Best Cheap Double Stroller

Best Cheap Double Stroller

Looking for the Best Cheap Double Stroller? You’ve come to the right place

guys its raw from chit chat baby and this is a quick review of the all-new Zoe xl2 luxe before I get started on the review make sure to click the links below in the description we have an exclusive coupon code the you guys can use if you go and buy the Zoe XL 2 luxe ear and also we do lots of Giveaways and other things on our website I will .

Best Cheap Double Stroller

put a link to both of those below in the description folding the xl2 is super duper easy so you’ll see in the bottom of each seat just this little fabric flap with a lock on it so you’re gonna see that in both seats and then under that you’re gonna see a black handle under each one of them so all you have to do is just pull up on both of those black handles at the same time and the stroller is going to collapse and then lock into place so I’ll demonstrate that for .

ou now so you just want to reach down and grab those two handles and then pull up on and the stroller is gonna fold and lock into place so you can see over here on this side here’s where the little lock goes over this pen and locks into place and all you have to do to unfold the stroller I’ll do a backwards here is to just pull back on that it’s gonna release the handlebar so one of the additions or upgrades for the new lock series is the leather-wrapped handlebar .

nd belly bar so there’s leather wrapped accents it’s super comfortable and really it’s more about styling than anything so it’s a really cool contrast and kind of high in detail along with the new higher-end fabrics and colors one of my favorite features for the XL 2 is the handlebar height and angle so I’m about 6 feet tall and this handlebar height fits me perfectly in the kick space with the recessed rear axle here gives people who are both really short and .

all plenty of space when they’re pushing stroller the adult cup holder easily comes off and got back on you just basically slide it onto the knob here and so we’re gonna miss and pop it down and click it into place it’s plenty big enough this is a typical Yeti or Arctic you know mug that you would use for your coffee for other drinks and it fits it perfectly so great size great location it’s great that it can come on and off to you just in case you’re going through .

ome super narrow doorways or something like that you might want to remove that you can also get the parent console which comes from Zoey and attaches back here you can actually put two of them on there and have up to four cup holders another storage space as well the rear storage pockets are really conveniently located I just have little velcro snaps on there and you know fit your keys I have the new iPhone the larger one it fits just fine and the .

ack of here so really conveniently located on easy to use a really cool feature on the back of the canopy here is that you can unbell ker the back there and then you can actually roll this up so if you wanted to get like tons of ventilation coming in the back of the stroller and then you can snap it right at the top there if you wanted to get tons of ventilation coming into the back of the stroller but still wanted to block the Sun with the canopies in the front you could just roll this up and snap it and you get tons of ventilation coming in and out of the back of the .

troller there one of the best selling features of a Zowie stroller particularly the xl2 here is the huge canopy so you have a four panel canopy you have one that’s kind of like a hidden canopy in the panel on the front there it pops out and then you have the two here so you have a total of three there and then you also have a zippered panel and you can unzip here and it pops out and now you have complete full coverage on the front here and all of this is UPF 50 .

lus protected so you can kind of see on the inside here the silver lining and it goes all the way down to the back of the stroller as well which many strollers that SPF or UPF protection it’s usually just on this front panel it’s not actually up under the canopy fully except for like really high-end trollers thousand dollar strollers and stuff and then most definitely do not have it all the way back to the back of the seat on the back of the panel there and the back of the canopy so that’s a huge plus to have full UPF 50 plus protection on the inside of the canopy one of my favorite .eatures is the independent peekaboo windows up here at the top it’s really cool design they have magnetic peekaboo windows with the mesh here so there’s no plastic that’s gonna get all scratched up in nasty-looking and also if your baby’s sleeping and you need to take a look just to kind of see what’s going on these are completely quiet so you just hear like a little tap you know when the magnets touch but to open it it’s completely silent and t.

at’s very different than a lot of strollers that have velcro here so that’s gonna be more like this noise so every time you take a look at your baby to see if they’re sleeping possibly you’re gonna wake them up if it’s velcro so a really great feature to have those as magnets the recline on the xl2 Lux is super deep and really easy to use so you have these one hand pulls here on the back so you literally just do that and pull to cinch the recline mechanism and .

ctually incline the stroller seat and then you have just this button back here that you press and slide down to recline it the seats incline and recline independently and the reclined angle is really really great for sleeping babies and actually a lot of people ask – like what is the incline angle of the seat and you can actually see that it’s it’s really far forward when it’s inclined which is a really great bonus because the last thing you want is a stroller that has an .

nclining max incline angle that’s like that because then your kids constantly trying to look out and is uncomfortable so you want that incline to be all the way almost at a 90 degree angle and then of course the reclining to come back as far as possible so really great reclined and incline angles on the zodiac cell to plus the harness and buckle on the xl2 locks are really awesome I mean it’s so easy to pop it up in here you just literally squeeze that centre button and you’re open and then the harness itself is adjustable it’s got three positions so you have the lowest position here second and third positions so you want that to come right over your child’s shoulders and be comfortable these .

