Best Baby Swing For Newborn

Best Baby Swing For NewbornLooking for the Best Baby Swing For Newborn? You’ve come to the right place

 I bought these pacifiers for my husband when I was first pregnant and it turns out we use these all the time Charlotte said it best my friend Charlotte said it best she says these are a mute button but they’re also they’re very soothing for him I didn’t want him to use the pacifier in the beginning and then finally a friend of mine was like just

Best Baby Swing For Newborn

let’s go with it to be honest we used him more in the very very beginning and no he’s really not as interested so I’m not worried about the pacifier as much as I thought I was gonna be because I thought he was gonna be really dependent on it and he’s not second thing it’s probably the must-have I have started buying this for all of my .

girlfriends who are pregnant as a baby shower and gift because it was the most amazing thing for me snuggle me organic it has a cover on it right now but this thing is amazing this has been kind of a godsend I bought different .

covers for it but if you see it kind of just looks like a little bed or something and what it does is when he when you lay the baby down in it it kind of gives a gives him a little hug and it keeps them all in one place and sometimes you know he would get a little bit of reflux and so I would put his head up hair like a pillow I don’t know if that’s what .

they want you to do but I started doing that and he has slept in this ever since when I you know those first couple of weeks of being home with him I feel like I was right here on the couch every single day just delirious and feet him constantly and I needed a place to put him down while he slept between each beating and so I would keep this right .

next to me on the couch and then at night I would keep this in the bed with me because I would end up letting him co sleep with us this also fits into a bassinet because of the shape of it but because we had this he used that at first .

and then we were able to move this into his crib and that is what he uses right now so he he’s already sleeping in his crib he’s been sleeping in his crib for at least a month now and it’s because of this thing and he loves it I’m really sad because he’s starting to get a little too big for it I have I think he has maybe a month left in it because it’s just for .

newborn to six months so I’ll just pass it on to a friend who will need it this is called the miracle blanket and it is a swaddle for dummies because we could not get this kid to stay in a swaddle I’m and it’s mostly because we were just really bad at swaddling we had the nurses at the hospital show us I don’t know how many times I was in the hospital for four days and each new nurse showed us how she swaddled and we could not master the swaddle with a real .

swaddle we were at his first appointment at two weeks and we told the doctor we are you know she asked us are you sleeping at all and we were like no not sleeping whatsoever and she recommended the miracle blanket she even said it’s such a miracle it makes it kind of foolproof for you so you lay the baby down and then you wrapped it you .

wrap each of his arms in and you put it underneath him then you wrap this over and wrap it completely around him and then he is completely swaddled I kid you not he is like Houdini and he cannot get out of this or actually now he’s starting to about three months but he could not get out of this in the beginning and so what we would do is we. 

would swaddle him in this put him in the snuggle me in his crib and he started sleeping I thought Bobby only made those pillows for breastfeeding but they make these and it’s a poppy for the baby and he just goes and sits right .

there this has been in so many of my pictures on Instagram and a ton of people have asked me what is that that he’s sleeping on first off this has a tag that says the baby should not sleep on it and I think they they have to do that they have to say that because you can’t leave the baby unattended but if I’m sitting right here working on something on .

my computer and I need a place to put him he has loved being in this thing it is super comfortable I take it with me sometimes he goes on video shoots with us and I take it with me and he sits in it you know when we read to him anything this is where he says you don’t want to wake the baby up baby is sleeping in the middle of the night that is. 

a godsend you want him to stay sleeping so you want a superb Wednesday all those really cute outfits like pants and tops and hats and all these like even like little cardigans and sweaters I had so many people give me these are adorable adorable gifts and I wish I would have returned all of it and just gotten once you they are so easy to put on. 

a baby and they make complete sense it covers his feet it’s full body you can also get some I have another one from the primary this one is footless so if it’s a little bit hot and it is so much easier than trying to use you know you know a Wednesday that has to go over his head or you know he I absolutely hated having to put something over his head. 

in the middle of the night because he was sleeping so these zip up Wednesday’s have been kind of life-changing and really it’s all I put him in it this is another one so many brands make this this this is Burt’s Bees you know it’s just so fast it’s like you become like a magician this one is too big for gnomes I haven’t washed it yet this is a button up one. 

button it’s great to but see you’ll say like that difference right there because I think zip up onesies are such a must-have I’m doing a giveaway with primary I love this brand they make really straight forward colors there’s tons of colors to choose from they have tops they have these zip up onesies with footless and with the foot covered and .

then they also have lots of fun you know just like outfits for all like for boys and for girls for newborns for kids it’s just really great quality clothing and just its basics for babies and I love that because I don’t think that they have to wear so many different colors and designs and everything you look so cute in just one color so here’s how you enter. 

the giveaway you go to my Instagram and then you go to primary’s Instagram both of them are right here on the screen you follow us and then you tag your friends on the post that I have for this giveaway on my Instagram tell them that this might be a brand that they love tell them that they need to get zipper footie in a week we’ll go ahead. 

and choose a winner and you’ll get a $100 gift certificate to spend on anything on primary comm tell all your friends all about primary and that they need to enter this giveaway and then we will choose a winner randomly in a week .

let’s continue he is passed out on one of the must-haves this is an 8 and 9 a swaddle I think they basically cornered the market when it comes to swaddles and to burpees we want him to be really comfortable wherever we have him and we want him to be able to lay on our sofa or to you know be in his Buffy and stuff like that but we want him to also not mess those things up right away so we put blankets everywhere I put them over his car seat if it gets too .

sunny and I don’t have anything to cover it I use it to wipe his mouth sometimes when he’s spitting up these have been absolutely amazing they’re warm they’re super super soft they’re just really cute and they matched the burpees I did not know how many of these things these were white pad things that I would need you just throw it over your .

