Best Compact Double Stroller

Best Compact Double Stroller

Looking for the Best Compact Double Stroller? You’ve come to the right place

hey friends I am so happy you’re here today because this video has been so requested from you guys since I shared about this stroller on my Instagram I’ve kind of been keeping him a little bit of a secret from you guys just until I could get this video out and I’m so stoked to finally share with you what double stroller we have chosen to go with for our girls now please do keep in mind that the things we were looking for and what was .

Best Compact Double Stroller

important to us may not even matter to you what brands we really loved versus what brands we found weren’t gonna work for us might be completely different for me and for you but this stroller we really think is going to be an incredible thing for our family and we have already kind of test-driven it and used it with Addie she loves it and we really do too so I’m very excited to share with you the stroller that we have chosen to use for .

our girls you can see I’ve got it right behind me here it is by contours is the contours curve and I’m so excited to show you guys exactly some of the features that I love so much what makes it really unique and also how we’re adapting it to fit with our previous infant carrier which is the Kiko keyfit 30 because you can see right now there are two kind of rumble seats there but I’m gonna go and show all that to you today and I’m so very thankful that.

you are here that you’ve chosen an out with me and that you value my opinion enough to even watch this video so thank you so much for that don’t forget if you like this video – give it a big old thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and join our family here and also dig not bail so you’ll be notified when I upload on Tuesdays and on Fridays all right without further ado let’s see what this thing is all about let’s go start off by just naming a few .

things that make this stroller so unique and honestly some of the main reasons why we chose it one of the reasons we really loved this stroller is because it came with all the bells and whistles we were looking for without an additional cost or the need to purchase any additional items with the exception of what you can see in the fact which is the attachment for our Indic carrier that we used with a bee but we really loved a few specific things about this stroller and I just wanted to point out just my top favorite things that I really love this stroller is the contours curve and we got it in the .

black color they have a few different color options we really love this flat color because one it matches the infant carrier that we currently have and also it’s just super sleek and gorgeous we really love the leather trim I think it adds a really really nice touch to the stroller something we really love about this stroller is the fact that there are expandable canopies to provide a lot of shade and you know coverage from the Sun for the girls and if you.

wanted to of course you could go ahead and zip this up to close them it’s kind of hard to do with one hand so I’ll just show you that’s essentially what it would look like should it be not expanded another thing we really loved is the fact that the black version that we got comes with this cup holder and it also acts kind of like the bar wood that typically is on a lot of strollers and that it opens so you can actually get the kids in really super easy these seats are completely why people they’re waterproof and they help to prevent stains and all that kind of yucky stuff we also really love that the .

seat down here is completely adjustable and then with just holding this down I can’t do it with one hand but you can actually bring it back down so let’s go and put the cup holder back you can see that’s what that’s like another feature we really love on this canopy is the fact that it is UPF 50 plus when this is closed obviously that’s what this lining on the inside is for it provides it with UPF protection which is really really cool something else that.

I’m a huge fan of is this magnetic closure for your little peekaboo window there and I think that is so cool that it’s magnetic and also it just rolls up and if you wanted to you could go ahead and roll it up and it secures just like that so that when you’re behind and you’re pushing the stroller you can easily see your kids through there so I really love that that’s what it’s like when it is closed when you open it you can see right through such a cool .

feature to have and I really love that something else I really love is that the back of this seats have these little mesh pockets and that’s a really great way for you to just have extra room to store anything you need I just think that that’s awesome they do also have the harness here that is super secure and very comfortable for the kids I love that these seats are more of like a bucket seat the only thing I wish that this stroller had honestly the .

only thing is that I wish it could have seats that reclined but I don’t think that that’s fairly common in double strollers because there are two seats but that is the only thing I would probably change about this entire stroller because I just love it that much another thing that was super important for us that we couldn’t find in a lot of other double strollers was a really big basket that the kids don’t actually sit in if that makes sense a lot of Rumble seats.

on double strollers have one of the seats sit quite literally inside the basket and that was just kind of like not optional for us because we really love having a good sized basket and this basket is incredible one of my favorite things about this basket is not only is it just absolutely huge but it also has a zipper here for easy side access when you have you know two kids in here you’ve got a lot of stuff going on you can easily stuff from even the .