ads are removable but also SuperDuper comfortable in terms of just fitting the harness right and having it be comfortable the way they adjust to is really awesome it’s almost like a backpack it’s actually the same thing it’s called a tongue buckle so you can tighten it and then loosen it very very easily a lot of us parents know that there’s so many harnesses out there that you have to like you know push it through and then readjust it and then pull it tight it takes forever and it’s frustrating especially if you have a child that’s like kicking and screaming or just even sitting .

ere waiting patiently so the ability to get like a nice secure snug fit on your child properly without spending a ton of time and just doing it with ease is really not only an important comfort feature but a really good safety feature as well so the side poles work the exact same way you just have a button right there that you can press and loosen or tighten really really awesome design the belly bar on the XL to you you can actually undo just one side of it and kind of swivel it just something I had it there’s three connection points so one two three there’s a red tab under here on .

ach side where you can pull those tabs and take it right off or and then you just snap it right back on or you can just pull one of them kind of swivel it and open it let your children get in you want to make it all three or touch in there or you could go that way so really cool easy to use belly bar you can also take the belly bar off and I’ll show you in a second how you put the cup holders and snack tray off so the xl2 comes with two cupholders cup holders here and .

hen in one killed renaca so this is kind of like shaped like a bowl easy to get snacks in and out of with your hand these are gonna hold standard size like sippy cups and all that kind of stuff pretty much every cup that we have it can hold just fine I mean the cool thing is these are interchangeable so you can kind of like put the snap up in the middle here have you know your twins or two kids eating snacks out of there and have the cup holders on each side here they just kind of like just press down you kind of wiggle them and get them secure there or you know if you’ve .

ot one kid that should only be snacking or whatever the case is you can put a snapped up over here just however the setup you prefer is how you can do it which is really cool excel – locks has independent adjustable leg rest so to put them up in the opposition all you have to do is just pull up and they’ll click into place so very very comfortable and padded for your kids and then to put them down there’s just a trigger on each side that you just reach under and pull that and then put them down so up and then down very very easy to use and very comfortable at a great angle .

he storage basket on the xl2 is improved from the classic model so that’s one of the upgrades and improvements on the xl2 locks I should say um so you have this solid fabric instead of a perforated fabric so it’s gonna be a little bit more durable and and be able to hold a little bit more than the perforated fabric which held you know most of everything just fine anyways but this is just so slight upgrade one of my favorite things about the XL – luxe basket is .

hat you have elastic entries so on a lot of shoulders this is like a firm material or seam here and you can’t press down on it so you only have that much room to be able to fit something right but with this you have the elastic opening so you can fit a lot more like your diaper bag and stuff on either side and then if you really need to you can take this .

utton off and then and you can basically utilize that entire basket even if you wanted to there’s also little snaps over here that you can take off and then like literally open up the entire basket so at one point I actually put an XL c stroller inside of the xl2 basket wouldn’t recommend doing that but just to kind of show how much volume it has .

nside of it so it’s really really easy to use – and really well thought out and designed so when you’re riding you actually have something in there you want to make sure that that snapped when in use so I would say the most important upgrade in terms of the XL – looks over the classic and a huge improvement and really for the price I would argue the best wheels on a double stroller in my opinion the new upgraded ball bearing wheels on the XL – .

ooks the classic has a great wheel setup but it’s like a pin and axle typical stroller wheel this is actual like ball bearings so these things spin so smooth especially compared to other strollers in this class and where you’re really going to notice that is when there’s a lot of weight in the stroller so if you have like – like toddler twins or you know a bunch of stuff in your basket or whatever it may be as soon as you get a lot of weight in it and you compare these .

heels to your typical double stroller without ball bearing wheels you’re going to notice a huge huge difference so this is a huge upgrade and I would argue if this was the only upgrade on the looks over the classic XL – it would be well worth the price difference even just with this upgrade alone the foot brake on the XLT luxe is really really easy to.

se so it’s 1 bar back here so it’s like a foot brake bar you just press down to lock the stroller into place and then you pull up and it’s it’s really nice because like if you have flip-flops on or open-toed shoes it’s not gonna tear up your feet it’s like a nice smooth aluminum bar back here rather than like really rough plastic e-type brake releases that I’ve.

een on certain other double strollers so really easy to use and really convenient and then on the front you have your front a wheel so the wheels can swivel and then if you’re going over a little bit of like rougher terrain obviously the strollers not meant to be used like off-roading or anything but like a jogging stroller or all-terrain stroller but you do have the option to lock the swivel wheels in place I’ll spin you over here and kind of show you that it’s this little tongue right here and so you can press down on that and it releases the swivel wheel or you can kind of pull it into .

lace and then you’re locked into place so guys I hope I covered just about every question you would have about the stroller all in all we love the Zowie xl2 locks we use it on a daily basis for our twins and have used OE shoulders for a very long time love the company love the strollers also don’t forget like I said in the beginning of the video we have an exclusive coupon code if you click the link below you can get a discount when you buy from Zowie using our .

oupon code and also feel free to ask all the questions you want in the comments below and I’ll do my best to either make a video to answer your questions if it’s not in this video or just answer it directly in the comments thanks for tuning in guys.

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