14evenflo Big Kid Car Seat Review

Boosters are important for every big kid. A parent does not take risk after infant car seat so after infant car seat child may use the seat belt but because of the height child could not reach the safety requirements. The car seat belt loses for the child. Boosters help the parents to prevent any accident.

In the market, many boosters have their specifications but the Evenflo company made the modal that is seriously remarkable. The Evenflo big kid high back booster is one of them. Many parents found it difficult to buy another booster after their child reached the weight and heights limits. So this seat reasles your tension as this seat has 2 modes.

Further specifications and features scroll down. I guarantee you that you will amaze after reading the features.

14evenflo Big Kid Car Seat Review

14evenflo Big Kid Car Seat Review

2 modes high back and back less:

Isn’t awesome that you have 2 features in one car seat and you can use it as long as you want. These 2 modes carry your child for long so you won’t buy a new one. Once your child meets up the high back limits you can easily separate the backless booster and use it again. Your kid will be able to use the back part until his shoulders start reaching over the belt guide after you will have to convert the model to its backless mode. Seat easily transitions from highback to no back booster.


Other boosters make it uneasy to positioning the shoulder belt. The child gets irritated when the strap touches his neck and it is closer to face. In this model, belt clip facilitates correct vehicle belt positioning around your child’s shoulder.

Height positions:

This seat has 6 height positions that are an awesome feature so as your child grows up you can adjust the height for 6 times. You can easily adjust the height with one hand. These positions offering a safe and secure fit to your child as they grow.

Cup holders:

It designed with two cup holders so that your kid always keep snacks and drink closer. If a child having their desire things near will allow you to focus on the road and he will never interrupt you.

Comfortable seat:

This seat is so comfortable because of its padding. The padding is so soft and comfy so it gives you cozy and safe long journeys at a time. Padding around the head and body keeps your child long trips unjoyful and comfortable

Care and maintenance:

You can wipe the Plastic and metal parts and harness too with mild soap and water.

The pad is totally Machine washable which is easy to clean.

Cool colors:

Every child wants a pleasant and attractive car seat. So unlike the others, this car seat has a different flavor of fun colors. Your child will happy to choose favorite color and will happy to use this safety car.

Easy to use

This booster is lightweight so you can carry it with ease and also move it easily from vehicle to vehicle.


The main purpose of the booster is to proper belt fit on a child. So this seat giving your child extra height for belt fit with perfection. This may secure the child from accidents.

With high back Maximum height and weight limits:

High back booster seat can carry 30 to 110 pounds weight and 38 to 57’’ height that is awesome.  You can use back booster till your child grow up from required weight and height. For more need, you can take it off and convert your high back seat into backless that may be passed 2 to 3 more years. The backless booster carries more weight 40 to 110 pounds and 40 to 57’ height. The minimum age limit is 4 years old and the maximum is when your child meet up the height and weight limits.

 Safety Testing

Evenflo passed this seat through 6 different tested and  Meets or exceeds all applicable federal safety standards and Evenflo’s side impact standards.


This seat having 6 years of expiration date that mean many children use this seat after the younger one and it hopefully reduces your problem. If you turn the booster over, you will see the sticker containing the date of manufacture, model name, and expiration date.


This seat has a warranty of 3 months so if it functionally damage you can return it in 30 days other than you need to use the warranty card for figure out and solve the problem for free by the company.


  • The presence of six different headrest positions
  • Can be easily converted to the backless position
  • Comes with a machine-washable pad


  • Dangerous booster use while sleeping

So, in conclusion, There are not enough good things about purchasing a car seat that have such nice features. It has an affordable price with dual seat quality. So if you are looking for great crash tests results, with a great price, this one could be the one for you.

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