Best Chicco Double Stroller

Best Chicco Double Stroller

Looking for the Best Chicco Double Stroller? You’ve come to the right place

hello this is Kristen from baby giveaways galore today I’m reviewing the Chico Cortina together double stroller I’m going to show you the different features of this stroller and also show you how it works the Chico Cortina together stroller weighs 34 pounds and is 15% lighter than comparable double strollers so as you can see there are two detachable canopies they have on each side a hinge that you can use to open them and you can also .

Best Chicco Double Stroller

move the canopy depending on where the Sun is the front bar here is detachable there are two buttons underneath take it off and you can replace it with the two cupholders that also come with it so these just snap in as well like this the wheels on the front have a lock to keep the wheels from turning if you’re on rough terrain you have to brakes in the back like most strollers and one of my favorite features is the push handle you push the .

buttons on the side you can adjust where the height of the push bar which is great because I’m 5’4 and my husband is 6 foot tall so our hands would be in different positions the comfort you have two cupholders in the back for the pairs and a little compartment to keeping your cell phone or whatever you’d like I’ll show you some updates up close to tradition each seat has the five-point safety harness like this you have extra safety here .

and my two-year-old sits in the front and he absolutely loves it because he feels like he’s at the front of a train and he can see everything a lot more clearly than in our other regular short the seat both seats can be adjusted there’s a button on the back you can put it back or forward is your climb this is in the upright position and you can also lay it completely down to make like a bassinet portion if you’re using it in the bassinet place position .

you have also an extra safety there there’s a flap here that comes up and can velcro in for safety so your baby’s feet cannot go down here and reduces the risk of sliding or any problems so if the bassinet is all the way back you put this up to prevent your baby from sliding out of the bottom and it just tucks underneath so there’s a full storage basket underneath when the stroller bassinet cart is all the way down you have a zipper so you can unzip to.

be able to access the back see it’s all the way up and you can access it normally the capacity here so I really love this stroller it’s it’s been working great for us we’ve been using it for about a month now on bicycle trails in town on uneven surfaces in the country the only thing is it does pull a bit to one side or the other depending on the ground so on some streets that are uneven and you have a curve to it it will try to pull you off to the side but that’s the weight distribution my two-year-old is in the front and he weighs 27 pounds or so and my four month old is in the back and he weighs 15 .

pounds so it’s the weight is all to the front which pulls in a bit the tough folders are only on the front which I would prefer if there was one back here for when my older when my son is older and wants to have his own sippy cup could be nice for him to have access because right now there’s two cupholders for the one baby I like that it interchange which is interchangeable with the front bar my toddler likes to hold on to this and I use it actually to help keep him contained in case he happens to get into this somehow which he hasn’t it’s 34 pounds but it’s actually pretty easy to .

maneuver if you with the extra weight in it’s a little harder when you’re pushing the Grover sidewalks and things but it it works really well and I haven’t had any real difficulties so I’ll show you how I get this into my little car so this is the size of the stroller when it’s folded together to unfold it’s very easy you have a button here you just squeeze that button and pull up pull this down that’s it to fit this in my car I had to remove the front bar and I .

remove the front canopy I have a hand a accent4 door so it’s not a huge trunk but just by taking off those two detachable components it fits to fold it up you use the same button you put your foot on the rubber piece on the basket pull up that’s it now show this is my car fit it good now it is you just feel a little heavy when you’re lifting like this but not that table hit it like that then place the canopy and front bar and on top and I can close it with no problems so the fact that can fit in a small car and that you’re able to lift it and put in the truck easily is a huge plus especially for luggage trail you.


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