up gone I’ve tried to reach out to customer service I’ve gotten nothing back right so that’s a little bit of it yeah that weekend I would frustrate me and all that money yeah exactly when I first got it it was like booop you press the button it just like unfolded and then you like Boop pressed a button and it like collapsed again and it was smooth and super easy it’s not as smooth and easy anymore like now it gets a little bit stuck and you kind of like do this number and sometimes I feel like I’m shaking it a little bit so it’s not you.

know it’s only been what a year of investing that that’s happening to your stroller and that’s happened to my stroller as well you know you know the wear and tear on that is like definitely getting to the wheels and stuff that sounds like that’s happening – yeah and so considering that it’s expensive yeah when you don’t spend a lot of money and that stuff happens you’re kind of like well whatever a lot yeah exactly it doesn’t bug you as much but .

then when you do splurge when you do splurge you have a thing like that of expectation exactly you’re like what I spent a lot of money on this I should hear back from the customer service right and it shouldn’t be getting that jammed up yes is there a warranty like do they guarantee anything I mean I also feel like when I drop I haven’t checked that yeah oh holy there is yeah that’s usually sometimes when you do pay a lot more there is like a warranty yeah so all that said I love the stroller I really really do it’s gonna last us for a while we’re gonna take it for a while if I have another baby .

we’re probably gonna use it for another baby because it’s a great stroller it really is but it also and I guess this would be a pro is if I were to have another baby it has a little board that you can purchase and you just connect it and so your big head can write on it like it’s like a scooter and then you kind of have a double stroller so yeah yeah so that’s helpful so it’s like a pro of it and I remember when I first saw any caution it I think we were in.

an event or something and he looked really cute just all laid out sprawled out comfy little it’s cute but it’s cuter and there you go yeah right I’m so curious to know what your guys’s favorite travel strollers are maybe there’s a new mama on here who’s looking for one so you guys can leave them in the comments below sharing is caring if you have some favorites let them know and even if you have some that you hate it or regret it let us know – .

yeah you know what I mean totally thank you so much for watching this episode of fam for all moms don’t forget we have a private Facebook group too and there are tons of mamas in there right I’m asking a lot of questions and giving a lot of advice so definitely join us in there and we will talk to you soon pop.

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