middle of the basket as opposed to having to go from the front or the back but the basket is actually expandable there are little zippers here and when you open them you can go ahead and open the basket and you see just how deep that is so if you had something that needed to come out or whatever you could do that I think we’ll probably just keep it closed so that stuff doesn’t fall out but that is such a cool feature to have – another .

important thing for me and I know you can buy a parent caddy you know hanging thing or whatever but was that we found a stroller that came with you know a really good look but also had just necessities which for me is a cup holder this comes with a parent cup holder which I so appreciate and then like I said the black version does also come with these child trays which is incredible because those are one of the best things I think you can .

have on a stroller another thing I really love about this is that it has a sandal friendly break so you can see it is currently locked all I have to do is go like what and it will show you that it’s green meaning it’s ready to go then when you want to lock it you simply just push your foot down and it locks .

like so and I cannot forget the pride and joy Big Kahuna paw of this awesome stroller he’s back wheels I just took a little bit of a walk with my mom the other day and we use this stroller we had a D in it and she was in shock that when she went to go down the street you know there are driveways .

and stuff like that the stroller did not veer forward veer to the left or right on those driveways or any of those surfaces and that is because these wills provide extra stability so that because of the length of the stroller you’re never really impacted by kind of the size of it it rides so smooth it is the most incredibly smooth stroller and it literally has a 360-degree turn so there is no awkwardness with the stroller it feels like it’s a really small stroller when you’re using it and it’s because of those additional wheels something else that’s really cool about these wheels and I’m so excited to show you is the .

fact that they are to allow the stroller to go up and down curves with ease you notice these wheels stood down on the ground well I just have to simply lift up the whole entire stroller can go over a curb or downstairs or upstairs whatever you need with ease that is so incredible the next thing I want to go ahead and show you all the different ways that the seats can go so that way you can have your kids facing each other facing out whatever you want [Music] now let’s talk infant carriers so obviously ello will not be sitting in this tea this is way too big for her so what we’ve done is we’ve .

purchased a car seat adapter that is specifically made for our current infant carrier that we have they also have a universal option that will go with any kind of carts that you have but because they did have the one specific for our model we went ahead and got that all you’re going to do to put that in is you’re just going to take out your seat this is what the adapter looks like all I need you to use your infant adapter is to go ahead and put it here just .

like so and then we’ll go ahead and take your infant carrier and set it right on top what’s really cool about using an adapter that is made specifically for your infant carrier is that you will hear a click and that ensures that the infant carrier is completely secure and not going to move on the stroller to remove you simply squeeze the back of your infant carrier and take out just like so the last thing I want to show you is how to fold the stroller without .

having to remove anything and I do want to also show you how easily it opens I’m gonna go ahead and show you with the car seat adapter how that works and then I’ll go ahead and show you with both the seat so let me go ahead and show you how to close it first thing you’re gonna want to do is make sure that all the wheels are facing the correct direction you also want to make sure that you are in the braked lock position make sure that your .

feet wrists are in a completely vertical position to close the stroller all you’re gonna do is use these levers here put your foot on the back bar and push forward the stroller closes it locks itself and stands up just like that and that also works with the rumble seat in as well I’m going to go ahead and show you how easy it is to open it you guys saw this fold it on its own – to open it you just release the lock it automatically locks itself so you just go ahead and release that lock and open this door pop this back down and pop it in like so I’m gonna go ahead and show you now how to close the .

stroller when you have the two seats in they do mostly to be facing forward you’re gonna do the same thing lift up on the lever push on the front and push the stroller together so that it closes and it will latch and that is that to open the stroller you simply unlatch and I think that wraps up my review of this stroller as you can tell I love it so much I’m so excited to use it with the girls and I think it’s just an incredible investment something that’s really .

cool you can consider is creating a byebye baby gift registry and what happens is once you at the end of that registry you get a 15% off completion discount and you can use that on the stroller or if you don’t currently have an account with byebye baby go ahead and create one because you do get a 20% off one use coupon on any item that’s what we went ahead and did and that was awesome because it saved us like a hundred and fifty bucks on the stroller and we really really appreciate that help there please don’t forget to give this video a big old thumbs up subscribe and hit that Bell so .

you could be notified when I upload on Tuesdays and Fridays thank you so much I look forward to hanging out with you in my next video and I will see you later bye..


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