shoulder or you can put it on him like a bib we have several of them in his diaper bag we have you know them in my car I keep them in our bed I keep them on my night table these thankfully have been so helpful and I’ll tell you I think you should use these if you can over some kind of a rag or anything like that because they’re so thick I never .

feel like the liquid gets through them and you use these all day long before you have to wash them you just don’t need you won’t know how many you need it’s it’s pretty amazing still on the topic of keeping this guy nice and dry and hitting him up these are water wipes I had them in my diaper bag video a friend of mine had told me in the very. 

beginning I was asking her what wipes do you use which ones do you prefer is there a brand that you love and she was like oh I don’t use wipes on a newborn and even at the hospital they weren’t using wax on the new pond they weren’t using wipes on him they were just wetting these little like gauze wipes I decided I didn’t have time for that .

their skin is just so sensitive why do you want to use something that has all these chemicals in it and now that I know especially how much this kid can poop it’s unbelievable they’re pooping machine at least he is I have this philosophy that I try everything that I’m gonna use on him if I can I tried a couple of different brands um and I used it on my .

face and some of those wipes left like a really gross taste on my lips after I wiped my lipstick off and I didn’t like that I wouldn’t want that on me so why would I use that on him so water wipes have been awesome I get them on Amazon Amazon Prime let’s talk about that Amazon Prime is a definite must-have like if you aren’t an Amazon Prime member get Amazon Prime before you have that baby because it is amazing how much we use that that first couple. 

of weeks when we brought him home there were so many things we were sending back and there were so many things that we were ordering and the fact that you can get some of these products the same day or like two days later is so it is so helpful you just start to realize all the things that you need and all the things you don’t need and I .

had my registry on Amazon and that was also really helpful because we could exchange stuff and just you know get everything that we absolutely need it and that has been so helpful so Amazon Prime is also a must-have staying on the category of clean hi buck so these are washable we put them on top of the changing pad the changing pad has .

its own cover but we never ever have to change that really because we have these and these are awesome because you’re not worried about having to change the cover all the time and these are so much cheaper than changing and buying several different covers for the actual changing pad so I recommend these speaking of washcloths these itty .

bitty washcloths I kind of thought like oh you know I don’t really need washcloths that are specific for a baby they were on my registry and someone bought them for me and I started using them and I realized I’m I love these I just you know run them under some warm water and then I like to space just make sure that he is clean I washed his .

hands with these this one it’s just you know it’s so easy to use on him that’s time let’s talk about bath time I don’t I don’t beat him too much but what I do I love this Pudge tub it fits right into our sink you just fill it up with some water and it’s you know it makes them feel really like safe and secure and it’s awesome because you can just hang it and it’s made of this material that is antimicrobial and and it just dries really really really fast I also have this big .

sponge bath thing it’s like a matte olmos and it’s just it looks like a big sponge and it soaks up all the water and I feel like it keeps him really nice and secure and warm he has so much more fun on that sponge that thing is so cheap – it’s like eight bucks on Amazon I recommend the Pudge tub and I recommend that sponge those are bolts really really good also when I give them a bath I love this this is from skip hop and it is a little whale and you just you fill it .

with water and it has this little thing right here that keeps the water so when you put it on top of their head to rinse their heads off you just pour the water and it helps rinse off their hair you know you can use any kind of like scoop type thing but this one holds a lot of water and and it’s just really cute and I love that it when you place it on to Ted .

it just you know it keeps out water from getting onto his forehead in the bath he had terrible cradle camp and I realized actually from a doula that I spoke with that I should have been brushing his scalp early on before he even got the cradle cap so I thought this and it has been super super helpful I used this shampoo it’s a purple cap and dry. 

scalp it’s free of all those bad toxins but before I even start using this I used all of your guys’s tips and did like the whole coconut oils soaked and everything but now that it’s gone this is all I use and it has been really really helpful also for his nighttime routine a friend got me this it’s called Jai baby balm and it has a really nice lavender scent to it 

I used it on his forehead cheeks he had some like dry patches on his elbows for a while so I started putting this on him and I just use it every single night on his cheeks as the parts of bedtime routine I feel like that lavender helps .

them kind of get in that mode and he just knows it’s time to go to sleep I am so jealous of all those women that have like you know all the little wraps and everything and they carry their babies everywhere on them my baby didn’t take to that I don’t know why I have a solid wrap I have a mobile movie or mobile wrap something like that I have an. 

Ergo Baby which I’m pretty sure he’s going to start growing into because I keep trying to push the baby on him but I had gotten on my registry an infant insert for it none of those things work so what I recommend is you don’t get any of those things until you kind of have a sense of what your baby’s gonna like and they’re not cheap those things can. 

be anywhere between like 50 to 100 dollars and I have not used and of those so what I do recommend is this it is a soothe shirt and it is by l’a lebu I think I’m pronouncing that brand right this is such a genius item so if you look closely it looks like a tank top with something happening what this is it’s like a kangaroo pouch it’s not completely a .

baby wearing product in the sense of you can’t go handless you have to use at least one hand but when they’re super teeny tiny and you want to get up and move about and you don’t want to just like have both of your hands always a fool and you just wear it like a regular top so easy to breastfeed you take the baby out and they just you /

know pop it out I like this I think this is a good way to kind of find that in-between of the baby wearing okay so places to put the baby what ended up working out for him was this was a swing by fisher-price he gets to swing back and forth and sometimes falls asleep but he could just snap him in and you know he’s secure and snug and not. 

going anywhere so if you’re by yourself and you need to go to the bathroom or anything like that you know that he is perfectly fine or if you just want to go make some coffee really quick you know it’s just it’s helpful to keep the baby busy we use the baby bjorn the bouncer the baby bjorn bouncer.

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