Best Compact Baby Swing

Best Compact Baby SwingLooking for the Best Compact Baby Swing? You’ve come to the right place

full-size swing it is also a portable swing that you can take from room to room and you can also fold it ups and store it away when not in use so this is going to be very different than your typical swing because normally swings are big and they’re pretty much the size that they are so you’re not going to take it upstairs you’re not going to take

Best Compact Baby Swing

it into the bathroom you’re not going to take it from room to room so that’s why this one is a good one and since it olds you could even take it with you to like let’s say grandma’s house so let’s look at the swing seat first now it’s a wide swing seat it accommodates babies from five and a half pounds all the way up to 25 pounds my rule for swings. 

though is if the baby can reach out and grab the bar and stop themselves from swinging it’s time to retire the swing so definitely up to 25 pounds but use your judgment with how old your baby is now it has a five-point adjustable harness in the seat you can even adjust the height for when your baby grows it has this removable head pillow body. 

pillow that you can remove too as the baby grows I like the fabric I think the fabric is very nice it’s very soft very comfortable for baby it has this toy bar up here that has two positions one up over the baby’s head and then you can fold it down like that has two hanging stars these stars are just velcroed so if the baby were to get their hand on. 

they’re going to take right off but that’s okay because they’re just stars they would just chew on them now this seat also has a tree-climbing it’s a one-handed recline for three positions that is upright you squeeze you put it back and. 

it goes all the way back to there so it kind of reclines just the back of the seat to pick them in a more laid-back position and then if you want to put it upright that is upright now the reason it is a portable swing is because first of all look at how low to the ground it is and this is in position one so this is when you do want to take it from room to .

room you want it more compact really really like I said really good for when you want to take a shower you can just set this out side the shower now this is in the position one and there is a position to all you have to do is there are two buttons on this side you push those and you push up on the swing like that you then you’re going to switch the .

swing around and do the same thing with the rear legs again two buttons kind of put your foot on the back of the back pole here and that’s going to bring this swing up higher so it’s going to look more like a traditional swing just .

like that now let’s talk about the swinging motion for a second now this swing doesn’t have extra bells and whistles such as a mobile up there that’s going to like do kind of crazy things there’s no lights there’s no vibration there is no sound as in music the only thing it does have is the swinging motion it does take four C batteries it has no option to. 

plug it in and it is it battery hogs you’re going to need to stock up on those C batteries because it’s going to go .

through batteries a lot depending on how much your child is swinging I have heard that the batteries will last about four hours of constant twenty times so you know depending on how much your kids in the swing you might go through a lot of batteries I kind of wish it plugged in but it doesn’t so it is what it is so let’s go ahead and this swing .

motion up here is a dial so you’re going to turn it on and it’s gonna as you dial it up that’s going to increase the speed now I want to let you know you hear that it has a loud motor it does this is not a silent swing it is noticeable definitely if you’re sitting next to it watching TV you’re going to hear the clicking most swings do have some kind of .

noise but I do want to let you know that this one definitely has an extra you know kind of a loud motor so let’s go ahead and put a baby in the C because that is going to affect the swinging motion now this is a fifteen pound baby .

in the seat so I go ahead and turn it on now you’re going to have to give it a little extra push to get it up to speed if you left it alone it would slowly get up to speed but if we put it in the slow in the fastest speed that’s pretty much .

how much it swings now it’s if you leave it for a little while it seems to get a little bit faster it’s not a horribly slow swing but just you know that is the does not go side to side but it’s a decent swing especially with a 15 pound baby .

in there so up to 25 pound baby that’s a big baby guys just so you know a big baby a 25 pound baby probably isn’t going to be in a swing anymore they have to rate the product for you know the max weight capacity but a 25 pound. 

baby that’s a big baby like I said soon as the baby can grab on to these poles over here it’s time to retire the swing so there you go that’s a 15 pound baby it still has a decent swing motion especially for a portable swing this is the .

fastest speed and this is the slowest speed with a 15 pound baby so let’s show you how it folds and going back down to the more portable mode now we know this swing has two height adjustments has the full-size one and then. 

the more portable size but what if you want to you know hide it away when it’s not used behind a couch in a pantry in a closet or maybe you want to take it on the go to Grandma’s house it does have a fold and that’s pretty unusual .

for a swing normally they’re big and they can’t possibly even move out of your living room so I love the fact that this folds all you have to do is that same button that you recline the seat you push it forward your brain we’ve got .

bottom up like that that’s going to flatten the seat then there are two buttons right here you push those and the legs move together and it stands on its own pretty compact like I said for a swing so again you can hide it away when not. 

in use or in between babies when you’re not using it anymore I just really really like that feature and that’s the best .

feature of this swing and that’s going to make up for the fact that it has none of those bells and whistles such as the you know the music and the motor is a little loud and then when you want to open it up you just separate your legs .

make sure you hear it click and then just open up your seat and then you can either put it in the first position or the second position so that’s it guys that is the Graco swing by me two in one a portable swing now in redoes 460 9.99 .

which is budget-friendly compared to some of the other swings that are 100 150 dollars but here’s what you’re going to have to decide you’re going to have to decide do you want a portable swing is that going to fit with your .

lifestyle um I think this swing is good for people with small spaces let’s say you have an apartment you do want to store it away in between uses or those people that you know they really want to be able to move the swing from. 

room to room some people really want that because you are going to miss a few features with this one like you know a mobile with lights and you the multi-directional swing and that’s a huge one guys that’s when it swings front. 

to back and side to side you’re not going to have that option with this swing that you do with the full-size swings you’re also not going to get vibration or any kind of music so it’s cut you know you got your pose and your cons and you got away those depending on if the compact size is worth it then great and just have a lot of motor and I kind of. 

wish it was a little quieter and I really wish that it plugged in you know I know it makes it great for putting it anywhere because it runs on batteries but I would love for it to run on both I would love it to have batteries and a .

plug-in option just in case you know I wanted to leave it in the living room for a while and plug it in so that would make it even better but there you go that’s just kind of my look from here on out it’s kind of your decision if you’re .

looking for a portable swing or you’re looking for a full size swing because they’re totally different they’re different price points they have different features but I just kind of wanted to give you a look at this one and how it folds and .

how compact lay it folds and kind of you know how the height position goes up and down so that’s it for me what did you like about the swing.

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